Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Same old again !

1.5 lbs off again , for the third week in a row, slowly wins the race I suppose !
celebrated with a chicken tikka on nan, and one piece of cheese pizza !

Week 4 WI of this campaign !

And it's a nice day , so at least I can attend the class in shorts and T shirt , maybe half a pound lighter before I start !!
2 years ago at this point, my total loss for 4 weeks was 8.5lbs , so I am already ahead with 9lbs in three weeks on this campaign !

If I could lose the mythical 2lbs tonight, that would give me my 5%, I would be so chuffed !
But, I know que sera !!
This time it is different, no drinking every night, and "genuine" weigh in's , not first thing in the morning, dehydrated from the night before !

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Still Here, Still being good !

Well it's nearly WI time again ! We have been good (mostly) I had quite a few ciders Saturday , but didn't go over my weekly points, and have had plenty of exercise. The reason for my silence on here is just life itself, I am currently fixated with downloading old top of the pos videos off you tube, and I am getting myself a very good retro collection :-). The other part being I am working constantly, day 7 of 10 looms today.
The weather has been lovley these last few days , and the kids have been making the most of it!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dinnertime Weigh In

Has duly been completed, and for the 2nd week running one and a half pounds off.
I have had lots of points left a few days this week , I may try an experiment and eat all points for the next 7 days, and see if my loss will increase !

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Phew !

I had a fantastic walk today , 8.25 miles, hopefully to provide me with a loss at weigh in tommorow!
I was a bit gutted really, I walked and walked, and thought I wasn't far away from Woodhead tunnel, but I got to a sign that told me I had walked 3.5 miles, and the tunnel was a further 3 miles !
You can see the walk here, with a few pictures !

Monday, 20 June 2011

A Bit Of Me and Her Mentioned In This

I have just knicked this from the WW Site , So Funny and True !

I've stuck to my points as allotted,
I've drunk till I can't drink no more,
I've walked and I've swum and I've kick boxed,
I know, cos my muscles are sore!
I've washed and I've scrubbed and I've leg waxed
My 'pits' are as smooth as can be,
I thought about going 'Brazilian'
But decided that's not really me.
My eyebrows are plucked to extinction,
My teeth are all pearly and flossed,
I can't risk some rogue piece of spinach
Affecting the scales and my loss.
I've been through the wardrobe and chosen
The clothes which will keep my weight low,
I've decided I'm going 'commando'
Cos nobody else there will know.
My ear-rings are left by my bedside
My watch can go back in the drawer
I shan't bother putting on make-up
They'll just have to see me look raw.
I'll get to the class as expected
I'll pay and I'll stand in the queue,
And just when it's my turn to go on the scales
I'll squeeze one more trip to the loo.
I just hope this effort is worth it,
The loss will outweigh all the pain
But all I can think of is, sadly,
Next week I must do it again!!

Still At It !

Went to the band contest, It was a bit more muted this year, and the weather didn't help !
I have had quite a bit to drink this weekend, but I havent gone over points. I'm off tommorow so am going to get much exercise in.

It's been a rollercoaster of a weekend as Angie points out, but with the love and strength in our family , what dosen't kill us only makes us stronger !

Friday, 17 June 2011

Whit Friday

Well it's band contest time again ! much merriment, ale and a good time !
Err no , not this year, we are both dieting, and im working at 7.25 in the morning , so no beer tonight.
Looking forward to a quiet night Saturday, and a lie in !
If I take and pics I will post a few on here , but probable will take my video camera instead.
Here are a few pics from yesteryear !

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

3rd Weigh In ..........

And 1.5 lbs lost , total of 8 in two weeks , got my first silver star of this campaign too !
Work is work , and just dropped my R6 motorbike into the local bike shop to fit brackets to lower it 40mm so this short arse maybe able to touch the floor !

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Do As I Say Not As I Do !

