Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It was Manic !

Had a fantastic but crazy Saturday, and so much more stressful when you are sober, and all those around you are getting lashed ! At one point in the afternoon, I nearly caved in, but managed to get over it.

I keep posting daily statues on FB, but a few people are getting the wrong end of the handle, and believe me to have a problem with drinking. It's not really bothering me, but its driving Angie insane!! Yes I like a drink, but don't always crave one,and don't need it to get me through my day.
Anyway, it was 15 days last night, and I am still loving the fact I feel so good every time I get up.
A friend at work is doing the same, but he has cut bread out too. I have never really thought about it, but I would say opting not to drink scores 5/10, but it would take gigantic 10/10 effort to avoid bread !!

At 15 days, this is the longest I have managed as far as I can remember. I managed 11 days near the end of 2004, but that was with an ulterior motive, the lady I had longed for had said to me,on my first visit to her house to fix her computer " You like a drink don't you Chris?"
So I gave up !!

I was thinking yesterday how it started, much the same as everyone else I guess, from 16 - 18 beer didn't rate on my Radar, it was motorbikes and girls. Even when I was 18, it was only the odd one night a week out. Getting married, I may have some "tinnies" towards the weekend,but only 4, not unlimited like today.
Moving to Ashton is where it gets heavier, and it also becomes the norm to drink virtually every night.

So - in my 30 years of adulthood, i have drank for them all, lightly then a bit more.
One month is not a lot of 30 years, so if I get through August, I may just continue through September too.

Oh I weighed myself the other day too,a very good representative weight, not dehydrated, at 15-7, so thats half a pound down. One day at a time (Doh that's an AA Motto ! )

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