Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Nearly There !

Well only 3 days to go to the new decade,and more importantly my WW restart. I feel such a fraud,running the Stepping to Goal Group,whilst off the rails myself,and the only thing that keeps me from throwing it all in is the lovley people who are members,and we all walk this journey together. What has happened to all the bike riding ? It hasn't moved for the last 2 months ! I have a job interview (yes another one ! ) on Monday , and if I get it,I will be on full time nights again !

After several false alarms our latest gorgeous grandson finally arrived on xmas eve,poor little lad,its crap having a birthday near christmas,I know that soooo well ! Here he is.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Is There Anybody Out There ?

Well,nearly 3 months of the rails now,and after a particullaly bad hangover Sunday morning,after our eldests 21st the night before,I decided something had to give. Me and Angie both agreed that from Jan 1st we would try and have a 6 month sabbatical from Alcohol,but I started mine yesterday. I weighed myself this morning,and was chuffed to find I was 16 stones exactly,and thats rehydrated,not normally dehydrated first thing in the morning. I am not going to start pointing stuff till the new year , but things must improve,if i can give up my at least 6 cans of Strongbow a night habit,i.e 16 points a night after food !