Monday, 23 January 2012

Things that make you go hmmmmm !

Well we trudged along to weigh in, ready to be kicked in the nuts,but I was shocked to lose one and a half pounds, and Angie was amazed with a half pound loss too !
We are kicking the boat out now, today I have only had a bowl of sugar puffs at 5.00am , then during today 2 muller lite youghurts and a fruit salad. I am having takeout for tea, chicken tikka on a pitta bread, with loads of onions :-)

I am seriously thinking of starting a video blog too, which I will keep personal until there is something to see ! Everytime I search youtube, they are always American, and the video are pre and after surgery. Bag of shite !!

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  1. Was thinking of doing one but couldnt work out how to do the subtitles for the non geordies :)