Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Nearly There !

Well only 3 days to go to the new decade,and more importantly my WW restart. I feel such a fraud,running the Stepping to Goal Group,whilst off the rails myself,and the only thing that keeps me from throwing it all in is the lovley people who are members,and we all walk this journey together. What has happened to all the bike riding ? It hasn't moved for the last 2 months ! I have a job interview (yes another one ! ) on Monday , and if I get it,I will be on full time nights again !

After several false alarms our latest gorgeous grandson finally arrived on xmas eve,poor little lad,its crap having a birthday near christmas,I know that soooo well ! Here he is.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Is There Anybody Out There ?

Well,nearly 3 months of the rails now,and after a particullaly bad hangover Sunday morning,after our eldests 21st the night before,I decided something had to give. Me and Angie both agreed that from Jan 1st we would try and have a 6 month sabbatical from Alcohol,but I started mine yesterday. I weighed myself this morning,and was chuffed to find I was 16 stones exactly,and thats rehydrated,not normally dehydrated first thing in the morning. I am not going to start pointing stuff till the new year , but things must improve,if i can give up my at least 6 cans of Strongbow a night habit,i.e 16 points a night after food !

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Back in the groove ?

I hope so,me and angie had too much to drink on sunday,to celebrate her birthday,then fired spotify up,playing all our yesterdays songs,then it was 2 Am. Up at 7 ,feeling like shit,get the kids ready for school,then away to Alton Towers.We had a fabulous day,it was bouncing down until about 5 miles away,where it cleared ! got in there,no queues at all,we went on all the big rides,and on Oblivion twice ! We got home shattered at around 4:45,and were in bed for 7:30.
No beer,and we have both vowed to quit it,until at least xmas.We both know,drinking weakens your resolve greatly on the WW journey. So after a clean night,im tracking and eating properley today,and hoping this is the restart I have been praying for :-)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Im Back !

Not good news im afraid,still off the rails and keep putting off my restart.
anyway , i have got a really small cute video camera now , and have started taking videos of the town where i live,which i share on youtube,and all the people who meet on a forum i go on,love watching them. These people were born here,but have moved all around the world. I am also posting some videos of a night out last night,for our nieces 24th birthday. Please feel free to have a nosey , just find me chriskaraokeman , on youtube !

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lost the plot - totally !

I don't know how it happened,but im eating anything I want whenever I want,i need something to shake me back into action,im sure it will happen sooner or later !

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Diet Coke etc

Here is an article my friend sent me !

