Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It Won't Happen Again

Last night I watched " Obese - A Year To Save My Life ". Last night was a 27 stone male taxi driver, He did quite well, extolled about how he and his wife wanted a kid ect.
He lost about 6 stones, and his mind, and told his wife of 20 years he didn't love her anymore, and left.
Unfortunately for me, this brought back to me how I was back in 1991/2 . I lost all my weight,joined the gym, beefed up really well, and became a total vain arsehole,and it became so much more easy to stray, and boy oh boy I did.

To this day I still have a fantastic cardiovascular system from the gym work, and a very wide chest, but they will be the only qualities that remain when I hit goal this time !
Perhaps this all coming back to me is a measure of how determined I am this time, time will tell!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Well Pleased !

Well I weighed in today, another 2.5 lbs off, total loss now 15 lbs in 5 weeks, so got my first stone certificate, but was then gob smacked to win slimmer of the month too :-)

The question is though, are the 9 cans of strongbow
going to come and bite me on the arse this time next week !

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Reality Bites

Well we were supposed to go out Friday night, cracked a few tinnies at home first, and was having such a blast with the family we decided to stay in ! I had decided to have a drink after an onslaught of advice off friends and family telling me basically the truth, that I have to live a bit whilst dieting !
Last night we went to a gig in Bolton, to see another Pink Floyd tribute band, Pink Floydish.
We got there very early, they were billed to come onat nine thirty, but didn't start until cowboy time ! The pub only had a few people in, and that totally ruinied it for us. The band was ok, the guitarist was amazing, but zero atmosphere all night. I had four pints during the night, then a chicken tikka kebab on nan at home. No probs with the chicken, but the bread was a bit naughty !
An SP this morning gave me 15.4.25, which is amazing. The truth will out at class tomorrow night though .....

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day off

After equalling my record 25 days without cider !
just put a load of my motorcycle clothing up for sale, I'm sending the bike back to the HP company, I have paid half, and it's my right to do so. I am sick of people trying to kill me, and anyway, the roads are atrocious.

I have just done my first video for my video blog, it ain't pretty. It won't be seeing the light of day until I can see a markable difference, but I will take a video at each half stone.

I need a walk later, got to do some exercise on my day off.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Skewed Reality

Well I think I will start my video blog tomorrow, and I thought I would illustrate the clothes I used to be able to wear, with pride. This consists of one drawer of T shirts ( a few very funny and offensive) and the RH side of my shirt rack, where all the Shirts I used to wear reside.
After showering this morning, I picked one of my favourite shirts I can't wear anymore, and it dawned on me, this golden age I long to go back to is XL land, and I am ashamed of myself for wanting this so bad. Woah, XL land should just be a quick revisit , on my bay to L land and maybe M land.

Still, it's a goal I suppose.

I love my scales since my loss on Monday, this morning I weighed 15.5.75 , wow :-)
I am worse that a woman when it comes to sneaky peeks :-)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

All that glitters ...

Ain't gold ! The takeaway came, I had one tiny onion bhaji, which i knew would be crunchy on the outside, and soggy inside, it was, and really didn't taste as well as i remembered it.
next came the chicken tikka on pitta, again, ok, but nothing like I remembered it ! This is after shopping in asda, and dribbling over loads of healthy stuff I would of preferred for tea !

Today I have had a bacon sarnie on white, I don't usually syn, but bugger it, I can't stand brown bread ! zero point noodles for dinner, and i have just had boiled rice, with chicken, with a quarter tin of mulligtwatty heinz soup :-) Im hoping that don't bust the syn bank, but eh oh it's done now anyway !

Monday, 23 January 2012

Things that make you go hmmmmm !

Well we trudged along to weigh in, ready to be kicked in the nuts,but I was shocked to lose one and a half pounds, and Angie was amazed with a half pound loss too !
We are kicking the boat out now, today I have only had a bowl of sugar puffs at 5.00am , then during today 2 muller lite youghurts and a fruit salad. I am having takeout for tea, chicken tikka on a pitta bread, with loads of onions :-)

I am seriously thinking of starting a video blog too, which I will keep personal until there is something to see ! Everytime I search youtube, they are always American, and the video are pre and after surgery. Bag of shite !!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lovely Tea

