Monday, 16 May 2011

The Gig

Where do I start ! The journey opened Angies eyes to what we bus drivers have to put up with !
All was normal on the bus from Ashton To Manchester. then we caught a student special to the university. It was like a cattle train, with all sorts of weirdo's on it ! Particullaly of note was a woman selling a sob story to get on the bus for nothing.
The gig itself was brilliant , and I was gobsmacked when the band opened up with it's one only major hit, from 1986! I loved the new songs too. I finally got to meet a good electronic friend (Dena) personally for the first time.
I felt like a right gimp when I went to the bar whilst the band was doing their encore , they finished , the lights went up , the room emptied and there was just us two with full pints!
We were ushered out into the corridor, where we finished them. Oh I met neil and his daughter too, a very nice bloke ( Neil not his daughter ! )
We then heard a whisper that the band would be in Big Hands Bar, which is nearby. We had one in there, then it was time to go home , as I was working in the morning.
Outside we met Dena again , with John Beck. He remarked he liked my Stella shirt, but he preffered Carling ! I couldn't bring myself to tell him I had got it from my favourite pound shop In Manchester !!
Back onto the student special, and a foreign woman was running around the bus , handing out conspiracy leaflets. She then settled down opposite Angie , then poked her. I had never seen her turn so quickly, and the nutty woman soon left her alone!
To top of a good night , after getting off the bus in Ashton, going through the underpass that is known as p1ssy tunnel , we both did !

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