Friday, 29 April 2011

Well it's here !

The Royal wedding that is , it's pandemonium here getting ready for the street party, and the usual "us and them" shit that goes on every street !
Pictures will follow i'm sure ! The bouncy castle has arrived, but not up at the moment as all the kids in the neighbourhood appeared when it did !

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Tad Concerned !

Well planning for our street party this Friday are at an advanced stage , but there are a few concerns on the horizon. firstly the weather, according to who you believe , it ranges from definate rain to fair with 50% chance of rain.
the two main features of the party is an outside gig I will be doing , and a bouncy castle. neither of these are compatible with water ! Also , our eldest has recieved news yesterday that he is to leave for the U.S of A sometime this week. He is going to coach footballers in michigan , as part of his Uni degree. but - he has a conventional tower PC, and I have a laptop. When he finished Uni for this term , we swapped so when the call came for America, he could take a PC with him.
My laptop though is the DJ pc, and by the looks of it wont be here Friday !
I can still do it with the tower , but it means all the gear will have to be in the house, which is not good !
Im on a semi late today , so usual loneliness as Angie worked last night and is now sleeping.
i know thats mushy , but nearly 7 years down the line, i still miss her !
I'm still glowing with a warmth inside me after this weekend though , seeing the gig and 2 dear friends i have not seen since 1996, and the beautiful pictures I took , which are now my desktop wallpaper !
I have also just read an article online , about a lady that has lost 8 stones over 5 years, just by eating sensibly , and it has reminded me that its only 20 months to me being 50 , and i would like to be slim by then, so a restart at slimmingworld would be in order, but im working lates this week and next , so can't make it.

Monday, 25 April 2011

More Videos !

This is the group I went to see on Friday , I love them , they are now compared to crowded house , who wasn't invented in the late 80's !

This song is written by my friend Steve, the bass player , about his wifes brief encounter with Jehova's witnesses !

Oh Bugger It , here's a link to a lot of photo's I took that night !

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fabulous !

Went to see a group that are my friends from my past life on friday , they have recently reformed. Its funny seeing old friends much older , but that goes both ways !

Thursday, 21 April 2011


The movie was fantastic ! Guy Martin is a breath of fresh air to motor cycle racing!
I have a CPC course today at work, which is quite funny, I am going to be instructed on the training my employer has all ready given me when I started with them !
Nice litter earner for the gov and europe me thinks !
It's good friday tomorrow, not that I do religion , but it's nice to have a day off!
The kids are nearly through their first week off, and have been for walks , a picnic and after yesterday, the obligatory water fight !

The plan last night was to take in the film , then head into town and quaff a few ales before retiring, but when it had finished we both agreed to be sensible and return home , (must be getting old :-)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I said I Would !

and I did ! Had a 3.5 mile cycle this morning, and now my butt is hurting me !
Im off to see TT3D tonight , im well excited !
I strapped my new diddy video camera to my bike , half my journey below !

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It's a beautiful day

And i'm working 12 - 8 pm !
Its great for the washing though , and the kids being off school.
I have a leisurley 3 days ahead of me, im off tomorrow, i have CPC training 8 - 4 in the classroom Thursday , then off Friday !
I must get my bike out later , and blow up the tyres, for a spin early tomorrow, then the inevitable sore butt because it's been ages since i rode it !

Sunday, 17 April 2011

We did it !

We knocked United out of the FA cup ! well chuffed!

We had a fantastic night at our friends 50th.

Whilst i was at work , Angie took some of the bairns to the park , heres a few pics.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


Describes this morning perfectly, I'm raring to go!

Im working until four , then its the semi final , come on City !

Im dreading it really , but you never know !

Friday, 15 April 2011

My Redemption !

I love this stuff ! It's probably full fat , but it ain't gonna give

me a hangover ! Just waiting for my chicken tikka kebab to arrive , hey its Friday !

Apparently it's going to be nice this weekend , but it's been horrible and grey all day !

We are off out to Angies friends 50th birthday party tomorrow, it's only local , but should be a laugh.

Pics will follow !

I was back at work today , after a days rest, and i am in at 7.30 tomorrow, with a clear head :-)

It's very quiet here , the girls are staying with their auntie tonight, they love it!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

A nice walk in the rain !

I have just walked just over 3 miles in the light rain ( you know , the one that gets you wet!)
I'm going for my haircut later , not sure what to do , I want a number 2 all over , but my close friends say my hair should stay , as most of them have none, but the hair i have now is nothing like what i had 20 years ago.
I got to the pond i love going 2 , and saw one stickleback , it's a start , but i wont be buying a net yet 1 it's a throwback to my childhood, but i want some in a tank at home !

Some Pics As Promised !

For all the pictures from the show, it was fabulous !
Hearing little children sing always makes me cry :-(

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

So Excited !

Our youngest is in my favourite musical ever ( Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)

at school this afternoon. It's a very ambitious project for the school.

Me and Angie can't wait to see it , I was going to film it and take pictures, but it's being filmed proffesionaly and being but to DVD, so we will buy that , so I am just taking pictures.

I will post some on here later :-)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Turned Out Nice Again

We had a fantastic night last night , it was Angies friends 50th and i met them in a new bar , Tiger Tiger, it was fantastic. we stayed in there until 20:45 then moved onto Sinclairs , but it was full, and we couldnt get in , so we ended up sat outside a bar very near to it.

We then met up with my inlaws from next door , and had a scream In ashton , then back to theirs , in bed at 3Am this morning.

the weather is still glorious , so i have stripped the Barby down , and we are off to the Asda for some gear !

Heres a picture of my office !

Heres Peter my Pacu ....

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Still poorly

My cold faded a bit , and now has come back with a vengance! Still mostly an alcohol free zone, just had a drink saturday night , and not sure why we felt the need to. Big changes at work are bringing stress, and the advent of mothers day, and the 2 eldest not sending cards have not helped much either. Still, Angie has a busy weekend coming up, a meal on Friday with her work mates , then "cream Tea" at a posh hotel in Manchester on Saturday. I enquired about rejoining SW, but its basically £15 each , so we will contine at home for the time being!