Angie bought a roasting bag, put potatoes, onions and garlic in, served with corn on the cob and roast chicken, all syn free. It was delicious, I am going to resist having an SP in the morning when I get up for work at 3.45 am, so it's going to be a long day before I weigh in, will report back as soon as the shit hits the fan :-)

Still Trying

But still struggling, not really being bad, just lost a bit of the oomph I have had since starting this campaign, and an SP (damn them !) shows 15.8.5 , which is half a pound more than was showing last Monday, just before my weigh in at class. I am not going to be able to weigh in until the night session tomorow, so this will make me heavier too! Whatever, I will take in on the chin, I have had a fantastic three week start, and I knew hand on heart I would not be able to continue with 3lbs every week :-(

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Morning :-)

I don't start until 12.15 today, so a gentle start to the day ! I was angelic yesterday, until nearly bed time, when a strange longing came over me, I caved in, and had a Spam sandwich ( on brown bread, no butter ! )
The weather yesterday was terrible, it never stopped raining all day . It was just as well to be stuck in a bus !
I am working all weekend, but will have my break in Ashton today, but at the depot tomorow.
I had my dream meal break yesterday, a fruit pot, apple and muller light yoghurt, it sure beats a foot long hotdog !

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Heylp !!

No that's not a misspell , just how I feel !! Last night I ate 6 ryvita's with lo fat philly on, before my zero syn tea. Today I have had a bowl of cornflakes for my breakfast, im on a split so just had bacon and egg on a Brown roll, and a bag of walkers french fries. I have used all my syns already today! This feels a big deal to me, yet for the past three weeks, I have not eaten any syns, yet I still feel bad at this moment in time. I have already forgotten the 11 mile walk I did the other day!
my working pattern is such that I can't WI until the evening session next Monday Too, so I feel I am heading for a fall !

I have just had a recap through my blog, and recorded several facts ! This is my fourth diet, and second non drinking phase. I have done 2 WW diets, first lasting for 14 weeks starting April 2009, and then May 2010 lasting 6 weeks.
I have also done SW twice, first Dec 2010 lasting 5 weeks.

On all these diet's the best recorded (official weigh in at class) weight was 14.12.5 in June 2010.
During these diets, I have had 2 10% keyrings, and one 2 stone loss certificate, all on WW.

On SW I have also had 2 half stone certificates, and 2 slimmer of the week certificates, both split between my first and current SW journey !

I suppose I can get comfort from the fact my initial WI at WW on 1st April was 17-6, and yet, two and a half years later, I had still kept a stone off from that .

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wow !


Eleven and a half miles :-) I had a choice, do the usual and sit on my arse in front of the pc , or get out, and I took the latter. Got the bus to my native Hadfield, then walked up the Longdendale trail to Woodhead, then back down the side of the reservoirs. I have also just buried Snowy, so my legs have had some real hammer. I took a video too as I was walking, I will post links when I have finished editing and uploading them.

The whole walk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dntSJgFQAaU it's over 20 minutes though,with a lot of heavy breathing !

Monday, 16 January 2012

'Tis a good day

Another 3 lbs off today, so if I can manage 3.5 lbs next week, I will have bagged my first stone off,in four weeks! I am working today, but am going to take advantage of the dry weather tomorrow and catch the bus up to my hometown and walk the reservoirs, like I used to do daily when living there. I am going to take my video camera too, and get a bit of footage.

It's pretty hard to get excited at 15.9, yes it's muvh better than 16.6 three weeks ago, but I have been down to 15.5.5 only last June, and 15.2 at class the year before. When I smash the 15 stone barrier, the excitement will really kick in. It is at this point though, that the towel gets thrown in, I must not let this happen !
I will also get a bit of exercise tomorrow burying one of our pet rabbits, Snowflake, that we found yesterday ( thank god the kids didn't find her ) at the side of our house with a terrible injury, which we think must of been caused by a fox. She was a very lively rabbit, totally opposite to our other rabbit, who is very lovable and loves being petted and picked up. Snowy was naughty and nasty,and would never go back in her cage, and she has paid the ultimate price :-(

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Starting to worry now

And trying to convince myself there is no need ! Weigh in time in the morning, but all I have had today is a bowl of cornflakes, a ting sausage roll at the christening and a bowl of zero point soup.

