Monday, 15 March 2010

2 Months served !

Its the longest I have kept a job down in the last 2 years! Diet is going fine, i have lost another 2lbs this week,so far so good! The weekend has flashed by,in a drunken blur,but we are going to take it easier this coming weekend!

Monday, 8 March 2010

A Week On

And I have lost 3lbs,now 15-13 again,well chuffed ! This not drinking malarky is great,but I pulled a few back last night !

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Just Like Old Times

Well I slept really great today,after having a Mc Ds breakfast ! I slept until 1:45
I didn't have anything to eat until 7:30,that was 3 sasuages mash & beans. I am taking a tin of tomato soup ,an apple and orange to work. I am also drinking 1.5 litres of still flavoured water every night now,which must be doing me some good! I also walk around 1.5 miles a morning,until Angie arrives to pick me up,so,3 days back on the wagon,im well happy !

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Still here

Well last night was ok,I took all the meat off my kebab and nuked it,I ended up just eating the lamb and chicken,I threw the donna and nan bread. Today I have had WW bacon on a toasted bagel,and potato ash for my Tea,with a lightly buttered muffin. I am also taking a dry muffin and some more ash for my dinner at work. Im hoping to sleep better tomorow,I went to bed at 7am this morning,as was up for hoping for at least another hour in the morning! I have also popped back up on the WW board,I need as much support as i can get,but i mustnt lose sight that this time i was 17-6,im 16-2 today,so i have not undone all the good work that was done last year !

Monday, 1 March 2010

This Is It !

Well,my 6 weeks training is over ! I start on nights in just under 2 hours, so five nights a week without strongbow,Im hoping its going to work wonders with my weightloss. Its now only 3 weeks to take us to the end of March,and that will be my WW first year anniversary. I did so well ,getting from 17-6 to 15-4 , but im around 16 stone at the moment,and I need to get it shifting again !