Dear all,

Please read this to the end. It makes you think!SWEET POISON!A MUST READ!In Febuary of 2009, my sister started getting very sick.She had stomach spasms and she was having a hard time getting around. Walking was a major chore.It took everything she had just to get out of bed; she was in so much pain.By March 2009, she had undergone several tissue and muscle biopsies and was on 24 various prescription medications. The doctors could not determine what was wrong with her.She was in so much pain, and so sick she just knew she was dying.She put her house, bank accounts, life insurance, etc., in her oldest daughter's name, and made sure that her younger children were to be taken care of.She also wanted her last hooray, so she planned a trip to Florida (basically in a wheelchair) for March 22nd.On March 19 I called her to ask how her most recent tests went, and she said they didn't find anything on the test, but they believe she had MS.I recalled an article a friend of mine e-mailed to me and I asked my sister if she drank diet soda (any diet drink)?She told me that she did.. As a matter of fact, she was getting ready to crack one open that moment.I told her not to open it, and to stop drinking the diet soda!I e-mailed her article my friend, a lawyer, had sent.My sister called me within 32 hours after our phone conversation and told me she had stopped drinking the diet soda AND she could walk! The muscle spasms went away. She said she didn't feel 100% but, she sure felt a lot better.She told me she was going to her doctor with this article and would call me when she got home.Well, she called me, and said her doctor was amazed!He is going to call all of his MS patients to find out if they consumed artificial sweeteners of any kind.In a nutshell, she was being poisoned by the Aspartame in the diet soda...and literally dying a slow and miserable death.When she got to Florida March 22, all she had to take was one pill, and that was a pill for the Aspartame poisoning!She is well on her way to a complete recovery.And she is walking!No wheelchair!This article saved her life.If it says 'SUGAR FREE' on the label;DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!I have spent several days lecturing at the WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE on 'ASPARTAME,' marketed as 'Nutra Sweet,' 'Equal,' and 'Spoonful.'In the keynote address by the EPA, it was announced that in the United States in 2001 there is an epidemic of multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus.It was difficult to determine exactly what toxin was causing this to be rampant.I stood up and said that I was there to lecture on exactly that subject.I will explain why Aspartame is so dangerous:When the temperature of this sweetener exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in ASPARTAME converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis.. Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of fire ants.The methanol toxicity mimics, among other conditions, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus.Many people were being diagnosed in error.Although multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence, Methanol toxicity is!Systemic lupus has become almost as rampant as multiple sclerosis, especially with Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers. The victim usually does not know that the Aspartame is the culprit.He or she continues its use; irritating the lupus to such a degree that it may become a life-threatening condition.We have seen patients with systemic lupus become asymptotic, once taken off diet sodas.In cases of those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, most of the symptoms disappear. We've seen many cases where vision loss returned and hearing loss improved markedly.This also applies to cases of tinnitus and fibromyalgia.During a lecture, I said,'If you are using ASPARTAME (Nutra Sweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc) and you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms, spasms, shooting pains, numbness in your legs,Cramps,Vertigo,Dizziness,Headaches,Tinnitus,Joint pain,Unexplainable depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss you probably have ASPARTAME poisoning!'People were jumping up during the lecture saying,'I have some of these symptoms..Is it reversible?'Yes!Yes!Yes!STOP drinking diet sodas and be alert for Aspartame on food labels!Many products are fortified with it! This is a serious problem.Dr. Espart (one of my speakers) remarked that so many people seem to be symptomatic for MS and during his recent visit to a hospice; a nurse stated that six of her friends, who were heavy Diet Coke addicts, had all been diagnosed with MS. This is beyond coincidence!Diet soda is NOT a diet product! It is a chemically altered, multiple SODIUM (salt) and ASPARTAME containing product that actually makes you crave carbohydrates. It is far more likely to make you GAIN weight!These products also contain formaldehyde, which stores in the fat cells, particularly in the hips and thighs. Formaldehyde is an absolute toxin and is used primarily to preserve 'tissue specimens.'Many products we use every day contain this chemical but we SHOULD NOT store it IN our body!Dr. H. J. Roberts stated in his lectures that once free of the 'diet products' and with no significant increase in exercise; his patients lost an average of 19 pounds over a trial period.Aspartame is especially dangerous for diabetics.We found that some physicians, who believed that they had a patient with retinopathy, in fact, had symptoms caused by Aspartame.The Aspartame drives the blood sugar out of control.Thus diabetics may suffer acute memory loss due to the fact that aspartic acid and phenylalanine are NEUROTOXIC when taken without the other amino acids necessary for a good balance.Treating diabetes is all about BALANCE.Especially with diabetics, the Aspartame passes the blood/brain barrier and it then deteriorates the neurons of the brain; causing various levels of brain damage,Seizures,Depression,Manic depression,Panic attacks,Uncontrollable anger and rage.Consumption of Aspartame causes these same symptoms in non-diabetics as well.Documentation and observation also reveal that thousands of children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD have had complete turnarounds in their behaviour when these chemicals have been removed from their diet.So called 'behaviour modification prescription drugs' (Ritalin and others) are no longer needed.Truth be told, they were never NEEDED in the first place! Most of these children were being 'poisoned' on a daily basis with the very foods that were 'better for them than sugar.'It is also suspected that the Aspartame in thousands of pallets of diet Coke and diet Pepsiconsumed by men and women fighting in the Gulf War, may be partially to blame for the well-known Gulf War Syndrome.Dr. Roberts warns that it can cause birth defects, i.e. mental retardation, if taken at the time of conception and during early pregnancy.Children are especially at risk for neurological disorders and should NEVER be given artificial sweeteners. There are many different case histories to relate of children suffering grand mal seizures and other neurological disturbances talking about a plague of neurological diseases directly caused by the use of this deadly poison.'Herein lies the problem:There were=20 Congressional Hearings when Aspartame was included in 100 different products and strong objection was made concerning its use. Since this initial hearing, there have been two subsequent hearings, and still nothing has been done.The drug and chemical lobbies have very deep pockets.Sadly, MONSANTO'S patent on Aspartame has EXPIRED!There are now over 5,000 products on the market that contain this deadly chemical and there will be thousands more introduced. Everybody wants a 'piece of the Aspartame pie.'I assure you that MONSANTO, the creator of Aspartame, knows how deadly it is.And isn't it ironic that MONSANTO funds, among others, the American Diabetes Association, the American Dietetic Association and the Conference of the American College of Physicians?This has been recently exposed in the New York Times.These [organizations] cannot criticize any additives or convey their link to MONSANTO because they take money from the food industry and are required to endorse their products.Senator Howard Metzenbaum wrote and presented a bill that would require label warnings on products containing Aspartame, especially regarding pregnant women, children and infants. The bill would also institute independent studies on the known dangers and the problems existing in the general population regarding seizures, changes in brain chemistry, neurological changes and behavioural symptoms.The bill was killed.It is known that the powerful drug and chemical lobbies are responsible for this, letting loose the hounds of disease and death on an unsuspecting and uninformed public. Well, you're informed now!YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!

