Friday, 31 August 2012

Where Did the Month Go ?

Wow, it's September tomorrow !   Baby Codey finally arrived, after many medical problems and emergencies, and then mum was really poorly with a nasty infection, and readmitted to hospital for 5 days.
After all this upheaval, Angie has managed to do a superb job of redecorating our front room.
This weekend is going to be a very busy one, it starts today I am working, and out tonight, then working and out tomorrow night too, the only day we will have at home is Sunday, and that is going to be so busy.
diet hasn't been heeded to for nearly a month now, I haven't put any weigh on, I am just static, hope I can get back on plan Tomorrow, what with the new month and all !

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Where Did That Go

Well, my 2 weeks off have flown by ! Several scares and trips to the hospital, but still no grandson. Very frustrating ! So we haven't really been anywhere. On my to do list we got most things done, I visited the Trafford centre for the first time, ( I wasn't impressed! ) .
We got to visit my son and grand kids over in New Mills, and picked up my new racer.
The BBQ at my brothers house never happened, as their working schedule wouldn't fit in with ours.
We also got to visit Angie's mums new house, which is very nice.
The 2 weeks have been passed in a blur really, cider most nights, and eating anything I wanted.

I am returning to my diet tomorrow though, and I think it will be quite a shock !