Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Skewed Reality

Well I think I will start my video blog tomorrow, and I thought I would illustrate the clothes I used to be able to wear, with pride. This consists of one drawer of T shirts ( a few very funny and offensive) and the RH side of my shirt rack, where all the Shirts I used to wear reside.
After showering this morning, I picked one of my favourite shirts I can't wear anymore, and it dawned on me, this golden age I long to go back to is XL land, and I am ashamed of myself for wanting this so bad. Woah, XL land should just be a quick revisit , on my bay to L land and maybe M land.

Still, it's a goal I suppose.

I love my scales since my loss on Monday, this morning I weighed 15.5.75 , wow :-)
I am worse that a woman when it comes to sneaky peeks :-)

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