Sunday, 30 May 2010

I am a good lad (Yet Again!!)

Well been gigging tonight,and been sexually abused! A load of youngsters came in the pub , and one young lady decided to stand next to me on the seat,and push my head into her breasts,and rubbing her you know what on the side of my arm. (Maybe its as well I have been on lime and soda all night!)
And thats what I am saying,after the excess of yesterday, I have only had 13.5 points today, I am going to have another SP tomorow, as I will be properly hydrated in the morning!
I saw a crash on the way to the kebab shop too (chicken tikka with salad,no nan , 4.5 points!)
a Mini Cooper had managed to implate itself on some railings,on the extreme outside of the road,pretty hard to do me thinks !

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Another Sp!

Well it was the band contest last night,and what a good night! I used some of my saved bonus points, but was on blackthorn all night,and that is less points than my native Strongbow!
Dehydrated this morning , I WI @ 15-3.5 !!
I have just recieved a well done note from Jo, our class leader, for getting my first silver seven!
Thats nice , but I still feel a fraud, when I have four in a row on the wall, to match the four i already have,I will feel more genuine,and weigh 14 stones!
I will pop a bit of video on here from last night tomorow, i haven't got the energy to do it right now !

Thursday, 27 May 2010

WW Pedometer

Well, the jury is still out on this! It seemed to be very generous the first night, and I earned 2.5 BPs at work , then that went upto 3 by the time I had drove home. It should have a standby button!
But,last night,it was a lot meaner,and I thought it was being very accurate,time will tell.
I have had about 5 coffee's, 2 toast, but i showered then had an SP, 15-5.25, most impressed!
Still dreading this bank holiday though, saving loads of points!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It feels like I have been here before!

Well I have been , and so chuffed I lost 2.5 lbs , so my first silver seven of this campaign, to go with the four from last year! Half a pound,and I will be 2 stones lighter than when I started WW in March 2009. I have just got the WW pedometer, I hope it works. It resets at midnight though,which is a bit of a bummer,as I work nights!

Well it's nearly Time!

WI in less than 2 hours, who is anygood at sums lol. I saved over 50 points last week , earned 30 for exercise, but went 10 over on Saturday and 15 over on Sunday. I cycled 20 miles yesterday,earning 28BPs, and only had 15 points yesterday. What will all this equate to?
Watch this space, Gulp :-)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Bbq and too much cider!

well it started so well! I didn't each a lot of the bbq , just one small sasuage on a small bread roll,and a chicken breast cremated to an inch of its life! Its the 12 cans of Blackthorn that was my downfall! I have redeemed myself today though,been for a 20 mile bike ride , the furthest we have done! heres a few pics from our BBQ.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Its Oh So Quiet !

In Blog Land, whats up with you all, you all fell of the wagon ? I cant believe how much the 5+ board has changed in the 6 months I was awol , a lot of old friends are missing at the moment. Did I join at a particular halycon time I wonder , it was superb then !
Anyway , diet is going brilliantly, not had one blip so far,very really use all my points,and am getting loads of exercise. I rode to work and back last night , it nearly killed me !
Im eating loads of egg white omlettes , delicious with loads of onions in with pepper on!
Mayflower currys are my new favourite too , and only 3 points a tub.
The devil is in me , im going to have an sp when I go to bed this morning, but with only 9 points used so far , i will be having a few tins of Blackthorn when i get in first!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Todays WI

Lost 1.5 lbs , would of preffered double that , but still happy with all the exercise we have been doing. We are having a treat now , a full indian , but it will feed me all night long , so i'm not worried !

Monday, 17 May 2010

What a Difference A Drink Makes

Well I was on the Vodka Saturday night , and I don't know why , because I love lime and soda anyway , Im not having vodka in it again ! I didn't get up till 3pm yesterday , and was dog rough , I didn't go over points though , thats the main thing!

So , I got up , had a pee, then stepped on the scales, I haven't seen this weight since last September!

We have just done 10.1 miles on our bikes today , 689 calories , 16 bonus points lol.

