Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It Won't Happen Again

Last night I watched " Obese - A Year To Save My Life ". Last night was a 27 stone male taxi driver, He did quite well, extolled about how he and his wife wanted a kid ect.
He lost about 6 stones, and his mind, and told his wife of 20 years he didn't love her anymore, and left.
Unfortunately for me, this brought back to me how I was back in 1991/2 . I lost all my weight,joined the gym, beefed up really well, and became a total vain arsehole,and it became so much more easy to stray, and boy oh boy I did.

To this day I still have a fantastic cardiovascular system from the gym work, and a very wide chest, but they will be the only qualities that remain when I hit goal this time !
Perhaps this all coming back to me is a measure of how determined I am this time, time will tell!

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