Sunday, 15 January 2012

Starting to worry now

And trying to convince myself there is no need ! Weigh in time in the morning, but all I have had today is a bowl of cornflakes, a ting sausage roll at the christening and a bowl of zero point soup.

I am hoping for a 2lb loss, but also aware that any loss is good. I have just worked out on google calendar , at 2lb a week I will hit eleven stone the last Monday in August, wow !
I had a discussion with my bro in law today, who was still merry from last night, and had topped up today. He said, sarcasticly, that he could see happiness written all over my face, then said seriously that I looked empty. I then explained i didnt want 400 calories a pint pouring into me, but I also revised my drinking pledge. When I hit target, I will drink when we go out to social occasions, at target I can address the damage I inflict the day after, but at this moment I am busy undoing the damage for the last thirty years !

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