Monday, 16 January 2012

'Tis a good day

Another 3 lbs off today, so if I can manage 3.5 lbs next week, I will have bagged my first stone off,in four weeks! I am working today, but am going to take advantage of the dry weather tomorrow and catch the bus up to my hometown and walk the reservoirs, like I used to do daily when living there. I am going to take my video camera too, and get a bit of footage.

It's pretty hard to get excited at 15.9, yes it's muvh better than 16.6 three weeks ago, but I have been down to 15.5.5 only last June, and 15.2 at class the year before. When I smash the 15 stone barrier, the excitement will really kick in. It is at this point though, that the towel gets thrown in, I must not let this happen !
I will also get a bit of exercise tomorrow burying one of our pet rabbits, Snowflake, that we found yesterday ( thank god the kids didn't find her ) at the side of our house with a terrible injury, which we think must of been caused by a fox. She was a very lively rabbit, totally opposite to our other rabbit, who is very lovable and loves being petted and picked up. Snowy was naughty and nasty,and would never go back in her cage, and she has paid the ultimate price :-(

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