Friday, 11 February 2011

Another Walk Today !

We walked 3.75 miles this morning , quite chuffed with all this walking im doing at the moment !

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Rapid Results !

Well after 2 applications of my new cream from the docs, my arm is looking a lot better im pleased to say. I have just walked 3.5 miles again , to this little pond i love to peer into to see my childhood sticklebacks of Hadfield 40 years ago!
I stuck to my diet yesterday , with nutritional noodles for dinner and tea!
I weighed myself this morning, a rather pleasing 15-7.75, as last time i did around 3 weeks ago, i was just a shade from sixteen stone!
Im hoping to do the same walk tomorrow with Angie, if we do we will take the dog and my video camera and if anybody out there reads this still, you can have a peek !
Its rather shocking to the system working lates all week, im going to bed very late , yet still getting up before the girls go to school. I then spend all morning alone. I would much rather be at work !

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Arm & Being Fat !

Well I took Canestan for a week , then got my skin results back , and it's fine !
So - I have been on 1% cortizone cream from Boots for the last 2 days , but after my "telephone consultation" with my doc this morning , she is prescribing me a stronger cream , to take for 2 weeks.
I decided its about time i started trying SW again today , my weight is getting me down again.
I have just walked 3.5 miles , burning 300 calories , and have had bacon egg and beans for brekky.
Life is pretty stressful at the mo, moneywise only i hasten to add !
Im working lates this week , which is very strange for me , not going to work until 3.30 and finishing after midnight, it also means me and angie don't get much time together,but looking ahead we are both off for a week soon.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Still here!

Well diet not being followed at mo,and very skint!  Work is great,but my arm is still bad,been to the docs,they think its thrush,but I get my results of my skin test tomorrow .