Friday, 30 December 2011

Day Three

I got a food blender for my birthday today, and here is our first soup, potato and leek,and it's delicious ! I have had 54 happy birthday posts on Facebook too, I must be getting more popular the older I Get ! Breakfast was an omelette with onions in, and dinner was supposed to be a chicken breast, but Gabbots had sold out, so I had to have a chicken salad muffin, so ten syns, gutted ! We had a fantastic sleep last night, as I wasn't in work until late today, but it was weird, I felt a bit punch drunk for the first part of my shift, as if I was hungover, yet I haven't had a drink ( and the fridge is full) since Monday! I'm working tomorrow too 11 - 19.00 , so not sure about drinking then, probably not.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

2nd Full day

Started a hell of a lot better than yesterday ! The wife was on hand to toast me 2 wholemeal slices with a smattering of baked beans. For my dinner I had 2 chicken legs and some fruit.
We have just returned from the Curry Cottage where I have just had Garlic chicken starter ( free) and chicken tikka cooked in a tandor ( free) with a Jalfrezi sauce on .
I also had 3 poppadums, so I reckon that is 17 syns for the day, perfect !
I had a sweet little episode on my bus today too, an old man got on and gave me 2 sweets, I still have them ! I even avoided the complimentary chocolate with the bill, which Angie gladly wolfed !

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

First Proper Day

And it started as a disaster ! Up at 03.30 for work , a quick coffee, the three S's then breakfast. I open the cereal door with some trepidation ( it's always full,but of shredded wheat and golden processed corn crap).
My idea of breakfast cereal harks back to being a child, I could never, and still can't eat any sweetened cereal. Good old fashioned Cornflakes or Rice Crispies, just with milk, is fine for me. So - all the crap is there, except for a massive box of rice crispies, I am in luck! I get them out, peek into the box, and find a bag with shredded wheat in ! Now i'm pissed off ! On the breakfast bar is a packet of fresh muffins, so I check the syn value (8) and for a teaspoon of marg (2), and this will have to be breakfast. I toasted the muffin, and gingerly spread the marg. It was like trying to eat an old slipper! Prior to yesterday,the muffin would be awimming in marg ! So I ate half of one half of the muffin, then launched it into the bin.
On complaining to the mrs after she had finished work, she raised 3 good points.
The rice crispies were under the bag of shredded wheat, I could of drowned the muffin in baked beans (free) or scrambled a few eggs in the microwave ( free).

I then drove my bus for four and a half hours, then went to Gabbots farm, and got myself a chicken breast. It breaks my heart to remove the skin,but I did !

On finishing at 13.30, Angie knocked me up a baked beans omelette,which was ok, but next time, mine is going to be loaded with onions too.

Bugger me, this is a long post,it's dead on the interweb on every site I go on at the moment !

For tea we had boiled potatoes, fish in parsley sauce and peas, very filling.

We have just done a brisk walk , in the freezing cold too, first proper exercise for a while !

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tis Done !

Well we signed up tonight, I WI @ 16.6.5 tut tut !
I have been behaving today eating only meat and noodles and rice.
Early days, watch this space !

This is it !

Well, I'm working until 18.40, then off to join the SW in the west end of Ashton.
I am sat here at 6.10 wondering what I can have for breakfast,I seem toremember you can have lots of meat but swerve the bread! Angie thinks we are mad joining tonight, but hey ho, we will have a jump start on all the new members that will join next week, and even if we do falter this week (it's my birthday Friday, then new years eve) we will have all the resources to hand to start proper next Monday !
We have had the quietest Christmas ever, which was nice, but loads of food and chocolate and beer was still consumed!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas !

Well it's almost over now ! Just had a lovely dinner. Last day tomorrow before we restart SW ! It just dawned on me that this Friday, I will start my last year being forty something, so must get in shape before I hit the big 50.
The weather is balmy at the moment, it's so mild. The chooks stopped laying last week when it was cold, but are back on stream now :-)
I'm off again tomorrow, then back to work until Sunday.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

On Standby!

Well I have met a new friend on Facebook that runs his own SW group here in Ashton after himself losing ten stones !
So me and Angie are joining next week, as we are having a quiet Xmas .
Rob has assured me that this will be the last time I join a weight loss group!
So to celebrate I had a sausage dinner from the chippy!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Testing testing

Hmm just checking this phone will let me update my blog, and it will!
Well it's nearly Xmas , and me and Angie are both gutted about our
current weight, so SW here we come in the new year!
One of our chooks died yesterday, it was. baldy, the runt that always
got picked on.
The weather is really cold and we are being threatened with snow
but I hope it doesn't, we are off to see my eldest son and the grand kids
on Saturday, and he's well out in the sticks.
We had our works Xmas meal last Saturday, and this Sunday it's the
kids Christmas party, which is always a good laugh.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hanging on

Well the weather has really turned now ! Hail, sleet and high winds aplenty !
I have had a nice free day out today, to Buxton and back via public transport,and I was so chuffed to find the bus goes right past my sons front door in new mills, so a bus ride and drink is in order before christmas 1

I have met a nice fella on FB who has lost ten stones and now runs his own SW group here in Ashton, so we are joining that straight after Christmas (again ! )

Thursday, 1 December 2011

1st of December !

How time flies ! Seems like a lifetime since our holiday ! Been back at work for an eternity ! Had a great Friday night last week with the in-laws from next door, we had a right scream.
Angie has won a family ticket to a carol concert in Manchester tomorrow,but im on a split, and won't finish in time.
I heard today I was going to go on split shifts in the new year, but one of my work colleagues is desperate to go on them, so i have let him have my place, the mrs ain't impressed though !!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Back to Reality !

