Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Woop Pass Me A Halo !

Lookey Here !
What a ride,i did the route i used to cycle when I had a "proper" job lol,then returned to the town centre,and photographed the temporary market that was put up after our old market burned down,being demolished. I then cycled up a bloody long hill to where they are building a new academy,which our 2 youngest daughters will go to. I am doing a photo blog of that too lol.
I had a little boost re a "proper" job yesterday btw,the agency that i did the induction for the panel wiring job ,rang me,the guy who handles the contract told me that he was going on holiday for a fortnight,and he is expecting by the time he gets back I would of started,fingers crossed.
I think i will post this now , and then the pictures I took above it ! BRB !

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