Thursday, 19 January 2012

Heylp !!

No that's not a misspell , just how I feel !! Last night I ate 6 ryvita's with lo fat philly on, before my zero syn tea. Today I have had a bowl of cornflakes for my breakfast, im on a split so just had bacon and egg on a Brown roll, and a bag of walkers french fries. I have used all my syns already today! This feels a big deal to me, yet for the past three weeks, I have not eaten any syns, yet I still feel bad at this moment in time. I have already forgotten the 11 mile walk I did the other day!
my working pattern is such that I can't WI until the evening session next Monday Too, so I feel I am heading for a fall !

I have just had a recap through my blog, and recorded several facts ! This is my fourth diet, and second non drinking phase. I have done 2 WW diets, first lasting for 14 weeks starting April 2009, and then May 2010 lasting 6 weeks.
I have also done SW twice, first Dec 2010 lasting 5 weeks.

On all these diet's the best recorded (official weigh in at class) weight was 14.12.5 in June 2010.
During these diets, I have had 2 10% keyrings, and one 2 stone loss certificate, all on WW.

On SW I have also had 2 half stone certificates, and 2 slimmer of the week certificates, both split between my first and current SW journey !

I suppose I can get comfort from the fact my initial WI at WW on 1st April was 17-6, and yet, two and a half years later, I had still kept a stone off from that .

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