Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Washing Machine !

Well we went to our first meeting last night and i WI @ 16-0.5 a bit heavier than our WW scales at home on Saturday morning ! Its weird starting again , they are not sure wether to give us a starter pack , and I reckon i will be getting another 10% keyring soon hopefully!
We have already resolved to go to an evening meeting , to show our true normal weight,gone are the days of up,shower,pee,pee again and out,to be the lightest possible !
I ate a box of WW lemon sherberts this morning, and my guts are jumping hoops at the morning,im glad i'm not sat in a library somewhere, its embarrasing !
Angie has learned how to make the most gorgeous zero point soup,and its well spicy , I love it!
I worked days yesterday,my last "training" session , I learnt a bit , and the rest was bollocks!
I have been up all day, so off for a snooze soon.
Im a bit suprised at the ww forum nowadays, its just not the same as it was 12 months ago,but saying that , I don't have much time to take part in it.
Regarding work , technically all the bosses won't see me till christmas now, wouldn't it be ace to be at or very near goal by then, i hope this will spur me on !
We bought the WW magazine last night,the first time ever, just for a look at Jo! Well done Mrs , and stop battering Karl !!


  1. Lol, thanks, i'll do my best but i can't promise anything!
    Welcome back and good luck to you both xx

  2. Welcome back, and good luck both of you! :o)