Well been back over a week now, to be honest I had had enough of the heat and back pain,from the hard bed. We had a problem on landing with the planes flaps,but we are still here ! We have managed to contain the chickens at the bottom of the garden now, so the mrs is happy !
It's starting to get very cold now, its 4c outside at the moment.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Hols first day

Got up shell shocked at 3.30 am, forgot the camera, the video camera charger,my phone charger and
Angies phone charging lead. Had a bit of a family crisis too, but managed to sort it.
We were 3/4 of an hour late boarding, then sat there for another half an hour,waiting for a slot to take off.
The flight was laborious at four hours, and were dissapointed as we honestly thought we had booked in flight
meals, but they don't do them anymore ! No TV neither! Other than that the flight was fine.
Another regular stand about at baggage, then we were away.
The place is absolutley beautiful, and I am finding it quite amusing, as we are the youngest here,and with kids!
The pool is nice, and the girls were straight in. There is a nice bar too,and as it'sthe end of the season
burgers are down from 3.50 euro's to 2 euro's:-)
We managed to find the strip, and a cheap spar shop. We hada chinese, but i thought it was shie,but the others
liked it. Some confusion with what time it is, we actually went to bed at 8 last night, but it wasa really long
day. Angie was very poorly on the plane, and Alyssa looked like death warmed up at the resteraunt!
We have all had a good nights sleep,and now ready for our first full day.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Tomorrow Never Comes

But if it does, we will be taking off in 20 minutes. I can't believe it's finally here, after the bitter disapointment of having to cancel it in July.
I had an incident on my bus yesterday, with the assistance of a competant person, who backed me into a railing ! The bus was only scuffed and an indicator lens cracked.
We had a near miss the other day, the chooks nearly went , but we have decided to persevere, if we can get through winter with them, summer will be a doddle !

Monday, 31 October 2011

Less Than A Week ....

To go before Lanzarote. Had a great Halloween party at one of our friends, but paid for it big style yesterday ! I was also shaken To the core by meeting our friend who used to sing on our karaoke, who has the terminal brain tumour. On one side he looks fine, but the other side of his head is stapled together, where they investigated and found they couldn't do anything for him. He is 26, I am so gutted.

Yesterday I caught up with an old friend I had not seen for 10 years, and the " wow you haven't changed a bit " tickled me, everyone says it to me, but I think i have changed loads !
On a split today, back at 14.30, so just doing a few chores at home.
Heres a pic from the party Saturday -

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

On The Home Leg

Well , 9 more working days, 2 party's (Halloween and one of Angie's colleagues 50th) but with the latter cut short to attend a pub where I used to be the resident DJ, as one of our regulars on the karaoke has just been diagnosed with a terminal tumour,and they are doing a charity gig on his behalf,which we will attend later that evening.
The chucks are doing fine, the ground is getting a bit firmer in the back garden too.
We are so chuffed with the hens, that troop back home to roost every night as it gets dark,they really are clever little creatures. Oh , the home leg means after Halloween, the clocks going back, and Bonfire night, we hit Lanzarote :-)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another Weekend !

Well no young uns at home last night, so we ventured out ! First to the Junction, which is on it's third owner since I have been going in, and then the Cantebury, where I used to DJ a lot, before the longstanding landlord left ,and it has opened and shut several since. It was the current keepers last night last night, and it was the busiest we have seen it for years ! Alas it has been bought by Asians, and is rumoured to become yet another curry house :-(

We were in for 11.30, but fired up choons on the laptop, and went to bed around 4 am ! I didnt get up until 14.15 today , the match had just started, and what a result !
Only 2 weeks now before we jet off to Lanzarote, really looking forward to it !

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Getting Closer

Well it's just over 2 weeks to our jollys ! Everyones well, we are still sking but hey ho we are healthy ! Weighed myself the other day 15 -11, I can live with that , no increase but enjoying eating and drinking !
I have at last got my laptop back, and got my large touch screen working too, so well happy !
Chickens are going from strength to strength, and were all present and correct this morning, after our first 2C night of the year.
On lates until Saturday, when Im on an early then off to see the mighty It Bites :-)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


But life has hurtled on ! Work work work, and terrible weather, that is bringing everybody down. Chucks are doing fine, but making a real mess of the back garden, which is pissing the boss off a bit, but the free eggs are great !
Just got 2 more days now , then it's my long weekend off, we have a charity do to attend to on Saturday, and one of my sons with my grand kids are coming and staying over, it will be manic but fun. He is going through a bad patch at the mo, so we are offering him all the support we can .
Peter the Pacu continues to grow, and is now on 3 slices of ham per day ! I have learnt they like hot dogs, so will try him on them soon !
Angie blew me away last Sunday , we went up to a friends house to take some pictures of his new grandaughter, and she was like a proffesional ! Here's one pic.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wow October already !

Well it's been quiet but regular. I have been immersed in a new group on Facebook where you can buy and sell things locally, and it came up trumps the other day when I found a hen coop for £30! We got 6 rescued ex battery hens yesterday, and they are just tasting there first full day of total freedom. They are actually very moot, not at all like grumpy I had a few months ago, but im sure they will catch up.
Me and Angie had a fantastic night on friday, at one of our locals, we got up and sang, and it went down great, we both suffered yesterday though, and were both working !
Took this picture this morning, I think the barmy glorious weather we have had for a week is about to go !

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What a mind Fcuk !

Well what a morning I had, I had a very vivid dream that Carpenter ( where I used to work ) had decided to start it's cold cure mouldings department back up , and had asked me to join them as their Technical supervisor once again , except this time they would match my Bus wage ( I left the company because I had a very good job with all the trappings , except a shite wage )
So I woke up, realised it had all been a dream, but was gutted because the dream was so real. Then, after getting up, the mrs just mentions my childhood sweetheart had commented on my sisters birthday. When I say childhood I mean it, like 5 - 10 years old, but I suppose that was the first time I ever felt emotion for another female besides my mother, it was so innocent, and was never more than a peck here and there, but I suppose just for a moment I was reminded of childhood innocence which has long gone, but that knocked me for another six anyway !

Then - when I got to work , chatting to what I now know is a true friend,they remarked that they had noticed I had been quiet recently,and then went about readressing the thing that had been getting me down, told me a few home truths and made me feel much better !

To be honest, after doing 5 circulars this afternoon, it all seems like nothing now, but my head was really whirring this morning !

