Thursday, 28 July 2011

Really bad

Well we are trying to get back into WW mode ! We have not weighed in now for a month.
I have just checked my diary , and am clear to attend for the next 6 weeks.
I had 2 fried sasuages for my brekky today , and along with the bread comes to 16 PPs !
that leaves me with 24 for my whole day ! I could of saved 2 points by grilling the sasuages !
I am enjoying my lates this week, it's nice having a good chill out before work, and only one rush hour at work, and it's also nice that the schools have finished!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Summer Holidays are here !

Well it's the end of my long weekend today, back to work, but on lates all week, which I quite like.
We need to snap out of holiday mode now, and knuckle back down to our diet.
We have had a fabulous weekend, with me Djing a charity party for our friends on Friday, and then a BBQ at my brothers on Sunday.
I have also had the stress of my motorbike failing it's MOT, the worse thing being a cracked rear brake disc. I am ordering a new one off Ebay tomorrow.
The 2 youngest girls finished school yesterday for their summer holidays, the eldest of the 2 never to return to that school. I vaguely remember that in 1974 when I left primary for the last time.
Friends spread out around various schools, and you never saw some of them again, but with mobiles and facebook, I can't see that being a problem these days !
One good thing about no school, Angie can come in from work and go straight to bed, so that's like 2 hours earlier !

Friday, 8 July 2011

Struggling !

I thought we would whilst off work ! Not tracking at all I am afraid !
Its my step daughters 21st birthday today , so along with all the family we went for a delicious indian meal last night. Here are a few pictures.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Atonement !

Well .... where do I start ? Friday a friends 50th, lots of cider and a bit of Buffet.
Saturday to the kids to my hometown of Glossop for the carnival in the park. 4 pint cans of Bow supped there, then home, drop the kids off at their big sisters,and out again to Stalybridge to see see our friends who are in a band doing their stuff, lots more cider, then a kebab.
Wasn't too bad , but cider agin was quaffed.
today we have just done this
31 bonus points earned ! We also walked four miles yesterday, but to be honest I would settle for an STS this Wednesday !

Here are a few pictures from our sinning ;-)