Saturday, 12 October 2013

It's been so long, since I seen you !!

Jesus it's the middle of October already, weighed myself this morning , 16.4.5 which is 2.5 lbs down from the other week, but I work a lot of lates now, so much less drinking time, which is a good thing !!
So many things have changed, our next son has just started Uni, and we have a new grand daughter on the way, we are all so excited.!!
The council tried to fine us for taking the kids on holiday, but we took them on and won, and withdrew the court case !
The weather has finally broken, after a very good summer, but we are both gutted as I have preset holiday's so we cant go abroad for the next 3 years, and by that time only our youngest daughter will be coming with us, that's down from 5 to one in ten years !!
I have just installed "Moves" on my new Sony Z1 phone, which I had to get after Sony shafted me on the repair of my Sony Z, I am very disappointed with them .
Moves tracks all your activity, so I want to see just how good it is !
Work goes on relentlessly, but for that we are grateful.
Here is our latest gift !!