The other only thing of note today, a frail very elderley lady got on my bus In Stockport, struggled to get her pass out , and struggled to put it away. She then apologised saying " Sorry love , it's old age " I felt so sad for her I could of cried !

This was soon corrected though, when later on I had 3 elderly ladies screaming at me " where is the bus that should of been here at ten to ? " Bemused I asked a young lady behind them who go on after them , and the bus they were reffering too isnt even run by my bus company !! Guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time , but it made me laugh !!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Nearly Weekend

And I am working all of it ! Still on lates, which I don't mind. got a good weekend coming up next week though, off to Manchester with Angie and some of her friends, one of whom is celebrating getting divorced I think. Hope I don't get lynched !
The in-laws next door have just got back from their latest hols, and we are so chuffed that we will be embarking on one soon too ! 51 days to be exact ! I have just discovered the luxury lounge at the airport , and for £82 we can check in there 3 hours before our flight, with free food and drink. Very tempting !
Off to Glossop soon with work , then town on my 2nd half , so glad City played last night !!

Monday, 12 September 2011

A little Video

Of the Pictures I took buring my detox walk !

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Tut Tut

Well it was the works party last night, hardly anyone came, and I got pissed and made a fool of myself, so i have matched Angies little hickup a few weeks ago, except I dont have any body damage !
We have managed to pay for our holiday, so 8 weeks today we will be in Lansarote ;-)
I have just done a 3 mile walk, to try and undo the bad night !

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Didn't Last Long

Well after careful consideration I cancelled my gym membership , as I cant always make the very early starts that I would want to do, as it becomes very busy after 9 am.
I also was a bit dissapointed in the fact I burnt nearly 400 calories in my last workout, but I can do that on a decent walk or bike ride, which is more fun , and free !

Elsewhere it looks like we can make the final payment for our holiday this November,so we are going to be taking a well earned break ! We neither have been to Lanzarote before, but it has to be better than here, and the more or less constant rain we have had for the last 3 months here !
My weight has not changed latley, im still 15-5, so thats not bad !

Friday, 2 September 2011

Getting better all the time ...

Well i attended the gym at 7 Am prompt again this morning, logged in and got on my bike, 10 minutes later, shattered but happy. I hit a wall around 4 minutes in, plodded on, then it became easier and I started enjoying it, this was also the case for my 10 Min row, and 10 Min cross trainer, ending with a 10 Min high speed walk, with a bit of jogging in-between ! then it was onto the weights, and I did various arm and leg exercises. I spent over an hour and a half in there today, and I am well pleased with myself ! The Computer informed me I had been on ten machines , lifted just short of ten metric tonnes, and burnt 400 Calories ! Not so hectic day ahead now, unfortunately my friend has had to cancel our meal tonight, as she is very unwell at the moment. But - I have a second wind in my ongoing family tree project, so we might be off to Glossop soon to meet a very old Auntie of mine, to try and find out more about my Dads side of the family. It will kill 2 birds with one stone actually, as she lives on Shirebrook Park in Glossop, which I don't know, but our Glossop buses are re routed around it from this Monday !

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Day After !

And I feel fine ! My arms are a little achy, but pain is good ! I finish today for my long weekend, so I will be back at the gym early in the morning. I now have a program to follow on my smart card, and it tells me where to go, and sets every machine up for me as i drag myself around ! A few social events on the horizon too, we are meeting another old friend of mine, when we go round to hers for a curry tomorrow night, then a trip to Buxton Saturday to see another old friend, my son and the grand kids, then a 25th anniversary party in the evening. hectic, but hey ho , party on !!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fnakered !

I have just been to the gym !! I lasted half an hour !

10 mins cycling on level 10
10 x preacher curl 25kg
10 pec deck 25kg
5 mins on arm rowing machine level 10

must do better !

Monday, 29 August 2011

My little fishy keeps growing and growing !

Hi there!

Sat in work, counting the days until wednesday, soI can get to the gym.
Had my induction, now I'm raring to go!
This is my first post from my mobile, hope it works !

Friday, 26 August 2011

Weekends here again !

And I'm working all of it, but hoping to attend our friends gig for a few hours after work tomorrow.
Angies face is getting better, and im so proud of myself, my months challenge is nearly up !
I have also cancelled my weightwatchers subscription, and joined the gym ! It's the same price per month, but you get a hell of a lot more. I can eat sensibly without paying £2 per 1lb I lose, which is what WW works out at !

I have my induction for the gym in the morning, and I'm well excited !

Today we had a wander around Ashton, and bought Georgia her new uniform as she moves to the "Big School" in September, I remember that feeling well, but 1974 is a long time ago. You can't buy 5 Park Drive Tipped now either !!

I also managed to fix the indicators on my motorbike yesterday, so many jobs have been done since I quit the booze !

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Day 25 begins

And I am still on the wagon, a few people are moaning at me because i keep banging on about me not drinking, so I have shut up about it verbally and on FB, but as this is my blog, and nobody reads it, i will keep on chunnering about it to myself on here !
It seems everyday now on Facebook people update there status as Drunk, or feeling awful as a result of drinking. I do not miss these feelings ! And it's almost child like,getting up in the morning and feeling fine,with all memories of the night before !

I weighed myself this morning too , 15-6.5 which is a good true weight, no dehydration in effect here. I am thinking about giving up bread soon, but Angie has just come in from work with a hedgehog loaf from the Asdoh, and it's to die for ! So a lovley butty for my dinner today !
She has also got me a fruit box, with apple grapes and strawberries in , which I can eat now, but i never used to like them.

As one of my friends pointed out, I do talk a lot about my achievement, but im just proud of myself, i know me better than anyone else, and i am doing well. I have never yet been thinking "i need a drink" like i used to as i drove my bus around !

