Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fnakered !

I have just been to the gym !! I lasted half an hour !

10 mins cycling on level 10
10 x preacher curl 25kg
10 pec deck 25kg
5 mins on arm rowing machine level 10

must do better !

Monday, 29 August 2011

My little fishy keeps growing and growing !

Hi there!

Sat in work, counting the days until wednesday, soI can get to the gym.
Had my induction, now I'm raring to go!
This is my first post from my mobile, hope it works !

Friday, 26 August 2011

Weekends here again !

And I'm working all of it, but hoping to attend our friends gig for a few hours after work tomorrow.
Angies face is getting better, and im so proud of myself, my months challenge is nearly up !
I have also cancelled my weightwatchers subscription, and joined the gym ! It's the same price per month, but you get a hell of a lot more. I can eat sensibly without paying £2 per 1lb I lose, which is what WW works out at !

I have my induction for the gym in the morning, and I'm well excited !

Today we had a wander around Ashton, and bought Georgia her new uniform as she moves to the "Big School" in September, I remember that feeling well, but 1974 is a long time ago. You can't buy 5 Park Drive Tipped now either !!

I also managed to fix the indicators on my motorbike yesterday, so many jobs have been done since I quit the booze !

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Day 25 begins

And I am still on the wagon, a few people are moaning at me because i keep banging on about me not drinking, so I have shut up about it verbally and on FB, but as this is my blog, and nobody reads it, i will keep on chunnering about it to myself on here !
It seems everyday now on Facebook people update there status as Drunk, or feeling awful as a result of drinking. I do not miss these feelings ! And it's almost child like,getting up in the morning and feeling fine,with all memories of the night before !

I weighed myself this morning too , 15-6.5 which is a good true weight, no dehydration in effect here. I am thinking about giving up bread soon, but Angie has just come in from work with a hedgehog loaf from the Asdoh, and it's to die for ! So a lovley butty for my dinner today !
She has also got me a fruit box, with apple grapes and strawberries in , which I can eat now, but i never used to like them.

As one of my friends pointed out, I do talk a lot about my achievement, but im just proud of myself, i know me better than anyone else, and i am doing well. I have never yet been thinking "i need a drink" like i used to as i drove my bus around !

On another slightly related note, Angies face is getting better all the time, which I am so pleased about. She has also won an award at work for her care skills, im so proud of her, and she has to go to a ceremony to receive it, which has helped her see that as much as she is beating herself up about Sunday, that was only a blip, and to the people that matter to her, it dosen't mean a thing.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Plodding On

Well Angies face is worse than before now, as both eyes are now black, but we are hoping it all fades quickly. I have just done day 2 of my 11 day campaign, that culminates in my long weekend at the start of September. we are attending a colleagues 25th wedding anniversary party, and Angie is accompanying me to meet an old friend from my teen days, that I have met up with on FB,and im ok because she bats for the other side ! Both these occasions will be testing, but I am quite happy on lime & soda, or non alcholic beer.
I think i have already decided this abstaining is continuing after August ends, i have never felt better in myself, I know alcohol does help relieve stress and worry, but only for a small while, and then compounds the worry about money, as you have just blown a load on beer !
We are also invited to a gig this Saturday night, our friends are playing locally, but that depends on how the mrs face is looking. I am also DJing our works social club party on the 10th of Sept, so many tests ahead. I think i will go to step 2 in Sept, and try and lose some weight too.
My friend has stopped drinking,and cut out bread as well. Bread rules my life, will be much harder than quitting beer !!

Monday, 22 August 2011

The Evils of Alcohol

Well it was 21days for me yesterday ! I did an 8 mile walk from our depot in Ashton to Manchester City Centre. It took just under 3 hours, the weather was nice, and we celebrated by going into the Piccadilly Pub. I had a bottle of becks alcohol free lager.

When I got home, Angie decided she would like a drink , as our eldest daughter was here and the weather was nice. so she bought a bottle of Vodka. By 7 o'clock she was drunk (annoyingly so), and steadily got worse. By 9 she had fallen off a stool at the breakfast bar, and was getting very unsteady. She disappeared to the toilet, and didn't return. I then got the news she had fallen in the loo, and smashed her face in, and indeed she had. I think her nose is broken, she has black eyes today, and various cuts on her forehead and face.
I have had virtually no sleep as she was in great pain after i had cleaned her up last night,and verged from happy to sad, then singing !