I am hoping for a 2lb loss, but also aware that any loss is good. I have just worked out on google calendar , at 2lb a week I will hit eleven stone the last Monday in August, wow !
I had a discussion with my bro in law today, who was still merry from last night, and had topped up today. He said, sarcasticly, that he could see happiness written all over my face, then said seriously that I looked empty. I then explained i didnt want 400 calories a pint pouring into me, but I also revised my drinking pledge. When I hit target, I will drink when we go out to social occasions, at target I can address the damage I inflict the day after, but at this moment I am busy undoing the damage for the last thirty years !

Ooh !

Sp this morning shows 15-8 !! A 15-9 tomorrow at WI would be mighty fine.

Quite funny what people think the coloured bird is that I have captured, I have had a Parrot and a Jay so far, both wrong !

I am off to a christening reception soon, the old me would of been wolfing down the strongbow shortly, and scoffing all in sight, but not today :-)

!5 days since I last had a drink :-)

Friday, 13 January 2012

Quorn Sauages

Were disgusting ! Oh well you live and learn ! Yesterday we bagged another 5 miles walking to our not so local morrisons ! When we were there, we found Linda McCartney veg sausages, had thenm for tea last night, they are delicious, and only 2 syns apiece! We also found turkey mince, Angie is going to attempt SW meatballs, but not today as it's going to be hectic later on. I am working until nearly midnight, and the wife and 2 girls are going to our neighbours leaving party, they are off to NZ soon ! This is the third couple I know that have upped sticks for better climes, the first managed 3 weeks, the 2nd managed 2 months, let's see if the record gets broken !
The weather has took a downturn, it's now very cold, but, crucially it's dry, so a big walk is being done tomorrow, and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday.
I had an Sp this morning, and was 15.11, the pesky 3/4 of a pound has dissapeared !
As I am working really late today and tomorrow, it's breaks at the depot, so no temptation, noodles all the way !

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Another walk 2 !


Managed to bag four miles before my shift today, the quiet ponds and culverts have turned into overflowing ponds and raging rivers ! We got to my favourite pond, which was full to the brim, murky and dark. It's still a bit early for frog spawn and sticklebacks ! We have just managed to find some quorn sasuages too, so having them for breakfast/lunch before work !

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Shit Shovelling !

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNa1S7C346M Well after shovelling a drive full of mulch into the back garden, the chooks are well chuffed with it !

It was good exercise for me too. I was on 5.30 spare this morning at work, I sat there until 8.45 then was offered a mutual ( an agreed day off) so I gladly took it.

We pulled the chicken coop out of the pen today, it's so dirty, and fairly unstable. The chooks have now moved into the shed, lots more room for them.

Diet is going fine, found our WW folders today, so my last diet was 01/06/2011 and lasted four weeks, starting weight 16.2.5 and ending at 15.5.5 so Eleven pounds total lost in that campaign!
I truly hope to see this through to the end. I am on lates now until my next day off, which is Sunday, we are off to a christening then, so the camera will get some hammer !

Monday, 9 January 2012

Woo Hoo History Repeats Itself !

Would you Adam & Eve It ! 4.5 lbs off today ( so my super dooper WW scales were right ! )
Thats 8 lbs in two weeks ! Well chuffed !
So - I got my half a stone certificate, and slimmer of the week. As a good friend has just pointed out on facebook,
"haven't you had these before " ? Well yes, I have,and are going to troll back through my blog and find out when !

Big difference this time though, I am still totally commited.
I have had some good exercise today too, a tree surgeon dumped his wagon on our drive (at our request ! ) and i shoveled it into a tub, carried down the side of the house and then dumping it in the hen pen.

Here are the happy ladies surveying the landscape, before I spread it out .

Just trolled back, 21st Dec 2010 Half a stone, and 14th Dwc 2010 Slimmer of the Week, wow that's a year ago ! Seems a few weeks ago !

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oh Dear !


Well We are getting battered by Utd at the time I am typing this ! It must be there day !
We have just had another walk, in the very fine "get's you wet" rain! It's so mild at the moment, we have not had one frozen day yet, where the ground has frozen overnight and not thawed during the day, we had loads of them last year ( it makes it so much easier to pick the dog poop up ! ).
I had another Sp this morning, and weighed 15-11 that's 1.5 lbs less than yesterday !
WI is nearly upon us, so time will tell. Last night I was wanting 2 slices of toast, dripping with marg, but managed to resist. I thought things like that only happened when drunk !
Today will be my eight day without a drink , early days, but still good !

