Thursday, 27 May 2010

WW Pedometer

Well, the jury is still out on this! It seemed to be very generous the first night, and I earned 2.5 BPs at work , then that went upto 3 by the time I had drove home. It should have a standby button!
But,last night,it was a lot meaner,and I thought it was being very accurate,time will tell.
I have had about 5 coffee's, 2 toast, but i showered then had an SP, 15-5.25, most impressed!
Still dreading this bank holiday though, saving loads of points!


  1. Ah it would seem I am wise when it comes to the ole weight watcher pedometer... I'm assuming your WW pedometer is like mine in which case if you hold down the button that you use to cycle through the various functions it pauses it. Thats what mine does anywho and its the new 2010 one so hoping yours is the same, I apologise if I'm wrong and it resets yours lol! But I always pause mine when I'm in the car otherwise it counts extra steps.

    Anyway back to the kitchen I go :P

  2. God is there no end to your inteligence !!
    Once again you are correct !!
    Many thanks , bet you are a domestic goddess :-)

  3. Haha I wish! I have to say I'm liking being a smarty pants pity it probably won't last lol!