Thursday, 8 October 2009


Wow,we just popped to the Asda! for some ingredients for my experimental chicken stew i'm going to make,and I wanted a new pair of jeans. Well George has started doing "inbetween" sizes,so I got a pair of black 35"waist short arse jeans! But - The reason for this post,is this dress I spotted for Angie,last one,should of been £16,but it was £9.

We got to the till,and it was £4.48 !! Bargain!

Our Dog & Cat at Feeding Time !

Heres our Pooch with our scabby cat !

Bless my mouth !

Well its kicking off on the boards,and i am choosing my words carefully ! I for one do not agree at all about the post accusing Bryher of letting celebrity go to her head. I too,as my good friends know,despair sometimes at the quantity and quality of shite posted on the boards. I need to go and lie down ! On the plus side,im going to make a nice healthy chicken stew!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Anniversary over !

Had a good weekend,was our anniversary yesterday,4 blissful years!
Wi showed a 1.5 loss for me,just as it did on our WW scales,and we have both decided again to sack going to class at 10:00am on saturdays. Kim is getting bigger and funnier,but has only had one injection so far,and is still reluctant to walk on the lead,so not getting loads of exercise with her so far !

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Puppy Pics

Now have figured out not to "Bounce" the flash when taking a picture of a black object !

Stumbling On

Well the dog hasn't dumped in the house since the first day we got her ! As soon as she wakes,or has been awake for half an hour we take her in the back garden,and always treat her when she "goes". She is getting more vocal everyday,she can now bark in a very high pitched way,she started at 5:25 this morning,and at 5:40 I gave in and got up. Diet is so so at the moment,dreading WI on Sat,I had a crunchie last night,and have just ate another one. i must track it and check the damage. I was stood in the school playground this morning,just muesing that its Oct tomoz,then it hit me like a thunderbolt,its our 4th anniversay on Saturday !

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Our New Dog

Well,after taking so much abuse from the supervisor on thursday I didn't turn in for work on Fri. We got our flyer to Holmefirth after all ! Had a great night,but far too much to drink. We also missed breakfast and more importantly our WI sat morning. We have now got a new dog,kim,we have just done a 120 mile round trip to Wrexham to get her!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

First day at work !

Had a great day , not too taxing , and a nice suprise,i thought i worked 8-5 , but its not , its 8-4.30! Been good re WW had 3 slices of bread , a small amount of skinned chicken and a WW crunch peanut bar.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bloody Fook !

Where Do I Start ! There is a lighting factory in Ashton,which occasionally has jobs going,and uses employment agencies to recruit. In the past 2 years,I have had 3 inductions by 2 agencies.
No work has ever come from them,my last induction was four weeks ago.
6 Months ago,my most favourite group in the world announced a small tour,and the nearest they were coming to us is Holmefirth,about 15 miles away,but in the borough of Yorkshire.So we booked a hotel,arrival 1pm friday,so a nice relax ,then the gig. We get up Saturday,to a hearty english breakfast. Bliss! I even have found a place we can WI on Fri morn,before we depart for the hotel. I am also looking forward to an interview I have with the NHS,working in a pathology laboratory,which is for 1pm on Monday at the Manchester Royal Infermary. Life is good !!
Then - 11.43 this morning,I get a call on me moby,its only the agency "hi,can you start tomorrow?" Well naturally I said yes,I have been waiting 2 years to get in there,but now the afternoon in the hotel is dashed,and the Fri WI. Plus I cant have my NHS interview,but as Angie points out,even if I was lucky enough to get the job,it usually takes around 3 months before you start,and then I would have to commute to central Manchester every day,that would put 2 hours travelling on each working day. So,im going to start tomorrow,and hope I get taken on full time after christmas.Oh,by the way, I was ultra good yesterday,and saved 8 points,too many I know , but after the excess of the weekend,it won't do any harm !

