Sunday, 29 May 2011

Jaded !

Our 2 youngest stopped at their eldest sisters last night , so we ventured out !

There was a football match being played, of which we wern't interested in, so we made our way to an indian resteraunt that is recommended by our inlaws who live next door.

It was superb ! The nan bread was indeed to die for ! I chose a very spicy dish and Angie a bit milder one , then she ate my spicier one , we brought the other curry home!

Unfortunatley I drank too much , and am very fragile today! I have been busy moving my PC as I have been given a very posh chair, that was getting in the way of our table. I can't face hair of the dog, and anyway im working tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Weekend nearly here !

Tried to post a blog from my phone but didnt work !

The weekend is indeed nearly here, but the weather is terrible !
I hope the weather bucks up soon.
Quite a few things happening to my poor step daughter at the moment , her partner has buggered off, leaving her pregnant, her cat got run over and killed , and thank god the little shit of a yorkshire terrier she had has been rehomed.
I lost my emergency tickets for work , so they are deduction £100 out of my wages next week , thats going to cripple us , but otherwise everythings fine !

Monday, 23 May 2011

Phew ! What A Weekend !

Well back to normality ! We have had a fantastic weekend, with the wedding reception then a trip to Blackpool yesterday. It was dark, wet and very windy when we arrived, but cleared up later , here are a few pics and video from our weekend

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Weekend Nearly Here

A manic weekend coming up, Eldests wedding reception tomorrow, then trip to Blackpool sunday , Cant Wait, the video and still camera are going to get some hammer !

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Gig

Where do I start ! The journey opened Angies eyes to what we bus drivers have to put up with !
All was normal on the bus from Ashton To Manchester. then we caught a student special to the university. It was like a cattle train, with all sorts of weirdo's on it ! Particullaly of note was a woman selling a sob story to get on the bus for nothing.
The gig itself was brilliant , and I was gobsmacked when the band opened up with it's one only major hit, from 1986! I loved the new songs too. I finally got to meet a good electronic friend (Dena) personally for the first time.
I felt like a right gimp when I went to the bar whilst the band was doing their encore , they finished , the lights went up , the room emptied and there was just us two with full pints!
We were ushered out into the corridor, where we finished them. Oh I met neil and his daughter too, a very nice bloke ( Neil not his daughter ! )
We then heard a whisper that the band would be in Big Hands Bar, which is nearby. We had one in there, then it was time to go home , as I was working in the morning.
Outside we met Dena again , with John Beck. He remarked he liked my Stella shirt, but he preffered Carling ! I couldn't bring myself to tell him I had got it from my favourite pound shop In Manchester !!
Back onto the student special, and a foreign woman was running around the bus , handing out conspiracy leaflets. She then settled down opposite Angie , then poked her. I had never seen her turn so quickly, and the nutty woman soon left her alone!
To top of a good night , after getting off the bus in Ashton, going through the underpass that is known as p1ssy tunnel , we both did !

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Isn't It Funny

At the moment good friends from my long gone past are turning up everywhere. Old groups are reforming ect. I am almost at old friends overload !
To top this , next Saturday we will be attending my eldest stepsons (first marriage) wedding reception. I don't count him as a step relation, I was with him from birth until me and his mother went boom (around 8 years). But - heres the funny thing, I have never spoke to my ex inlaws since, and they are both going to be there. they both seperated years ago, but it's going to be like going through a time portal. I am not going to drink as I dont want them to think im a full time piss can !

Im getting a bit giddy too, we are off to see It Bites on Saturday Night, I can't Wait :-)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

8 Miles !

Walked today , little video follows !

Monday, 9 May 2011

Phew !

Well that 7 days work on the trot done , and a day off tommorow. Im going to catch a bus upto my homeland of Hadfield and walk the Longdendale Trail from Hadfield to Woodhead tunnel, no matter what the weather. I was up for work at 3:15 this morning , I tried a snooze at 14:30, but the thunder woke me up shortly after. All the parents at school got caught in the deluge!
I have also completed 6 days without alcohol. Im going to try and make it 7 days, but one of our neighbours has given me 2 bottles of Strongbow, which dosent help !
I read an interesting article in our free Metro newspaper we have on our buses today , about walking. I love walking !
To Quote - a brisk walk for just a mile will burn 80 calories in someone who weighs ten stone.
This means an energetic walk to and from work,covering three-and-a-half miles in an hour,burns around 280 calories. When repeated each day,this zaps an impressive 3,900 calories - more than a pound of fat - every two weeks. End quote !

It's even better for me , as " And the good news is the amount of calories burnt also increases with speed, the shortness of your legs and your weight " As Meatloaf sings , 2 out 0f 3 ain't bad !
So as I am still wanting to avoid beer and walk a lot , I see this on my electronic friends blog.

She is in her old "Fat" trousers, with her daughter.
Stunning !

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lates nearly done

Its my last one today , I finished at 00:40 and by then most passengers are very drunk , and some abusive ! I'm so glad I am now with the mother to the world , and so can laugh at these tossers !
I have just realised I have had no alcohol for four days , and feel so much better for it !

We changed our holiday date yesterday , as we couldnt find the nearly three grand we needed by next week ! I know for a fact , this will be the last package holiday we will ever go on, until all the kids are grown up, for a 2 week holiday next year , its £5000, no way !
Jet 2 or eurocamps are the way to go !
The weather has now and well truley broken, no one is complaining though, we all need it !
Im also thinking about weight loss again , November is quite far away , and 2lbs a week could be mighty fine :-)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Its Darkness week !

Well it's my turn for lates this week, So I basically start at 3pm and finish around midnight.
It's quite relaxing actually, afternoon kids out of school then rush hour, then it all calms down.
It brings issues though, on a normal day I can eat in town , but working late means returning to the depot for your break, to be presented with hot water and a microwave.
Last night i impressed myself by having 2 pot noodle wraps !
one good thing about working late, no beer ! Im on lates all week , i'm off Sunday but in work 04:50 monday so no beer on my day off ! All must be good for my weight !
the weather is still warm and windy, but apparently it's storms and rain by Saturday :-(

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Street Party Pictures

Normailty Returns

Jesus where do I begin ! The party was brilliant , got to speak to neighbours we very rarley do speak with. kids loved it , much ale was quaffed! After darkness as per usual the usual gang retired to ours, bringing 2 lovley wood burning stoves with them.
since then its been like a kindergarten here,with neighbours, relations and kids friends being here 24/7 !
Amongst all this the youngest has got a new baby rabbit , that spends more time in the house than the dog ! Meanwhile the older established rabbit is none too impressed, and we are having to keep them seperate at the moment !
On Saturday followed a major cleanup operation both in the house and on the grove, but it's a losing battle with the amount of people around. The baby rabbit must have brought most of the sawdust out of it's cage into our livingroom!
Sunday was pretty much the same, although the mrs persuaded me to sit down and watch BGT and then BGT2 which had both been recorded the night before!
Yesterday was a bit quieter, and we finally managed to find a nursery that we knew exsisted locally to us, that is indeed cheap as chips , so now all our boxes are filled, with petunia's , one surfina , lots of marigolds and labellia or however you spell it!
I have just got up,and the silence is deafaning ! Still, the spectre of work hangs over me , im on 3 o clock spare today, which means i may have to sit in the canteen for 8 hours , or someone might have ducked so i will do their duty !
I will upload a few pics now , in another post !