Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What a mind Fcuk !

Well what a morning I had, I had a very vivid dream that Carpenter ( where I used to work ) had decided to start it's cold cure mouldings department back up , and had asked me to join them as their Technical supervisor once again , except this time they would match my Bus wage ( I left the company because I had a very good job with all the trappings , except a shite wage )
So I woke up, realised it had all been a dream, but was gutted because the dream was so real. Then, after getting up, the mrs just mentions my childhood sweetheart had commented on my sisters birthday. When I say childhood I mean it, like 5 - 10 years old, but I suppose that was the first time I ever felt emotion for another female besides my mother, it was so innocent, and was never more than a peck here and there, but I suppose just for a moment I was reminded of childhood innocence which has long gone, but that knocked me for another six anyway !

Then - when I got to work , chatting to what I now know is a true friend,they remarked that they had noticed I had been quiet recently,and then went about readressing the thing that had been getting me down, told me a few home truths and made me feel much better !

To be honest, after doing 5 circulars this afternoon, it all seems like nothing now, but my head was really whirring this morning !

The other only thing of note today, a frail very elderley lady got on my bus In Stockport, struggled to get her pass out , and struggled to put it away. She then apologised saying " Sorry love , it's old age " I felt so sad for her I could of cried !

This was soon corrected though, when later on I had 3 elderly ladies screaming at me " where is the bus that should of been here at ten to ? " Bemused I asked a young lady behind them who go on after them , and the bus they were reffering too isnt even run by my bus company !! Guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time , but it made me laugh !!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Nearly Weekend

And I am working all of it ! Still on lates, which I don't mind. got a good weekend coming up next week though, off to Manchester with Angie and some of her friends, one of whom is celebrating getting divorced I think. Hope I don't get lynched !
The in-laws next door have just got back from their latest hols, and we are so chuffed that we will be embarking on one soon too ! 51 days to be exact ! I have just discovered the luxury lounge at the airport , and for £82 we can check in there 3 hours before our flight, with free food and drink. Very tempting !
Off to Glossop soon with work , then town on my 2nd half , so glad City played last night !!

Monday, 12 September 2011

A little Video

Of the Pictures I took buring my detox walk !

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Tut Tut

Well it was the works party last night, hardly anyone came, and I got pissed and made a fool of myself, so i have matched Angies little hickup a few weeks ago, except I dont have any body damage !
We have managed to pay for our holiday, so 8 weeks today we will be in Lansarote ;-)
I have just done a 3 mile walk, to try and undo the bad night !

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Didn't Last Long

Well after careful consideration I cancelled my gym membership , as I cant always make the very early starts that I would want to do, as it becomes very busy after 9 am.
I also was a bit dissapointed in the fact I burnt nearly 400 calories in my last workout, but I can do that on a decent walk or bike ride, which is more fun , and free !

Elsewhere it looks like we can make the final payment for our holiday this November,so we are going to be taking a well earned break ! We neither have been to Lanzarote before, but it has to be better than here, and the more or less constant rain we have had for the last 3 months here !
My weight has not changed latley, im still 15-5, so thats not bad !

Friday, 2 September 2011

Getting better all the time ...

Well i attended the gym at 7 Am prompt again this morning, logged in and got on my bike, 10 minutes later, shattered but happy. I hit a wall around 4 minutes in, plodded on, then it became easier and I started enjoying it, this was also the case for my 10 Min row, and 10 Min cross trainer, ending with a 10 Min high speed walk, with a bit of jogging in-between ! then it was onto the weights, and I did various arm and leg exercises. I spent over an hour and a half in there today, and I am well pleased with myself ! The Computer informed me I had been on ten machines , lifted just short of ten metric tonnes, and burnt 400 Calories ! Not so hectic day ahead now, unfortunately my friend has had to cancel our meal tonight, as she is very unwell at the moment. But - I have a second wind in my ongoing family tree project, so we might be off to Glossop soon to meet a very old Auntie of mine, to try and find out more about my Dads side of the family. It will kill 2 birds with one stone actually, as she lives on Shirebrook Park in Glossop, which I don't know, but our Glossop buses are re routed around it from this Monday !

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Day After !

And I feel fine ! My arms are a little achy, but pain is good ! I finish today for my long weekend, so I will be back at the gym early in the morning. I now have a program to follow on my smart card, and it tells me where to go, and sets every machine up for me as i drag myself around ! A few social events on the horizon too, we are meeting another old friend of mine, when we go round to hers for a curry tomorrow night, then a trip to Buxton Saturday to see another old friend, my son and the grand kids, then a 25th anniversary party in the evening. hectic, but hey ho , party on !!