Thursday, 12 May 2011

Isn't It Funny

At the moment good friends from my long gone past are turning up everywhere. Old groups are reforming ect. I am almost at old friends overload !
To top this , next Saturday we will be attending my eldest stepsons (first marriage) wedding reception. I don't count him as a step relation, I was with him from birth until me and his mother went boom (around 8 years). But - heres the funny thing, I have never spoke to my ex inlaws since, and they are both going to be there. they both seperated years ago, but it's going to be like going through a time portal. I am not going to drink as I dont want them to think im a full time piss can !

Im getting a bit giddy too, we are off to see It Bites on Saturday Night, I can't Wait :-)

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