Saturday, 22 May 2010

Its Oh So Quiet !

In Blog Land, whats up with you all, you all fell of the wagon ? I cant believe how much the 5+ board has changed in the 6 months I was awol , a lot of old friends are missing at the moment. Did I join at a particular halycon time I wonder , it was superb then !
Anyway , diet is going brilliantly, not had one blip so far,very really use all my points,and am getting loads of exercise. I rode to work and back last night , it nearly killed me !
Im eating loads of egg white omlettes , delicious with loads of onions in with pepper on!
Mayflower currys are my new favourite too , and only 3 points a tub.
The devil is in me , im going to have an sp when I go to bed this morning, but with only 9 points used so far , i will be having a few tins of Blackthorn when i get in first!

1 comment:

  1. some of us are still here and cheering you on :)
    enjoy your blackthorn