I won't be using them though , Its WI tomoz !
We have just walked nearly 3 miles with the kids
another 500 calories !!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

I'm a good lad , I am !

Well at work tonight , i ordered my pointed chicken tikka kebab on nan , with salad.
I poured the medium sauce over it , then just ate the contents of the kebab , and threw the nan away. I can have a can or two of blackthorn at 7am today now , when i get home from work , before i disturb the mrs !

Friday, 14 May 2010

Minging Feet !

Angie has been bollocking me royaly about posting the pic of my blister. true it does look like I have gammy feet , but thats because you can see my other foot behind the blister , and it looks like i have bunions !!
We finally put Wii Just dance on today , its so funny to see your loved ones flaying about , but to be honest, I can't wait to have a go,when no-one is watching!
Somebody on the board last night was saying they are gutted, been on xenical for 2 weeks ,and only lost half a pound. It winds me up, these tablets stop your body absorbing fat. FFS we are on a diet , and shouldn't be eating any fat , so how the fook can these tablets help !!
Sat here quite smug with myself , 3 weeks now, and not one slip up yet,and even better , i looked at my fridge graph account , and at the end of May last year , I was overjoyed to hit 16-0, im 15-10 at the moment , so 7 months in freefall wasn't all bad :-)
Oh and another thing , Me & Angie went for a 3 and a 1/2 mile bike ride, and it went really well,thought we would struggle after not doing it for a while,but it was fine! She was well pleased with her bonus points !

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

No Pain No Gain !

Well at class next week , the subject is "Get Active" So when I finished work this morning, I walked home , four miles in one hour five minutes !

My Reward !

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Well Chuffed !

Four off for me today , so a good start ! I was really scared , stood in the queue, Im going to remember that when im tempted ! I was mythering Angie to but the "Shop" book , but we got both that and "eating out" free in our starter pack, so chuffed again.
We have chose an evening class this time , so its a true weight, not a dehydrated morning one !
So I'm now a true 15-10 , the best i saw last time was a very dehydrated 15-4 , when i see that again this time round, it will mean so much more to me !

Monday, 10 May 2010

First Official WI Tomoz !

And we are both scared , we have both behaved and had sp's , but won't believe it unless it shows at class ! Had some bad news about an old friend who I used to talk to a lot on the internet in a karaoke chat room. RIP Brian xxx
I have been on Vodka on Sat and Sun, don't really like it , just having 1 shot in a pint of lime and soda, its much better than 4 points per can of Strongbow!
We have been hoping to go for a ride on our bikes, but the weather has been awful !

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Voting Day

Well I have been and voted , tatically , hoping to retain our mp but water down our council from its massive one party stranglehold it has had since 1979 !
For Tea, i had boiled rice and a bit of curry sauce from the chippy, I have pointed it around 7 points , which I think is fair ! Its going to be exciting tonight , listening to the results as they come in from around the country.
I worked out last night , If I lose 2lbs a week , I will get to goal on Jan 4th 2011 , if only ! Heres Hoping !

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Washing Machine !

Well we went to our first meeting last night and i WI @ 16-0.5 a bit heavier than our WW scales at home on Saturday morning ! Its weird starting again , they are not sure wether to give us a starter pack , and I reckon i will be getting another 10% keyring soon hopefully!
We have already resolved to go to an evening meeting , to show our true normal weight,gone are the days of up,shower,pee,pee again and out,to be the lightest possible !
I ate a box of WW lemon sherberts this morning, and my guts are jumping hoops at the morning,im glad i'm not sat in a library somewhere, its embarrasing !
Angie has learned how to make the most gorgeous zero point soup,and its well spicy , I love it!
I worked days yesterday,my last "training" session , I learnt a bit , and the rest was bollocks!
I have been up all day, so off for a snooze soon.
Im a bit suprised at the ww forum nowadays, its just not the same as it was 12 months ago,but saying that , I don't have much time to take part in it.
Regarding work , technically all the bosses won't see me till christmas now, wouldn't it be ace to be at or very near goal by then, i hope this will spur me on !
We bought the WW magazine last night,the first time ever, just for a look at Jo! Well done Mrs , and stop battering Karl !!