Monday, 21 September 2009

A Terrible Weekend

Well, I said I wasn't going to let my STS get me down,then had a bacon and egg muffin for breakfast! Sunday was even worse,It was the Derby,so cider from 1:30pm,then an all you can eat chinese buffet,and loads more beer. I was sensible though , I was in bed for 10:15,and I feel fine today,and back on track !

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Portland Basin & The Canal

Woop Pass Me A Halo !

Lookey Here ! http://bit.ly/19s1UB
What a ride,i did the route i used to cycle when I had a "proper" job lol,then returned to the town centre,and photographed the temporary market that was put up after our old market burned down,being demolished. I then cycled up a bloody long hill to where they are building a new academy,which our 2 youngest daughters will go to. I am doing a photo blog of that too lol.
I had a little boost re a "proper" job yesterday btw,the agency that i did the induction for the panel wiring job ,rang me,the guy who handles the contract told me that he was going on holiday for a fortnight,and he is expecting by the time he gets back I would of started,fingers crossed.
I think i will post this now , and then the pictures I took above it ! BRB !

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Well I went last night , and loved it! Im really looking forward to the rest of the course. Still being good,not tracking but not going over points. I just read a very interesting item on WW board about how we need water to lose weight properly,so with that , im going getting a glass !!

Monday, 14 September 2009

I Should Be So Lucky !

Well,I am back on track after a little weekend excess,and have the first class of my photography course tonight. I believe if a bird shits on you,its lucky , well thats what happened to me this afternoon in the town centre. Then - Angie fell walking up the garden path , she is ok ,so maybe summat else is around the corner !

Sunday, 13 September 2009

What a Difference A Day Makes!

Well It was My Nieces 21st Birthday Party Last Night,what a laugh,but we didn't get in until 4:00am,and had to be up at 10:00 to pickup my gear from the club,feeling like shit!
So,we have had a pub lunch,I had surf & Turf,but Didnt eat the chips,im off to work shortly,so I am having 2 pappadums and an onion baji. Full WW service will resume tommorow,but I am not being bad , im on lime & soda tonight!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

So Pleased

Well I lost 3lbs at todays WI at class,so I got my second stone and my fourth silver seven.
I am truly back on track now !

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Fnackered !

Well I have just ridden 6 miles,3 each way , of a 7 mile each way journey i used to do daily when I first moved here in 1996. I am going to to try and get further and further each time i try.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

More Cycling

I have just done another 6 miles on my bike,quite pleased with myself !

Monday, 7 September 2009

Chris Rides Again

Well i dragged the bikes out of the shed , pumped up the tyres and away we went,5 miles later , and a good covering of various animal excrement,we arrived home,shattered but feeling oh so good ! Just seeing if I can post a link to show our ride : http://bit.ly/1az7l5

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Returned To Class !

I was so scared , it was being summoned to the heads office at School! As it turned out , our leader Jo is off today , she has took her daughter to see JLS at the lights turn on in Blackpool today. We both WI with a 3lb gain , but that still gave me an official WW 10%,so I got my keyring. I have also bought a pump today , so no more excuses , and back out on the bike I go.
Also,our neighbours have just had 2 tons of soil delivered,and i have offered to help shovel it , into wheelbarrows tomorow , so that must be worth a few BP !

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Plodding On

Well I WI yesterday , still 15-6 , but im happy with that. I have just got to try and behave today lol ,im gigging from 4 till 11,and must stick to lime and soda for most of that! I can't wait to face the music and go to my meeting next Sat , its going to be quite daunting !

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Day 2 Back on the Wagon

Still going great , did 3.5 miles on my bike today , and bought some toe clips for the pedals too.
Earned 5 bonus points , but im not using them! Been drinking water all night too. The big test will come tomorow,but the way i am feeling at the moment , i will be ok.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Back in the Groove!

I have finally found my Mojo again today,rejoined WW monthly pass , and been angelic,when Angie went into Greggs and came out with a Pizza slice , I even refused one bite !
I am so focussed to get below 15 stone , at my last WI on Saturday I was 15-6,not sure if 3 days to the next one will shift anything,time will tell. To be honest , my drinking 4 - 8 cans of Strongbow virtually every night isn't helping . water tonight !

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Still Alive!

Hi people,well i have been quite down after my gain at Blackpool,but so chuffed today,im back to 15-4,and more importantly focussed on getting below 15 stones. I am getting better with my camera too,heres a few shots I took whilst we were away.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Oh Dear !

