Tuesday, 24 January 2012

All that glitters ...

Ain't gold ! The takeaway came, I had one tiny onion bhaji, which i knew would be crunchy on the outside, and soggy inside, it was, and really didn't taste as well as i remembered it.
next came the chicken tikka on pitta, again, ok, but nothing like I remembered it ! This is after shopping in asda, and dribbling over loads of healthy stuff I would of preferred for tea !

Today I have had a bacon sarnie on white, I don't usually syn, but bugger it, I can't stand brown bread ! zero point noodles for dinner, and i have just had boiled rice, with chicken, with a quarter tin of mulligtwatty heinz soup :-) Im hoping that don't bust the syn bank, but eh oh it's done now anyway !

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