On another slightly related note, Angies face is getting better all the time, which I am so pleased about. She has also won an award at work for her care skills, im so proud of her, and she has to go to a ceremony to receive it, which has helped her see that as much as she is beating herself up about Sunday, that was only a blip, and to the people that matter to her, it dosen't mean a thing.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Plodding On

Well Angies face is worse than before now, as both eyes are now black, but we are hoping it all fades quickly. I have just done day 2 of my 11 day campaign, that culminates in my long weekend at the start of September. we are attending a colleagues 25th wedding anniversary party, and Angie is accompanying me to meet an old friend from my teen days, that I have met up with on FB,and im ok because she bats for the other side ! Both these occasions will be testing, but I am quite happy on lime & soda, or non alcholic beer.
I think i have already decided this abstaining is continuing after August ends, i have never felt better in myself, I know alcohol does help relieve stress and worry, but only for a small while, and then compounds the worry about money, as you have just blown a load on beer !
We are also invited to a gig this Saturday night, our friends are playing locally, but that depends on how the mrs face is looking. I am also DJing our works social club party on the 10th of Sept, so many tests ahead. I think i will go to step 2 in Sept, and try and lose some weight too.
My friend has stopped drinking,and cut out bread as well. Bread rules my life, will be much harder than quitting beer !!

Monday, 22 August 2011

The Evils of Alcohol

Well it was 21days for me yesterday ! I did an 8 mile walk from our depot in Ashton to Manchester City Centre. It took just under 3 hours, the weather was nice, and we celebrated by going into the Piccadilly Pub. I had a bottle of becks alcohol free lager.

When I got home, Angie decided she would like a drink , as our eldest daughter was here and the weather was nice. so she bought a bottle of Vodka. By 7 o'clock she was drunk (annoyingly so), and steadily got worse. By 9 she had fallen off a stool at the breakfast bar, and was getting very unsteady. She disappeared to the toilet, and didn't return. I then got the news she had fallen in the loo, and smashed her face in, and indeed she had. I think her nose is broken, she has black eyes today, and various cuts on her forehead and face.
I have had virtually no sleep as she was in great pain after i had cleaned her up last night,and verged from happy to sad, then singing !

I feel so sorry for her today, and she is vowing to give up drinking, but i don't think this is the way to go round it. there is a big difference between 3 or 4 pints and 3/4 a bottle of 37 percent Vodka!

All this came on the back of me having a blind drunk man on my bus Saturday night, who was bouncing from pillar to post, and talking very loudly to his poor soberish wife, then running my bus back to the depot, I saw a man stood on the main road in Ashton stopping the traffic, very drunk, and as i got near him , he threw himself down onto the floor. It turns out today that after I had left, he started slashing his wrists too !

Getting back to last night here, I am so glad I was sober, and able to treat Angie, a month ago I would of been drunk too, and that dosen't bare thinking about !

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It was Manic !

Had a fantastic but crazy Saturday, and so much more stressful when you are sober, and all those around you are getting lashed ! At one point in the afternoon, I nearly caved in, but managed to get over it.

I keep posting daily statues on FB, but a few people are getting the wrong end of the handle, and believe me to have a problem with drinking. It's not really bothering me, but its driving Angie insane!! Yes I like a drink, but don't always crave one,and don't need it to get me through my day.
Anyway, it was 15 days last night, and I am still loving the fact I feel so good every time I get up.
A friend at work is doing the same, but he has cut bread out too. I have never really thought about it, but I would say opting not to drink scores 5/10, but it would take gigantic 10/10 effort to avoid bread !!

At 15 days, this is the longest I have managed as far as I can remember. I managed 11 days near the end of 2004, but that was with an ulterior motive, the lady I had longed for had said to me,on my first visit to her house to fix her computer " You like a drink don't you Chris?"
So I gave up !!

I was thinking yesterday how it started, much the same as everyone else I guess, from 16 - 18 beer didn't rate on my Radar, it was motorbikes and girls. Even when I was 18, it was only the odd one night a week out. Getting married, I may have some "tinnies" towards the weekend,but only 4, not unlimited like today.
Moving to Ashton is where it gets heavier, and it also becomes the norm to drink virtually every night.

So - in my 30 years of adulthood, i have drank for them all, lightly then a bit more.
One month is not a lot of 30 years, so if I get through August, I may just continue through September too.

Oh I weighed myself the other day too,a very good representative weight, not dehydrated, at 15-7, so thats half a pound down. One day at a time (Doh that's an AA Motto ! )

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Still Sober !

Well it's 11 days today , I'm into double figures! We were supposed to weigh in last night,but my friend was re arranging our kitchen and it was supposed to be a quick job, but it took all day.
Angie now has her dishwasher back though, so she is happy !
We are having a bouncy castle this Saturday, and a few friends and family round, so i have dug up the cherry tree I planted 2 years ago in the wrong place in the back garden, and transplanted into the front where the boss always wanted it !

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Shuffles sheepishly back to blog land.

Well, 28th of July my last post, Doh ! There has been a big change since though,we attended a works trip to Chester . It was great, had a fantastic time, much cider was consumed,and an early night was had. it did not stop me feeling like shit the day after,and this got me thinking.
It was the start of a new month, so now would be a good time to try something new,and that is what I have done. I have not had any alcohol for one week and 2 days so far, and I am very proud of myself! I know this will help with my weight, it can't do any harm. I have had a few testing times, like today, I am off today, so the old me would of had a good scoop last night,and paid for it today. We have both cancelled our fatclub passes, but they don't run out until the end of the month,so we are attending tonight with much trepidation!
So my blog might turn into confessions of an ex cider drinker !!
Elsewhere life is good, still brassic, but everyone is healthy. I still love my job,and the entertainment it regularly provides.
There are riots around at the moment, but I am not going to bang on about them on here.
One thing I am a bit mythered about, just recently, I am so exhausted by the early evening.
Did I recieve all my energy from fermented apples ? If I was losing weight, I would go to the docs for the blood tests they keep telling me I should have " cos i'm that age now ", or maybe it's just me that needs to get out more!
My motorbike is off the road too, it failed it's MOT because the owner before me put LED indicators on it, and they don't flash properly. I am having to remove them,source some original ones,then fit them, which is akin to heart surgery on the bike, nothing is easy !
Anyway, enough waffling for now, heres a nice pic of me and my friend Dave in Chester.
Stay safe !