Well I WI at 15-8 on Saturday,so 3.5lbs gained,I didn't track Saturday either,and had special fried rice for Tea! Anyway,today I am back on the wagon,Only had 3 slices of trimmed bacon and 2 slices of wholemeal bread so far today.I am at work tonight,so going to be up for around 23 hours,so not quite sure what amount of points I should allow myself,but,its 4 nights without my beloved Strongbow,thats an achievement in itself !

Friday, 7 August 2009

Home Sweet Home

Arrived back at 11:30,after a full English breakfast, been naughty all week , back on the wagon tomorrow,after my WI,im dreading it !

Monday, 3 August 2009

Its a Heartache

Well, I started my new job this morning,drove from Blackpool. Its gone brilliant,but I am sat here missing Angie and the girls so much. I cant wait for 7pm tomorrow,when I can get back to my family, I am sat here missing them so much,I could cry. The diet is not doing to good either , not eating really badly , but drinking mucho in the club bar. Saturdays WI will tell !

Friday, 31 July 2009

Woopee !

Just about to set off to Blackpool,my phone went "I would like to tell you that you was succesful and I would like to offer you the position" - Beautiful ! It gets better,working Mon & Tues , then off till Sunday. As it turns out , me driving home on monday is a godsend,so much stuff has been forgotten !

Waiting Waiting .........

Had an interview yesterday,at a semi conductor plant which is only 4 miles away , that i didnt even know existed! I find out today if I was succesful,which is a barbed thing , because we are off to Blackpool today for a week , and I will start on Monday ! I am also fearing for my diet , whilst we are away !

Monday, 27 July 2009

Our New Grandson 20 Week Scan Picture

Angie attended the 20 week scan today,and found out its a Boy! Provisionaly to be called Riley.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Another Loss !

I lost 1.5 lbs Today , well chuffed , half a pound to go , and I will have lost my first 30Lbs!

We just had a very energetic bike ride,through the Medlock valley,a lot of steps to carry the bikes up and down. No pics taken , but heres a good one i took the other day !

Monday, 20 July 2009

We Did It !

Well we set out today,just like last Monday,to get to Heartshead Pike,after much hard work,we did,7.80 miles 556 calories burned,here is the evidence,and some panoramic shots of Ashton and Oldham in the distance,on one,you can even see Ikea,in our town centre, the first one to be built in a town !

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Comparison Pics

This is Today 2 stones lighter!

This is me at the start 17-6

Woopee !!

I have done It , 2 Stones off in 17 weeks, i'm well chuffed ! Here's The Evidence!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Toodaling Along

Well Me and Angie have gone Bike crazy , I have racked up over 90 miles since last Saturday!
Still eating Sensibly,I am hoping for at least 1 pound loss this week, that would take me to 2 stones in 17 Weeks,Fingers Crossed! Update,we did 5 mile amd 400 calories !

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Todays WI :-)

Hi , i lost another pound today , i am now only oneaway from 2 stone loss ! I got a new bike yesterday , and I have got to get some miles on it !

Thursday, 9 July 2009

I Finally Got A Dirty Woman !!

Thats Because we have just returned from Our epic ride ,The Longdendale Trail,12.88 miles in 1Hour 45 Mins, burinig 600 calories. Angie is now in the shower,and i'm next , we are filthy!

Monday, 6 July 2009

This sends chills down my spine

Such a lovley rendition,with our Bryher in too!

Back to reality

Well we had a great day yesterday,and I even had a burger at the pub BBQ,but I had an sp this morning ,and it showed 15.7.5 ! Here are some pics of the bump that will become our 2nd Grandchild,and what i think is a lovley picture of our youngest,talking on the phone to Grandma!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Todays WI :-)

We have both lost 3.5 lbs, I got my 10% . I have lost 26lbs now. I was so chuffed , I took a picture of the scales! This cycling malarkey is good! In celebration, we have just ridden another 5 miles!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Still Sore !

Done another 9.65 miles today , still got a sore butt ! I have used 745 calories today in exercise.
If I don't show a loss this week i will be gutted. sorry the link to runkeeper dosen't work , but I cant recommend it to any Iphone owners,you can get it free .

