Friday, 30 December 2011

Day Three

I got a food blender for my birthday today, and here is our first soup, potato and leek,and it's delicious ! I have had 54 happy birthday posts on Facebook too, I must be getting more popular the older I Get ! Breakfast was an omelette with onions in, and dinner was supposed to be a chicken breast, but Gabbots had sold out, so I had to have a chicken salad muffin, so ten syns, gutted ! We had a fantastic sleep last night, as I wasn't in work until late today, but it was weird, I felt a bit punch drunk for the first part of my shift, as if I was hungover, yet I haven't had a drink ( and the fridge is full) since Monday! I'm working tomorrow too 11 - 19.00 , so not sure about drinking then, probably not.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

2nd Full day

Started a hell of a lot better than yesterday ! The wife was on hand to toast me 2 wholemeal slices with a smattering of baked beans. For my dinner I had 2 chicken legs and some fruit.
We have just returned from the Curry Cottage where I have just had Garlic chicken starter ( free) and chicken tikka cooked in a tandor ( free) with a Jalfrezi sauce on .
I also had 3 poppadums, so I reckon that is 17 syns for the day, perfect !
I had a sweet little episode on my bus today too, an old man got on and gave me 2 sweets, I still have them ! I even avoided the complimentary chocolate with the bill, which Angie gladly wolfed !

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

First Proper Day

And it started as a disaster ! Up at 03.30 for work , a quick coffee, the three S's then breakfast. I open the cereal door with some trepidation ( it's always full,but of shredded wheat and golden processed corn crap).
My idea of breakfast cereal harks back to being a child, I could never, and still can't eat any sweetened cereal. Good old fashioned Cornflakes or Rice Crispies, just with milk, is fine for me. So - all the crap is there, except for a massive box of rice crispies, I am in luck! I get them out, peek into the box, and find a bag with shredded wheat in ! Now i'm pissed off ! On the breakfast bar is a packet of fresh muffins, so I check the syn value (8) and for a teaspoon of marg (2), and this will have to be breakfast. I toasted the muffin, and gingerly spread the marg. It was like trying to eat an old slipper! Prior to yesterday,the muffin would be awimming in marg ! So I ate half of one half of the muffin, then launched it into the bin.
On complaining to the mrs after she had finished work, she raised 3 good points.
The rice crispies were under the bag of shredded wheat, I could of drowned the muffin in baked beans (free) or scrambled a few eggs in the microwave ( free).

I then drove my bus for four and a half hours, then went to Gabbots farm, and got myself a chicken breast. It breaks my heart to remove the skin,but I did !

On finishing at 13.30, Angie knocked me up a baked beans omelette,which was ok, but next time, mine is going to be loaded with onions too.

Bugger me, this is a long post,it's dead on the interweb on every site I go on at the moment !

For tea we had boiled potatoes, fish in parsley sauce and peas, very filling.

We have just done a brisk walk , in the freezing cold too, first proper exercise for a while !

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tis Done !

Well we signed up tonight, I WI @ 16.6.5 tut tut !
I have been behaving today eating only meat and noodles and rice.
Early days, watch this space !

This is it !

Well, I'm working until 18.40, then off to join the SW in the west end of Ashton.
I am sat here at 6.10 wondering what I can have for breakfast,I seem toremember you can have lots of meat but swerve the bread! Angie thinks we are mad joining tonight, but hey ho, we will have a jump start on all the new members that will join next week, and even if we do falter this week (it's my birthday Friday, then new years eve) we will have all the resources to hand to start proper next Monday !
We have had the quietest Christmas ever, which was nice, but loads of food and chocolate and beer was still consumed!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas !

Well it's almost over now ! Just had a lovely dinner. Last day tomorrow before we restart SW ! It just dawned on me that this Friday, I will start my last year being forty something, so must get in shape before I hit the big 50.
The weather is balmy at the moment, it's so mild. The chooks stopped laying last week when it was cold, but are back on stream now :-)
I'm off again tomorrow, then back to work until Sunday.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

On Standby!

Well I have met a new friend on Facebook that runs his own SW group here in Ashton after himself losing ten stones !
So me and Angie are joining next week, as we are having a quiet Xmas .
Rob has assured me that this will be the last time I join a weight loss group!
So to celebrate I had a sausage dinner from the chippy!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Testing testing

Hmm just checking this phone will let me update my blog, and it will!
Well it's nearly Xmas , and me and Angie are both gutted about our
current weight, so SW here we come in the new year!
One of our chooks died yesterday, it was. baldy, the runt that always
got picked on.
The weather is really cold and we are being threatened with snow
but I hope it doesn't, we are off to see my eldest son and the grand kids
on Saturday, and he's well out in the sticks.
We had our works Xmas meal last Saturday, and this Sunday it's the
kids Christmas party, which is always a good laugh.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hanging on

Well the weather has really turned now ! Hail, sleet and high winds aplenty !
I have had a nice free day out today, to Buxton and back via public transport,and I was so chuffed to find the bus goes right past my sons front door in new mills, so a bus ride and drink is in order before christmas 1

I have met a nice fella on FB who has lost ten stones and now runs his own SW group here in Ashton, so we are joining that straight after Christmas (again ! )

Thursday, 1 December 2011

1st of December !

How time flies ! Seems like a lifetime since our holiday ! Been back at work for an eternity ! Had a great Friday night last week with the in-laws from next door, we had a right scream.
Angie has won a family ticket to a carol concert in Manchester tomorrow,but im on a split, and won't finish in time.
I heard today I was going to go on split shifts in the new year, but one of my work colleagues is desperate to go on them, so i have let him have my place, the mrs ain't impressed though !!