Friday, 27 April 2012

Tests done

And it was quite interesting. You only got eight mins for thr first test,and seven for the second test. The tests were to check your comprehension and understanding of English , and clerical checking ability. I am just waiting for a letter to say yey or ney to the next stage (interview). Oh bugger, the postman has just been,and the promise of being let known before the end of the week is looking unlikely ! I went to the quacks again the other day, as my skin complaint on my left shoulder had really flared up again,I have been treated for this for over a year now,and I got a new doctor,who really knew his stuff. He has put me on stronger stuff than the 1% hydrocortisone I have been using, and for the first time I am moisturising twice a day,and it's really clearing up. The doctor has also asked me to photograph my shoulder daily,which I am doing. When (if) it totally clears , I will post a before and after picture. I am also having blood tests gulp! Which I don't like, and am hoping that my glucose and cholesterol will be fine !

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The time is now !

Well, the day is here ! Only 1.75 hours to my tests !
The gig on Saturday was a blinder, the bass player was amazing !  Angie had a scream with Hazel and Jade, but paid all day Sunday for it !
Here is a little snipped from Saturday Love It !

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Testing Testing !

Well I have a little excitement in my life at the moment !
Firstly I am so looking forward to seeing Counterpart, a Rush tribute gig in my hometown of Glossop this Saturday night. Then I have to visit Hyde road to take part in 2 tests, a clerical checking ability one, and a verbal comprehension one. If I pass them, I will be on the short list of interviewees for an allocators  job.

Elsewhere everything is ok, the lawn is coming on in the back garden, and the chooks are still producing eggs and are fully contained !
The diet is not really happening at the moment, but my weight is staying constant.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Ho hum

Well time flies! Had my 12 days off, just finished my 3rd day of eight on the trot back in. We have a new spy in the cab now,called Eco driver. I can now drive within the speed limit, reading the road well ahead,whilst giving the passengers a lovely gentle ride. I have put in for promotion at work too, but I have been told there are many applicants for a few positions, que sera :-) It would be weird going into middle management again at nearly 50! I am starting to think about dieting again, there is an amazing weight watchers advert on at the moment,featuring a guy for a change. My work pants have started to hurt me again towards the end of my shift, always a bad sign! We are off to a wedding reception tomorrow, a very sad one, for a young couple we met a few years ago. He has an inoperable brain tumour, with little time left. It sure does put into perspective life's other troubles. Martin the eldest is now in Chicago, back in November or maybe never ! My other eldest son, Carl leaves for Canada on the 15th of May, for ever ! I am also very pleased to hear my friend Sean who worked on nights with me at P&R has done his last night shift last night, and starts a new job on Monday! Oh well, there you go, head now downloaded !

Thursday, 5 April 2012

In free fall

Well, we went out on our bikes and did just over four miles.
Yesterday we had our annual scrotes day out, and was joined by 2 of my grown up sons,including the eldest who emigrates to Canada in six weeks. We won the raffle that you got for singing karaoke twice , so that was four free pints !
Just having hair of the dog now, followed by an Indian :-)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Piston Broke

Well, here we are, April. Heavy night on the Bow last night, and now I feel like shit!
Now I want to quit drinking for the whole month , or maybe 3 months, shoot me now !
Eldest has gone to Chicago, for 6 months or maybe forever ! (I know what I would choose)
Off for a week and a half now, think I will get my bike out again today.