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

More Cycling

Well, I have just sat here for an hour , reading Bryhers Blog from the beginning.Ok she is a ladee,but we have so much in common ! I got a sick kind of satisfaction finding out she is human , and had the odd slipup along the way(just like me)! Go Bryher , you are an inspiration.
Anyways , what is this weather about! I got in the car at12.30,and it was 31C !
So what did we do,had a little quality time together in the loft (so Hot!) then off on our bikes we went. We ended up doing 6 and 1/4 miles on track and road , with some bloody big hills involved.
We got back,picked the girls up from school,and then went back out on the bikes again for another 3 and 1/2 miles,a total of 9 3/4 miles today! Both Mine and Angies legs were like lead ,we were totally exhausted. Im not sure if you can see our workout on runkeeper,here is the link , not sure if it will work ! http://www.runkeeper.com/ui/dashboard
Yes it does work for me , if you click a date , a map will come up ,and you can view the route !

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Cycling Again!

Well I have rode this trail twice today , but the long way round this time , with Angie and the girls. Well here it is,me in lycra,just as I promised yonks ago! I have now cycled 9 miles today!

My Beautiful Wife

Here Is Angie, on Her New Bike ! She Actually Likes This Pic Of Herself,Which Is Very Rare!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Fat Bottomed Girls !

Me and Angie went for a gruelling 6 mile ride today,we could of made it simple,keeping on the leisure track 3 miles each way , but when we turned round,we went home via the road , and some very steep hills. We are hoping to steal a ride out eveyday this week,weather permitting!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

On Yer Bike!

Well I blew my gigging wages on a new bike for Angie,and I am pleased to say she loves it. I did warn her she would be tender in her nether regions today , after cycling 3 miles yesterday.She didn't believe me,but she does now! Bless her though , we have just done the same route , plus another half a mile,so she is getting over the pain barrier!
We have both cancelled our WW subscriptions today,after buying these mega heavy duty WW scales yesterday. We don't track really , only in our heads,and now we can WI straight out of bed , after a trip to the loo!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

14th Weigh in

And the all you can eat chinese buffet on Thursday has caught up with me! We both put on half a pound,so went to the butty shop and got a breakfast barm each. Funny thing was , it wasn't that nice. We are both going to knuckle down this week now.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Why I Started WW

I posted a picture of me when on Holiday in Turkey last Oct on the first of my blogs.
Well last night I put on the holiday DVD for the girls, and the sight of me on it shook me to the core again. I mentioned this to Angie,and she said I should post a bit , for all to see,so here it is!
Who needs anymore motivation after seeing it !!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Plodding On

Being good so far this week,had just water last night , and 5 points saved!
angie is very focussed too , its been difficult for the pair of us,after the weigh in 2 weeks ago , when she sts and I gained half a pound. Losing 1.5 lbs herself , and me 1 lb , has give us the kick up the bum we needed. I only need a 1 lb loss this saturday,to get my 10 percent,which I hoped to have 2 weeks ago!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

13th Weigh in

I lost 1lb this week,so am one pound off my 10 percent now , slow and steady !

Thursday, 18 June 2009


I have still not recovered from last weeks gain , I just can't get motivated, yet if its bad news this week,god knows what I will do.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Photography Again

Im getting clever ! I managed to cut Angie out of a picture and put her infront of the Taj Mahal !

diet is going ok , still reeling from my gain on Saturday though.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Gutted !!

I put on half a point this week,after saving 19 points and not drinking friday night.
I suppose I should of eaten all my points , I have done 2 hours on Wii Active too,so maybe im getting harder !
Just done another 30 mins now , I ain't giving up !

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hurry Up Weigh In !

Well WI is getting closer , and im so excited. If I lose 1.5 lbs I get my 10%,and if I lose 2.5lbs I also get my 25lbs! Why can't it be Saturday already ! I have done day 4 on the Wii Active today , and bought 2 1.5lb arm/leg weights to make it even harder ! It was a fantastic workout.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Our Next Grandchild

I went to sign up with an agency today , hoping to get a job at a local chemical plant. whilst we were in Manchester we found an all you can eat Chinese Resteraunt , so we went in! I had chicken and sweetcorn soup, a few prawn crackers, 2 pieces of sessame toast,1 hash brown, and a small amount of chicken curry and special fried rice. We used to treat ourself after every WI,but haven't done for ages,so it will be fine im sure.

Here is the 10 week scan of our next grandchild.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Comparison Pics

Now 22 lbs less
The car is at the top of the grove , so nowt to lean on !

Wi Week 11

Well I did it ! I lost 2.5 lbs , I am now in the 15 Stones !! Well Pleased !

Angie lost 1 lb, but has had an NSV, she can now do her wedding dress up !

Here are a few pics from last nights band contest,and Angie as she was on Oct 4th 2005 !