Sunday, 30 May 2010

I am a good lad (Yet Again!!)

Well been gigging tonight,and been sexually abused! A load of youngsters came in the pub , and one young lady decided to stand next to me on the seat,and push my head into her breasts,and rubbing her you know what on the side of my arm. (Maybe its as well I have been on lime and soda all night!)
And thats what I am saying,after the excess of yesterday, I have only had 13.5 points today, I am going to have another SP tomorow, as I will be properly hydrated in the morning!
I saw a crash on the way to the kebab shop too (chicken tikka with salad,no nan , 4.5 points!)
a Mini Cooper had managed to implate itself on some railings,on the extreme outside of the road,pretty hard to do me thinks !

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