Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Done !

Well I had no bread or potatoes yesterday ! It's very difficult to find something to eat without either in Ashton on your dinner break though ! I ended up with a plated salad, but just ate the onions, a sliver of pepper and celery. If I had a ton of salt I may of eaten more of the lettuce, but instead it went in the bin !

Day two, and I am a bit better prepared, have a banana and grapes for dinner in my bag !
The weatheris still rubbish, but they say it is going to be glorious from Friday onwards, so we will see !
Got four more days in, then my long weekend, hope to get lots of walking done during it !

Monday, 1 July 2013

Jesus it's July !!

Tut tut !! Well the boss started some milk shake diet the other day, and after a quick flick through the paperwork I concluded I can try and give up bread for a bit.

This is despite me reading an article the other day. that stated that scientists have identified a gene that makes us addicted to bread and potatoes, and that sounds sense to me.

so here I am , 16 -7 , let's see if I can stick to it !!