Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Normailty Returns

Jesus where do I begin ! The party was brilliant , got to speak to neighbours we very rarley do speak with. kids loved it , much ale was quaffed! After darkness as per usual the usual gang retired to ours, bringing 2 lovley wood burning stoves with them.
since then its been like a kindergarten here,with neighbours, relations and kids friends being here 24/7 !
Amongst all this the youngest has got a new baby rabbit , that spends more time in the house than the dog ! Meanwhile the older established rabbit is none too impressed, and we are having to keep them seperate at the moment !
On Saturday followed a major cleanup operation both in the house and on the grove, but it's a losing battle with the amount of people around. The baby rabbit must have brought most of the sawdust out of it's cage into our livingroom!
Sunday was pretty much the same, although the mrs persuaded me to sit down and watch BGT and then BGT2 which had both been recorded the night before!
Yesterday was a bit quieter, and we finally managed to find a nursery that we knew exsisted locally to us, that is indeed cheap as chips , so now all our boxes are filled, with petunia's , one surfina , lots of marigolds and labellia or however you spell it!
I have just got up,and the silence is deafaning ! Still, the spectre of work hangs over me , im on 3 o clock spare today, which means i may have to sit in the canteen for 8 hours , or someone might have ducked so i will do their duty !
I will upload a few pics now , in another post !

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