Saturday, 30 June 2012

Still At It

Had a wobble Thursday, it started with free wholemeal bread sandwiches, 2 free caramels of an old lady, then special fried rice, a few chips and prawn crackers when I got home. Yesterday I ended up with 22 PPs left , so hoping that will balance it out.
On my way home, I took one of the best pictures I think I have ever took ! 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Woopee ! (Week Four )

3.5 lbs off, and got my 5% too ! Well chuffed, celebrated with a chicken tikka on naan kebab, but only ate half the bread, I was getting full, so emptied the kebab onto my plate, and just ate the chicken.

That Time Again !

Well it's weigh in time soon, hope for a loss and maybe my 5% tonight.
Have had a great weekend, went to a BBQ on the Saturday, drank loads of beer, but only had one hotdog and a small chicken kebab. Yesterday we went to see Rocking Horse at the Guzzling Goose , and they were awesome, and consumed even more beer, I love WW :-)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Doh ! (Week Three)

And I got an STS ! Angie hasn't been making that much of an effort, and lost 2lbs, got her first silver star and  her 5% - Biatch !!
I was devastated , ran 3 times , and a four and a half mile bike ride on Sunday.
So I have only just got the energy to type this, as I have resigned myself to crack on. It's time for week 2 on couch to 5K shortly, and this time you run for 1.5 minutes a time, not sure if I can manage that, but will try later, when it has cooled down.
I wouldn't of minded my STS, but SP's were showing one and a half pound loss, which would of given me my 5%. I do hope I have a good loss next week.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

C2K Week One Completed !

Well I was joined by Angie today for my final jog of the week, and she kept up ! We are going for a bike ride too soon, got to build up some stamina ! I am on an early tomorrow, then it's weigh in time again, I am not expecting a good loss, if any, but I can feel myself changing, and my legs are definitively  building up, so I hope I am not so disappointited!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Mind Games

Well, as much as I try, I cant help weighing myself once or twice a week, at home. This presents me with a problem though, I WI @ 15.6.5 on Monday, but have weighed 15.7.5 ever since. I know I was a bit dehydrated on Monday, but my current weight is disappointing me. I have stuck to points, and upped my exercise. I know I mustn't give up if I get an STS or even a gain next Monday, but hand on heart, will be gutted!

On a brighter note, I did my 2nd run of week one couch to 5K tonight, in the rain.
Next run is Sunday, and I will get up early for that run ! then I am off to a classic car and motorcycle show that is on locally, to give my camera some hammer !

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Not Quite A Marathon

I was an eating machine yesterday, only went about 10 points over, but that is bad by my standards !

I Heard about from couch to 5K so downloaded the app for my Iphone at a jubilee party on our street, after it being recommended to me by a friend who has used it, and now does half marathons. 
This morning , I woke up at 4.30 am, so decided that today would be the day. 
I had half a pint of juice, made a small bottle of juice to take with me, and set off.
It's quite funny though, I am walking like an old man, my legs hurt that much after climbing to indians on Monday.
So it starts with a brisk 5 minute walk to warm up, then alternates between one minute running and ninety seconds walking, 8 times, and I did it ! And I am looking forward to my next run, on Friday.!
I wish I had took pictures of the quite a few Robins who objected to this very large red breasted thing plodding past, they were not happy !

Monday, 11 June 2012

Well chuffed ! (Week Two )

5lbs off for me tonight, so that's 9lbs in two weeks, got my first Silver seven of this campaign !

Wow !

It's WI time tonight, and we decided to do something good today. We climbed up to the top of indians head.
453 calories used on over an hours almost vertical climb to the top !
We Did It !

Here are a few pictures !

Will report on my weigh in later !

Thursday, 7 June 2012

More Cycling !    And It Was Hard Work, Wet and Dirty!
We are weighing in at a class in Droyslden on Monday, as I am working later and cannot make our normal class, so I am hoping to have a loss !

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Little Changes

Isn't it funny how people can change. I have. I presume the alcohol change is mostly down to my job, but the days of having a drink most nights has now become a distant memory. I have been on lates for the last 3 days, with quite a few points left over, and 4 cans of Strongbow in the fridge, quick fix to get rid of the points would be a couple of ice cold cans ! but - I don't want to!
The other even more change is in the bedroom. No, its nothing lewd !
Ever since I can remember, I cannot lay against another person, I go into meltdown, I don't even try anymore,but as I have been on lates for the last couple of days, and the kids are off school, Angie is able to come straight to bed when she gets in at 7am, and here's the weirdest thing, I find it one of the nicest things I have ever done to hold her for a few hours, listening to her breathing sinking into the sleep she so needs. No meltdown whatsoever now, and it's nearly summer. Amazing !

Diet is still going good, but hey , it's not been a fortnight yet !!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

First WI

And four pounds off for me !  Quite pleased with that, as I got very drunk twice over the weekend !
I have signed up to the monthly pass now, and reading back over my blog, I will try and avoid the fatal mistake of cancelling it, thinking we can manage on our own, as recorded on my first campaign, in June 2009.
I have also gleaned the longest we have ever gone to class is 14 weeks, and my best weight so far was 14-12.
I weighed in last night at 15.11.5, so some way to beating that yet, but I am determined !

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Here We Go Again (Week One)

Well, tomorrow will be our first WI of this my latest campaign ! It's going to be a hurried affair too, as I am working, going to class in my lunch break.

We had a street party last night, and a sneaky peek on the scales this morning gave me 15-7, nine pounds lighter !! Obviously I was well dehydrated this morning !  If I get any loss at class tomorrow I will be chuffed !