Monday, 31 October 2011

Less Than A Week ....

To go before Lanzarote. Had a great Halloween party at one of our friends, but paid for it big style yesterday ! I was also shaken To the core by meeting our friend who used to sing on our karaoke, who has the terminal brain tumour. On one side he looks fine, but the other side of his head is stapled together, where they investigated and found they couldn't do anything for him. He is 26, I am so gutted.

Yesterday I caught up with an old friend I had not seen for 10 years, and the " wow you haven't changed a bit " tickled me, everyone says it to me, but I think i have changed loads !
On a split today, back at 14.30, so just doing a few chores at home.
Heres a pic from the party Saturday -

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

On The Home Leg

Well , 9 more working days, 2 party's (Halloween and one of Angie's colleagues 50th) but with the latter cut short to attend a pub where I used to be the resident DJ, as one of our regulars on the karaoke has just been diagnosed with a terminal tumour,and they are doing a charity gig on his behalf,which we will attend later that evening.
The chucks are doing fine, the ground is getting a bit firmer in the back garden too.
We are so chuffed with the hens, that troop back home to roost every night as it gets dark,they really are clever little creatures. Oh , the home leg means after Halloween, the clocks going back, and Bonfire night, we hit Lanzarote :-)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another Weekend !

Well no young uns at home last night, so we ventured out ! First to the Junction, which is on it's third owner since I have been going in, and then the Cantebury, where I used to DJ a lot, before the longstanding landlord left ,and it has opened and shut several since. It was the current keepers last night last night, and it was the busiest we have seen it for years ! Alas it has been bought by Asians, and is rumoured to become yet another curry house :-(

We were in for 11.30, but fired up choons on the laptop, and went to bed around 4 am ! I didnt get up until 14.15 today , the match had just started, and what a result !
Only 2 weeks now before we jet off to Lanzarote, really looking forward to it !

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Getting Closer

Well it's just over 2 weeks to our jollys ! Everyones well, we are still sking but hey ho we are healthy ! Weighed myself the other day 15 -11, I can live with that , no increase but enjoying eating and drinking !
I have at last got my laptop back, and got my large touch screen working too, so well happy !
Chickens are going from strength to strength, and were all present and correct this morning, after our first 2C night of the year.
On lates until Saturday, when Im on an early then off to see the mighty It Bites :-)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


But life has hurtled on ! Work work work, and terrible weather, that is bringing everybody down. Chucks are doing fine, but making a real mess of the back garden, which is pissing the boss off a bit, but the free eggs are great !
Just got 2 more days now , then it's my long weekend off, we have a charity do to attend to on Saturday, and one of my sons with my grand kids are coming and staying over, it will be manic but fun. He is going through a bad patch at the mo, so we are offering him all the support we can .
Peter the Pacu continues to grow, and is now on 3 slices of ham per day ! I have learnt they like hot dogs, so will try him on them soon !
Angie blew me away last Sunday , we went up to a friends house to take some pictures of his new grandaughter, and she was like a proffesional ! Here's one pic.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wow October already !

Well it's been quiet but regular. I have been immersed in a new group on Facebook where you can buy and sell things locally, and it came up trumps the other day when I found a hen coop for £30! We got 6 rescued ex battery hens yesterday, and they are just tasting there first full day of total freedom. They are actually very moot, not at all like grumpy I had a few months ago, but im sure they will catch up.
Me and Angie had a fantastic night on friday, at one of our locals, we got up and sang, and it went down great, we both suffered yesterday though, and were both working !
Took this picture this morning, I think the barmy glorious weather we have had for a week is about to go !