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Another Walk


Another four and a half miles done today ! We are WI on Monday morning, so for me that means as many Ps as I can manage, and nil by mouth until I have been weighed. Fickle is my middle name.
I put the new battery in our scales today , and it showed 15.12.5 which is a far cry from the 16.3 I got at group on Monday ! I stated in the meeting I was aiming for a 2lb loss, so anymore than that would be amazing ! If i lost 3.5 lbs I will get my half a stone certificate, in my 2nd slimming week.
We are going for another walk tomorrow too, weather permitting.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Still going strong

I had a good nights sleep last night, as I have started my long weekend. It's been weird for me today though, I keep thinking it is Saturday! I have been working so much this last month, that the days have melted into one !
We have just had a four mile walk around town, and got the ingredients for a mushy pea curry. It was ok, but not spicy enough, and too dry.
I got a battery for our sooper duper WW scales too today, so I can have an sp in the morning :-)
I have been fighting the urge to drink all day, as a rule four days off = party time ! I am quite enjoying myself drinking lime and diet lemonade blasting out 80s tunes on my laptop.
We are off out soon to see a friend do an acoustic evening in a pub nearby, but not near enough to walk, and as a rule after having a drink we could not get there, so that's going to be nice.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day dreaming

Waltzing round this morning on my bus, I was thinking about an article I read yesterday about how sedentary we have become. As a kid, I walked or cycled everywhere,even older I walked some of the time. Then my mind threw a bombshell , and I recalled, I used to play badminton!
Many many years ago,when I lived with my parents, every Sunday afternoon my friend would pick his and my girlfriend up, then we would go to Glossop centre and play for a couple of hours.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A lot better

Well I had a snooze yesterday , big mistake! I couldn't get to sleep last night, I must of done eventually I suppose.
Got up at 3 am again today, but feeling a lot better . I enjoyed a bowl of cornflakes, first time I have had cereal for a long time .
I had a chicken breast from gabbots and I feel fine now,got half an hour to kill before doing some training at work.

Well home now, just done an hour on kinect adventures, worked up a great sweat !
Tea tonight is Shepard pie made with lean mince and plain mash .

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Not Well

Not sure what has happened today, it started badly, no brown bread so just scrambled eggs for breakfast. The fish I had last night has been repeating on me all day, and I have just felt bluurgh !
I have drank loads of water, but I have a numb ache in my stomach, akin to when you have flu and are swallowing loads of mucus. my head goes light occasionally too, It's like flu but without the snot !

For tea I tried a little boiled rice with curry on, but the chippy we go to gives massive portions, and they had crammed the rice into the carton, and it had formed balls, turning my guts , so I didn't eat a lot. Going to bed soon, im up at three again in the morning.


Well the alarm was set for 03.00 , but I was awake by 02.35 due to the high winds and driving rain. back to normal outside in the world, but most of the kids don't go back until next Monday here, so hoping for a quiet day !
We are supposed to be having some mulch delivered today, for the ground area where our chickens live, but I can't see a tree surgeon doing much today !
Oh well, off to work I go ...

Monday, 2 January 2012

Here we go!

It's my first official weigh in tonight, only 6 days as last weeks class was a day late. I have been very good, except for my Indian meal thurs night and my gin and a few nibbles new years eve.
I tried to have an sp this morning,but the battery is low! Maybe that's as well,one less thing to ponder as I am driving my bus today!

I also posted a momentous resolution of Facebook yesterday, no alcohol for the next twelve months! This was met by some derision, and some support. My wife has kept a dignified silence over the matter !

Update ! Weighed in and we both lost 3.5 lbs, well chuffed :-)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Absolutley Drenched !


And I have started the year as I mean to go on, A short video will be posted soon, before the heavens opened

The Video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21QtrWIstsU&feature=youtu.be

Day 4

Started with an omelette then off to work ! Based at the depot today, so I took the remainder of our soup from last night. Finished at seven pm then home to party ! Im afraid after a few gins ( avoiding my beloved Strongbow!) I started on the snacks before me, a mini sausage roll was first to get it, then 4 egg rolls,and a mini onion baji ! The good thing is, the place I am in now means this discretion means I can fully accept this one little blip will not throw me off the wagon. We saw the new year in watching Jools Holland, and we had a cracking night. here are a few pics :-)