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Really bad

Well we are trying to get back into WW mode ! We have not weighed in now for a month.
I have just checked my diary , and am clear to attend for the next 6 weeks.
I had 2 fried sasuages for my brekky today , and along with the bread comes to 16 PPs !
that leaves me with 24 for my whole day ! I could of saved 2 points by grilling the sasuages !
I am enjoying my lates this week, it's nice having a good chill out before work, and only one rush hour at work, and it's also nice that the schools have finished!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Summer Holidays are here !

Well it's the end of my long weekend today, back to work, but on lates all week, which I quite like.
We need to snap out of holiday mode now, and knuckle back down to our diet.
We have had a fabulous weekend, with me Djing a charity party for our friends on Friday, and then a BBQ at my brothers on Sunday.
I have also had the stress of my motorbike failing it's MOT, the worse thing being a cracked rear brake disc. I am ordering a new one off Ebay tomorrow.
The 2 youngest girls finished school yesterday for their summer holidays, the eldest of the 2 never to return to that school. I vaguely remember that in 1974 when I left primary for the last time.
Friends spread out around various schools, and you never saw some of them again, but with mobiles and facebook, I can't see that being a problem these days !
One good thing about no school, Angie can come in from work and go straight to bed, so that's like 2 hours earlier !

Friday, 8 July 2011

Struggling !

I thought we would whilst off work ! Not tracking at all I am afraid !
Its my step daughters 21st birthday today , so along with all the family we went for a delicious indian meal last night. Here are a few pictures.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Atonement !

Well .... where do I start ? Friday a friends 50th, lots of cider and a bit of Buffet.
Saturday to the kids to my hometown of Glossop for the carnival in the park. 4 pint cans of Bow supped there, then home, drop the kids off at their big sisters,and out again to Stalybridge to see see our friends who are in a band doing their stuff, lots more cider, then a kebab.
Wasn't too bad , but cider agin was quaffed.
today we have just done this
31 bonus points earned ! We also walked four miles yesterday, but to be honest I would settle for an STS this Wednesday !

Here are a few pictures from our sinning ;-)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Same old again !

1.5 lbs off again , for the third week in a row, slowly wins the race I suppose !
celebrated with a chicken tikka on nan, and one piece of cheese pizza !

Week 4 WI of this campaign !

And it's a nice day , so at least I can attend the class in shorts and T shirt , maybe half a pound lighter before I start !!
2 years ago at this point, my total loss for 4 weeks was 8.5lbs , so I am already ahead with 9lbs in three weeks on this campaign !

If I could lose the mythical 2lbs tonight, that would give me my 5%, I would be so chuffed !
But, I know que sera !!
This time it is different, no drinking every night, and "genuine" weigh in's , not first thing in the morning, dehydrated from the night before !

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Still Here, Still being good !

Well it's nearly WI time again ! We have been good (mostly) I had quite a few ciders Saturday , but didn't go over my weekly points, and have had plenty of exercise. The reason for my silence on here is just life itself, I am currently fixated with downloading old top of the pos videos off you tube, and I am getting myself a very good retro collection :-). The other part being I am working constantly, day 7 of 10 looms today.
The weather has been lovley these last few days , and the kids have been making the most of it!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dinnertime Weigh In

Has duly been completed, and for the 2nd week running one and a half pounds off.
I have had lots of points left a few days this week , I may try an experiment and eat all points for the next 7 days, and see if my loss will increase !

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Phew !

I had a fantastic walk today , 8.25 miles, hopefully to provide me with a loss at weigh in tommorow!
I was a bit gutted really, I walked and walked, and thought I wasn't far away from Woodhead tunnel, but I got to a sign that told me I had walked 3.5 miles, and the tunnel was a further 3 miles !
You can see the walk here, with a few pictures !

Monday, 20 June 2011

A Bit Of Me and Her Mentioned In This

I have just knicked this from the WW Site , So Funny and True !

I've stuck to my points as allotted,
I've drunk till I can't drink no more,
I've walked and I've swum and I've kick boxed,
I know, cos my muscles are sore!
I've washed and I've scrubbed and I've leg waxed
My 'pits' are as smooth as can be,
I thought about going 'Brazilian'
But decided that's not really me.
My eyebrows are plucked to extinction,
My teeth are all pearly and flossed,
I can't risk some rogue piece of spinach
Affecting the scales and my loss.
I've been through the wardrobe and chosen
The clothes which will keep my weight low,
I've decided I'm going 'commando'
Cos nobody else there will know.
My ear-rings are left by my bedside
My watch can go back in the drawer
I shan't bother putting on make-up
They'll just have to see me look raw.
I'll get to the class as expected
I'll pay and I'll stand in the queue,
And just when it's my turn to go on the scales
I'll squeeze one more trip to the loo.
I just hope this effort is worth it,
The loss will outweigh all the pain
But all I can think of is, sadly,
Next week I must do it again!!

Still At It !

Went to the band contest, It was a bit more muted this year, and the weather didn't help !
I have had quite a bit to drink this weekend, but I havent gone over points. I'm off tommorow so am going to get much exercise in.

It's been a rollercoaster of a weekend as Angie points out, but with the love and strength in our family , what dosen't kill us only makes us stronger !

Friday, 17 June 2011

Whit Friday

Well it's band contest time again ! much merriment, ale and a good time !
Err no , not this year, we are both dieting, and im working at 7.25 in the morning , so no beer tonight.
Looking forward to a quiet night Saturday, and a lie in !
If I take and pics I will post a few on here , but probable will take my video camera instead.
Here are a few pics from yesteryear !

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

3rd Weigh In ..........

And 1.5 lbs lost , total of 8 in two weeks , got my first silver star of this campaign too !
Work is work , and just dropped my R6 motorbike into the local bike shop to fit brackets to lower it 40mm so this short arse maybe able to touch the floor !

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Do As I Say Not As I Do !

