Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Plodding On

Well Angies face is worse than before now, as both eyes are now black, but we are hoping it all fades quickly. I have just done day 2 of my 11 day campaign, that culminates in my long weekend at the start of September. we are attending a colleagues 25th wedding anniversary party, and Angie is accompanying me to meet an old friend from my teen days, that I have met up with on FB,and im ok because she bats for the other side ! Both these occasions will be testing, but I am quite happy on lime & soda, or non alcholic beer.
I think i have already decided this abstaining is continuing after August ends, i have never felt better in myself, I know alcohol does help relieve stress and worry, but only for a small while, and then compounds the worry about money, as you have just blown a load on beer !
We are also invited to a gig this Saturday night, our friends are playing locally, but that depends on how the mrs face is looking. I am also DJing our works social club party on the 10th of Sept, so many tests ahead. I think i will go to step 2 in Sept, and try and lose some weight too.
My friend has stopped drinking,and cut out bread as well. Bread rules my life, will be much harder than quitting beer !!

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