Friday, 6 January 2012

Still going strong

I had a good nights sleep last night, as I have started my long weekend. It's been weird for me today though, I keep thinking it is Saturday! I have been working so much this last month, that the days have melted into one !
We have just had a four mile walk around town, and got the ingredients for a mushy pea curry. It was ok, but not spicy enough, and too dry.
I got a battery for our sooper duper WW scales too today, so I can have an sp in the morning :-)
I have been fighting the urge to drink all day, as a rule four days off = party time ! I am quite enjoying myself drinking lime and diet lemonade blasting out 80s tunes on my laptop.
We are off out soon to see a friend do an acoustic evening in a pub nearby, but not near enough to walk, and as a rule after having a drink we could not get there, so that's going to be nice.

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