Damn you Christopher, the one who advises anyone who is bothered to listen ( usually just the mrs) that an SP is a very foolish thing to do, and can only mess with your head.
So what did I do when I awoke at 7am this morning ? Went for a P and then weighed myself.
15-7.75, shouldn't that mean a time for rejoicing ? Well no it's not, sure I weigh two and a quarter pounds lighter than last Wednesday, but at my WI, I was "fully loaded" after being up all day, so this has now got me worried.
To try and forget this worry, I have just sat here recording a projected weight loss of 2 lbs a week on Outlook, as well as logging my projected 5%, 10% and 50lb Certificate!
The bigger picture predicts I will hit goal on the 1st of Febuary 2012.
Of course this is all projection, and within that is a weeks holiday in Lanzarote, and a small religious festival otherwise known as Christmas and New Year !

I wonder what it will be like reading this blog in a few months, it tickles me so much if I go back to the start of it, so much has changed, and it blows me away that the whole year of 2010 was a write off, where as I honestly thought by best WW foray was last year, not 2 years ago !
Maybe I should be proud I started at 17-6, but only returned to 16-2 whilst of the rails for a year!

Monday, 13 June 2011

More Exercise

We walked to my works today to get my duty for Wednesday ( My WI day) and I was pleased to find i finish at 18:08, so can make it in time.
We then walked on into town and did our shopping. Total 5.27 miles , and 703 calories for me, which translates into 11 PPs.
Its my last day off today , then its back into work, I am on middles this week, so no early get ups.
Its the whit Friday band contest here this week, and that would usually mean much drinking, but not this year , as I am dieting, and I have a 7.25 start on Saturday !
Also, the weather forecast is dire !
I have been watching some more before & after videos on Youtube, but have yet to find an English one !
I am starting looking forward to my weigh in, just a half pound loss will give me my first silver seven, although looking on my weightracker online, by July 4th 2009 I had 4 silver sevens , my 5% and 10% and 25lbs lost awards :-(

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Well Here it is, my first video blog ! I watched a lot of before and after video's on youtube yesterday, It's very impressive! I have just done nearly a 3 miles walk in the freezing cold and windy and wet English weather!

You can see the walk here http://

Had a great night out last night, but feeling the worse for it today, but I didnt go over points, thats the main thing !

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Trepidation .....

It's soon to be the 2nd social event from work this year, and even more relevant now as I am now on the social club commitee. I am worried because I had 4 cans of strongbow last night, which used half of my 49 bonus points for this week.
Today I have only had one Bacon sandwich that is pointed. I have had an egg white omlette and fruit.
I currently have 33pps left, and 27 bonus points left.
I suppose adding these together gives me 60 pps which is more than the cider I will drink tonight,as cider is 7 pps a pint therefore = 8.5 pints.
but - there is also a free BBQ, and the only available food will be Sasuages and burgers.
Even if i had either without bread, the points will soon decrease, so I need to be ultra strong after a few pints so I don't cave in.
The plus side of course is it's going to be a great night, the kids will love the disco,and we will have a laugh. We are taking the camera so my blog tomorow will be picture heavy, but not guilt laden I am hoping !

Friday, 10 June 2011

Thanks Paul !

Woo I got a comment on my Blog !
I can see people from all over view it quite often, but it's nice for a bit of interaction!

Anyway, today is my last day before 3 days off, and I can't wait.
Much exercise is to be done!
I find I am eating much more fruit now, which must be a good thing !
I finally planted the sweet peas last night,they have been on the windowsill in the little pot we bought them in for about 3 weeks now.
Still on the wagon

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

So Chuffed

My first weight in of this campaign tonight, and I lost 6.5 lbs, the best loss in the class!
I still cant eat all my points, but must try harder ! I am hoping to get my first (sic) Silver seven next week.

I am working my 8th day out of 9 tomorow, I cant wait for my weekend off.
We are going to a BBQ, where I will use some of the 49 extra points I have each week !

I will post some pics from our day out !

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Take That

I have never seen as many gorgeous fillies as on my bus passing the city of Manchester stadium today where the band is on, and the weather was gorgeous too.
Angie gripped the bull by it's horns and mowed both the gardens, as we heard as we woke up to the radio that the weather would be gone tomorrow. It has started spitting already , and I watched the temperature drop on the dashboard of my bus from 24C to 16C as the day went on.
Here is the garden before mowing , the grass is so long because it has constantly rained at least once a day for the last month , so we have not been able to cut it.

On the WW front I am struggling to use all my 42PPs a day, and I keep reading how i need to use my 49 bonus ones too !

Friday, 3 June 2011

Mc Donalds

Fook Me ! Yesterday I had 8 PPs left when I retired , so made a conscious decison to try better today. So - for my dinner , I tried the Mc Ds weekly special, the new york burger.
It was slightly bigger than a big mac, and oval in shape , but otherwise tasted the same.
After much trying , I now know it was 19 points, far too many !

also, I'm having a few vodka's tonight, instead of my usual cider, one shot of vodka drowned in a pint of diet lemonade is only 2 points, rather than 7 for a pint of cider!

I'm really settling back in on the 5+ board on WW, and its good to be back !

The weather is glorious at the moment , paddling pool bought and filled, kids still in it at the mo, but i'm getting cold now !

Thursday, 2 June 2011

First Bike Ride In A While ! You can see it here !

We were sweating like pigs, But that is good !
Angies seat is wet, she looks Incontinent !!

Muffins back !

And I can't type in this box on my Iphone for some reason !
Well I rejoined last night , on 42PPs a day at the moment, and pleasantly suprised about the 49 points you have to play with each week, thats 7 pints of cider to me ! Not at the moment though , I have just done day one of a 9 day continous stint, and i don't drink when im working the next day.
diet going fine at the moment, I had a boots shaper sweet chicken wrap for 7 points for my lunch.
Im just munching WW orange and lemon drops , so the weather forecast for here is windy later !
We are going out for a walk shortly , to get some exercise.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A New Month !

And bugger me the mrs is thinking what I have been thinking ! A new month and chance for a restart of our now nearly 5 years old diets ! She has found a coupon in an old paper that gives free registration and first meeting for WW, valid until the 4th of June. I am trying to find another one locally so we can both go.
I quite fancy giving the pro points system a go.
Im off today , then got 9 days in work on the trot , then my long weekend off. During that is my works summer disco, which involves beer and a free BBQ ! If I have all the relevant paperwork by then , at least I will be able to know the damage !

