Wednesday, 28 December 2011

First Proper Day

And it started as a disaster ! Up at 03.30 for work , a quick coffee, the three S's then breakfast. I open the cereal door with some trepidation ( it's always full,but of shredded wheat and golden processed corn crap).
My idea of breakfast cereal harks back to being a child, I could never, and still can't eat any sweetened cereal. Good old fashioned Cornflakes or Rice Crispies, just with milk, is fine for me. So - all the crap is there, except for a massive box of rice crispies, I am in luck! I get them out, peek into the box, and find a bag with shredded wheat in ! Now i'm pissed off ! On the breakfast bar is a packet of fresh muffins, so I check the syn value (8) and for a teaspoon of marg (2), and this will have to be breakfast. I toasted the muffin, and gingerly spread the marg. It was like trying to eat an old slipper! Prior to yesterday,the muffin would be awimming in marg ! So I ate half of one half of the muffin, then launched it into the bin.
On complaining to the mrs after she had finished work, she raised 3 good points.
The rice crispies were under the bag of shredded wheat, I could of drowned the muffin in baked beans (free) or scrambled a few eggs in the microwave ( free).

I then drove my bus for four and a half hours, then went to Gabbots farm, and got myself a chicken breast. It breaks my heart to remove the skin,but I did !

On finishing at 13.30, Angie knocked me up a baked beans omelette,which was ok, but next time, mine is going to be loaded with onions too.

Bugger me, this is a long post,it's dead on the interweb on every site I go on at the moment !

For tea we had boiled potatoes, fish in parsley sauce and peas, very filling.

We have just done a brisk walk , in the freezing cold too, first proper exercise for a while !

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