Sunday, 29 January 2012

Reality Bites

Well we were supposed to go out Friday night, cracked a few tinnies at home first, and was having such a blast with the family we decided to stay in ! I had decided to have a drink after an onslaught of advice off friends and family telling me basically the truth, that I have to live a bit whilst dieting !
Last night we went to a gig in Bolton, to see another Pink Floyd tribute band, Pink Floydish.
We got there very early, they were billed to come onat nine thirty, but didn't start until cowboy time ! The pub only had a few people in, and that totally ruinied it for us. The band was ok, the guitarist was amazing, but zero atmosphere all night. I had four pints during the night, then a chicken tikka kebab on nan at home. No probs with the chicken, but the bread was a bit naughty !
An SP this morning gave me 15.4.25, which is amazing. The truth will out at class tomorrow night though .....

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