The weather here has been dire ,a mixture of rain and sunshine , but allegedly from tomorow on it should be nice and warm, but I suppose thats a bit like the 2 week drought we should of had , that never happened !

Update - My Sis in law has found us another voucher, so it's all systems go for rejoining later, Im well excited now !
Already catching up on the WW board, havent been on them for around 18 months , yet they are a constant source of inspiration.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Jaded !

Our 2 youngest stopped at their eldest sisters last night , so we ventured out !

There was a football match being played, of which we wern't interested in, so we made our way to an indian resteraunt that is recommended by our inlaws who live next door.

It was superb ! The nan bread was indeed to die for ! I chose a very spicy dish and Angie a bit milder one , then she ate my spicier one , we brought the other curry home!

Unfortunatley I drank too much , and am very fragile today! I have been busy moving my PC as I have been given a very posh chair, that was getting in the way of our table. I can't face hair of the dog, and anyway im working tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Weekend nearly here !

Tried to post a blog from my phone but didnt work !

The weekend is indeed nearly here, but the weather is terrible !
I hope the weather bucks up soon.
Quite a few things happening to my poor step daughter at the moment , her partner has buggered off, leaving her pregnant, her cat got run over and killed , and thank god the little shit of a yorkshire terrier she had has been rehomed.
I lost my emergency tickets for work , so they are deduction £100 out of my wages next week , thats going to cripple us , but otherwise everythings fine !

Monday, 23 May 2011

Phew ! What A Weekend !

Well back to normality ! We have had a fantastic weekend, with the wedding reception then a trip to Blackpool yesterday. It was dark, wet and very windy when we arrived, but cleared up later , here are a few pics and video from our weekend

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Weekend Nearly Here

A manic weekend coming up, Eldests wedding reception tomorrow, then trip to Blackpool sunday , Cant Wait, the video and still camera are going to get some hammer !

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Gig

Where do I start ! The journey opened Angies eyes to what we bus drivers have to put up with !
All was normal on the bus from Ashton To Manchester. then we caught a student special to the university. It was like a cattle train, with all sorts of weirdo's on it ! Particullaly of note was a woman selling a sob story to get on the bus for nothing.
The gig itself was brilliant , and I was gobsmacked when the band opened up with it's one only major hit, from 1986! I loved the new songs too. I finally got to meet a good electronic friend (Dena) personally for the first time.
I felt like a right gimp when I went to the bar whilst the band was doing their encore , they finished , the lights went up , the room emptied and there was just us two with full pints!
We were ushered out into the corridor, where we finished them. Oh I met neil and his daughter too, a very nice bloke ( Neil not his daughter ! )
We then heard a whisper that the band would be in Big Hands Bar, which is nearby. We had one in there, then it was time to go home , as I was working in the morning.
Outside we met Dena again , with John Beck. He remarked he liked my Stella shirt, but he preffered Carling ! I couldn't bring myself to tell him I had got it from my favourite pound shop In Manchester !!
Back onto the student special, and a foreign woman was running around the bus , handing out conspiracy leaflets. She then settled down opposite Angie , then poked her. I had never seen her turn so quickly, and the nutty woman soon left her alone!
To top of a good night , after getting off the bus in Ashton, going through the underpass that is known as p1ssy tunnel , we both did !

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Isn't It Funny

At the moment good friends from my long gone past are turning up everywhere. Old groups are reforming ect. I am almost at old friends overload !
To top this , next Saturday we will be attending my eldest stepsons (first marriage) wedding reception. I don't count him as a step relation, I was with him from birth until me and his mother went boom (around 8 years). But - heres the funny thing, I have never spoke to my ex inlaws since, and they are both going to be there. they both seperated years ago, but it's going to be like going through a time portal. I am not going to drink as I dont want them to think im a full time piss can !

Im getting a bit giddy too, we are off to see It Bites on Saturday Night, I can't Wait :-)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

8 Miles !

Walked today , little video follows !

Monday, 9 May 2011

Phew !

Well that 7 days work on the trot done , and a day off tommorow. Im going to catch a bus upto my homeland of Hadfield and walk the Longdendale Trail from Hadfield to Woodhead tunnel, no matter what the weather. I was up for work at 3:15 this morning , I tried a snooze at 14:30, but the thunder woke me up shortly after. All the parents at school got caught in the deluge!
I have also completed 6 days without alcohol. Im going to try and make it 7 days, but one of our neighbours has given me 2 bottles of Strongbow, which dosent help !
I read an interesting article in our free Metro newspaper we have on our buses today , about walking. I love walking !
To Quote - a brisk walk for just a mile will burn 80 calories in someone who weighs ten stone.
This means an energetic walk to and from work,covering three-and-a-half miles in an hour,burns around 280 calories. When repeated each day,this zaps an impressive 3,900 calories - more than a pound of fat - every two weeks. End quote !

It's even better for me , as " And the good news is the amount of calories burnt also increases with speed, the shortness of your legs and your weight " As Meatloaf sings , 2 out 0f 3 ain't bad !
So as I am still wanting to avoid beer and walk a lot , I see this on my electronic friends blog.

She is in her old "Fat" trousers, with her daughter.
Stunning !

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lates nearly done

Its my last one today , I finished at 00:40 and by then most passengers are very drunk , and some abusive ! I'm so glad I am now with the mother to the world , and so can laugh at these tossers !
I have just realised I have had no alcohol for four days , and feel so much better for it !

We changed our holiday date yesterday , as we couldnt find the nearly three grand we needed by next week ! I know for a fact , this will be the last package holiday we will ever go on, until all the kids are grown up, for a 2 week holiday next year , its £5000, no way !
Jet 2 or eurocamps are the way to go !
The weather has now and well truley broken, no one is complaining though, we all need it !
Im also thinking about weight loss again , November is quite far away , and 2lbs a week could be mighty fine :-)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Its Darkness week !

