Friday, 13 January 2012

Quorn Sauages

Were disgusting ! Oh well you live and learn ! Yesterday we bagged another 5 miles walking to our not so local morrisons ! When we were there, we found Linda McCartney veg sausages, had thenm for tea last night, they are delicious, and only 2 syns apiece! We also found turkey mince, Angie is going to attempt SW meatballs, but not today as it's going to be hectic later on. I am working until nearly midnight, and the wife and 2 girls are going to our neighbours leaving party, they are off to NZ soon ! This is the third couple I know that have upped sticks for better climes, the first managed 3 weeks, the 2nd managed 2 months, let's see if the record gets broken !
The weather has took a downturn, it's now very cold, but, crucially it's dry, so a big walk is being done tomorrow, and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday.
I had an Sp this morning, and was 15.11, the pesky 3/4 of a pound has dissapeared !
As I am working really late today and tomorrow, it's breaks at the depot, so no temptation, noodles all the way !

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