I feel so sorry for her today, and she is vowing to give up drinking, but i don't think this is the way to go round it. there is a big difference between 3 or 4 pints and 3/4 a bottle of 37 percent Vodka!

All this came on the back of me having a blind drunk man on my bus Saturday night, who was bouncing from pillar to post, and talking very loudly to his poor soberish wife, then running my bus back to the depot, I saw a man stood on the main road in Ashton stopping the traffic, very drunk, and as i got near him , he threw himself down onto the floor. It turns out today that after I had left, he started slashing his wrists too !

Getting back to last night here, I am so glad I was sober, and able to treat Angie, a month ago I would of been drunk too, and that dosen't bare thinking about !

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It was Manic !

Had a fantastic but crazy Saturday, and so much more stressful when you are sober, and all those around you are getting lashed ! At one point in the afternoon, I nearly caved in, but managed to get over it.

I keep posting daily statues on FB, but a few people are getting the wrong end of the handle, and believe me to have a problem with drinking. It's not really bothering me, but its driving Angie insane!! Yes I like a drink, but don't always crave one,and don't need it to get me through my day.
Anyway, it was 15 days last night, and I am still loving the fact I feel so good every time I get up.
A friend at work is doing the same, but he has cut bread out too. I have never really thought about it, but I would say opting not to drink scores 5/10, but it would take gigantic 10/10 effort to avoid bread !!

At 15 days, this is the longest I have managed as far as I can remember. I managed 11 days near the end of 2004, but that was with an ulterior motive, the lady I had longed for had said to me,on my first visit to her house to fix her computer " You like a drink don't you Chris?"
So I gave up !!

I was thinking yesterday how it started, much the same as everyone else I guess, from 16 - 18 beer didn't rate on my Radar, it was motorbikes and girls. Even when I was 18, it was only the odd one night a week out. Getting married, I may have some "tinnies" towards the weekend,but only 4, not unlimited like today.
Moving to Ashton is where it gets heavier, and it also becomes the norm to drink virtually every night.

So - in my 30 years of adulthood, i have drank for them all, lightly then a bit more.
One month is not a lot of 30 years, so if I get through August, I may just continue through September too.

Oh I weighed myself the other day too,a very good representative weight, not dehydrated, at 15-7, so thats half a pound down. One day at a time (Doh that's an AA Motto ! )

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Still Sober !

Well it's 11 days today , I'm into double figures! We were supposed to weigh in last night,but my friend was re arranging our kitchen and it was supposed to be a quick job, but it took all day.
Angie now has her dishwasher back though, so she is happy !
We are having a bouncy castle this Saturday, and a few friends and family round, so i have dug up the cherry tree I planted 2 years ago in the wrong place in the back garden, and transplanted into the front where the boss always wanted it !

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Shuffles sheepishly back to blog land.

Well, 28th of July my last post, Doh ! There has been a big change since though,we attended a works trip to Chester . It was great, had a fantastic time, much cider was consumed,and an early night was had. it did not stop me feeling like shit the day after,and this got me thinking.
It was the start of a new month, so now would be a good time to try something new,and that is what I have done. I have not had any alcohol for one week and 2 days so far, and I am very proud of myself! I know this will help with my weight, it can't do any harm. I have had a few testing times, like today, I am off today, so the old me would of had a good scoop last night,and paid for it today. We have both cancelled our fatclub passes, but they don't run out until the end of the month,so we are attending tonight with much trepidation!
So my blog might turn into confessions of an ex cider drinker !!
Elsewhere life is good, still brassic, but everyone is healthy. I still love my job,and the entertainment it regularly provides.
There are riots around at the moment, but I am not going to bang on about them on here.
One thing I am a bit mythered about, just recently, I am so exhausted by the early evening.
Did I recieve all my energy from fermented apples ? If I was losing weight, I would go to the docs for the blood tests they keep telling me I should have " cos i'm that age now ", or maybe it's just me that needs to get out more!
My motorbike is off the road too, it failed it's MOT because the owner before me put LED indicators on it, and they don't flash properly. I am having to remove them,source some original ones,then fit them, which is akin to heart surgery on the bike, nothing is easy !
Anyway, enough waffling for now, heres a nice pic of me and my friend Dave in Chester.
Stay safe !