Well it's my turn for lates this week, So I basically start at 3pm and finish around midnight.
It's quite relaxing actually, afternoon kids out of school then rush hour, then it all calms down.
It brings issues though, on a normal day I can eat in town , but working late means returning to the depot for your break, to be presented with hot water and a microwave.
Last night i impressed myself by having 2 pot noodle wraps !
one good thing about working late, no beer ! Im on lates all week , i'm off Sunday but in work 04:50 monday so no beer on my day off ! All must be good for my weight !
the weather is still warm and windy, but apparently it's storms and rain by Saturday :-(

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Street Party Pictures

Normailty Returns

Jesus where do I begin ! The party was brilliant , got to speak to neighbours we very rarley do speak with. kids loved it , much ale was quaffed! After darkness as per usual the usual gang retired to ours, bringing 2 lovley wood burning stoves with them.
since then its been like a kindergarten here,with neighbours, relations and kids friends being here 24/7 !
Amongst all this the youngest has got a new baby rabbit , that spends more time in the house than the dog ! Meanwhile the older established rabbit is none too impressed, and we are having to keep them seperate at the moment !
On Saturday followed a major cleanup operation both in the house and on the grove, but it's a losing battle with the amount of people around. The baby rabbit must have brought most of the sawdust out of it's cage into our livingroom!
Sunday was pretty much the same, although the mrs persuaded me to sit down and watch BGT and then BGT2 which had both been recorded the night before!
Yesterday was a bit quieter, and we finally managed to find a nursery that we knew exsisted locally to us, that is indeed cheap as chips , so now all our boxes are filled, with petunia's , one surfina , lots of marigolds and labellia or however you spell it!
I have just got up,and the silence is deafaning ! Still, the spectre of work hangs over me , im on 3 o clock spare today, which means i may have to sit in the canteen for 8 hours , or someone might have ducked so i will do their duty !
I will upload a few pics now , in another post !

Friday, 29 April 2011

Well it's here !

The Royal wedding that is , it's pandemonium here getting ready for the street party, and the usual "us and them" shit that goes on every street !
Pictures will follow i'm sure ! The bouncy castle has arrived, but not up at the moment as all the kids in the neighbourhood appeared when it did !

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Tad Concerned !

Well planning for our street party this Friday are at an advanced stage , but there are a few concerns on the horizon. firstly the weather, according to who you believe , it ranges from definate rain to fair with 50% chance of rain.
the two main features of the party is an outside gig I will be doing , and a bouncy castle. neither of these are compatible with water ! Also , our eldest has recieved news yesterday that he is to leave for the U.S of A sometime this week. He is going to coach footballers in michigan , as part of his Uni degree. but - he has a conventional tower PC, and I have a laptop. When he finished Uni for this term , we swapped so when the call came for America, he could take a PC with him.
My laptop though is the DJ pc, and by the looks of it wont be here Friday !
I can still do it with the tower , but it means all the gear will have to be in the house, which is not good !
Im on a semi late today , so usual loneliness as Angie worked last night and is now sleeping.
i know thats mushy , but nearly 7 years down the line, i still miss her !
I'm still glowing with a warmth inside me after this weekend though , seeing the gig and 2 dear friends i have not seen since 1996, and the beautiful pictures I took , which are now my desktop wallpaper !
I have also just read an article online , about a lady that has lost 8 stones over 5 years, just by eating sensibly , and it has reminded me that its only 20 months to me being 50 , and i would like to be slim by then, so a restart at slimmingworld would be in order, but im working lates this week and next , so can't make it.

Monday, 25 April 2011

More Videos !

This is the group I went to see on Friday , I love them , they are now compared to crowded house , who wasn't invented in the late 80's !

This song is written by my friend Steve, the bass player , about his wifes brief encounter with Jehova's witnesses !

Oh Bugger It , here's a link to a lot of photo's I took that night !

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fabulous !

Went to see a group that are my friends from my past life on friday , they have recently reformed. Its funny seeing old friends much older , but that goes both ways !

Thursday, 21 April 2011


The movie was fantastic ! Guy Martin is a breath of fresh air to motor cycle racing!
I have a CPC course today at work, which is quite funny, I am going to be instructed on the training my employer has all ready given me when I started with them !
Nice litter earner for the gov and europe me thinks !
It's good friday tomorrow, not that I do religion , but it's nice to have a day off!
The kids are nearly through their first week off, and have been for walks , a picnic and after yesterday, the obligatory water fight !

The plan last night was to take in the film , then head into town and quaff a few ales before retiring, but when it had finished we both agreed to be sensible and return home , (must be getting old :-)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I said I Would !

and I did ! Had a 3.5 mile cycle this morning, and now my butt is hurting me !
Im off to see TT3D tonight , im well excited !
I strapped my new diddy video camera to my bike , half my journey below !

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It's a beautiful day

And i'm working 12 - 8 pm !
Its great for the washing though , and the kids being off school.
I have a leisurley 3 days ahead of me, im off tomorrow, i have CPC training 8 - 4 in the classroom Thursday , then off Friday !
I must get my bike out later , and blow up the tyres, for a spin early tomorrow, then the inevitable sore butt because it's been ages since i rode it !

Sunday, 17 April 2011

We did it !

We knocked United out of the FA cup ! well chuffed!

We had a fantastic night at our friends 50th.

Whilst i was at work , Angie took some of the bairns to the park , heres a few pics.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


Describes this morning perfectly, I'm raring to go!

Im working until four , then its the semi final , come on City !

Im dreading it really , but you never know !

Friday, 15 April 2011

My Redemption !

I love this stuff ! It's probably full fat , but it ain't gonna give

me a hangover ! Just waiting for my chicken tikka kebab to arrive , hey its Friday !

Apparently it's going to be nice this weekend , but it's been horrible and grey all day !

We are off out to Angies friends 50th birthday party tomorrow, it's only local , but should be a laugh.

Pics will follow !

I was back at work today , after a days rest, and i am in at 7.30 tomorrow, with a clear head :-)

It's very quiet here , the girls are staying with their auntie tonight, they love it!