Damn you Christopher, the one who advises anyone who is bothered to listen ( usually just the mrs) that an SP is a very foolish thing to do, and can only mess with your head.
So what did I do when I awoke at 7am this morning ? Went for a P and then weighed myself.
15-7.75, shouldn't that mean a time for rejoicing ? Well no it's not, sure I weigh two and a quarter pounds lighter than last Wednesday, but at my WI, I was "fully loaded" after being up all day, so this has now got me worried.
To try and forget this worry, I have just sat here recording a projected weight loss of 2 lbs a week on Outlook, as well as logging my projected 5%, 10% and 50lb Certificate!
The bigger picture predicts I will hit goal on the 1st of Febuary 2012.
Of course this is all projection, and within that is a weeks holiday in Lanzarote, and a small religious festival otherwise known as Christmas and New Year !

I wonder what it will be like reading this blog in a few months, it tickles me so much if I go back to the start of it, so much has changed, and it blows me away that the whole year of 2010 was a write off, where as I honestly thought by best WW foray was last year, not 2 years ago !
Maybe I should be proud I started at 17-6, but only returned to 16-2 whilst of the rails for a year!

Monday, 13 June 2011

More Exercise

We walked to my works today to get my duty for Wednesday ( My WI day) and I was pleased to find i finish at 18:08, so can make it in time.
We then walked on into town and did our shopping. Total 5.27 miles , and 703 calories for me, which translates into 11 PPs.
Its my last day off today , then its back into work, I am on middles this week, so no early get ups.
Its the whit Friday band contest here this week, and that would usually mean much drinking, but not this year , as I am dieting, and I have a 7.25 start on Saturday !
Also, the weather forecast is dire !
I have been watching some more before & after videos on Youtube, but have yet to find an English one !
I am starting looking forward to my weigh in, just a half pound loss will give me my first silver seven, although looking on my weightracker online, by July 4th 2009 I had 4 silver sevens , my 5% and 10% and 25lbs lost awards :-(

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Well Here it is, my first video blog ! I watched a lot of before and after video's on youtube yesterday, It's very impressive! I have just done nearly a 3 miles walk in the freezing cold and windy and wet English weather!

You can see the walk here http://

Had a great night out last night, but feeling the worse for it today, but I didnt go over points, thats the main thing !

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Trepidation .....

It's soon to be the 2nd social event from work this year, and even more relevant now as I am now on the social club commitee. I am worried because I had 4 cans of strongbow last night, which used half of my 49 bonus points for this week.
Today I have only had one Bacon sandwich that is pointed. I have had an egg white omlette and fruit.
I currently have 33pps left, and 27 bonus points left.
I suppose adding these together gives me 60 pps which is more than the cider I will drink tonight,as cider is 7 pps a pint therefore = 8.5 pints.
but - there is also a free BBQ, and the only available food will be Sasuages and burgers.
Even if i had either without bread, the points will soon decrease, so I need to be ultra strong after a few pints so I don't cave in.
The plus side of course is it's going to be a great night, the kids will love the disco,and we will have a laugh. We are taking the camera so my blog tomorow will be picture heavy, but not guilt laden I am hoping !

Friday, 10 June 2011

Thanks Paul !

Woo I got a comment on my Blog !
I can see people from all over view it quite often, but it's nice for a bit of interaction!

Anyway, today is my last day before 3 days off, and I can't wait.
Much exercise is to be done!
I find I am eating much more fruit now, which must be a good thing !
I finally planted the sweet peas last night,they have been on the windowsill in the little pot we bought them in for about 3 weeks now.
Still on the wagon

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

So Chuffed

My first weight in of this campaign tonight, and I lost 6.5 lbs, the best loss in the class!
I still cant eat all my points, but must try harder ! I am hoping to get my first (sic) Silver seven next week.

I am working my 8th day out of 9 tomorow, I cant wait for my weekend off.
We are going to a BBQ, where I will use some of the 49 extra points I have each week !

I will post some pics from our day out !

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Take That

I have never seen as many gorgeous fillies as on my bus passing the city of Manchester stadium today where the band is on, and the weather was gorgeous too.
Angie gripped the bull by it's horns and mowed both the gardens, as we heard as we woke up to the radio that the weather would be gone tomorrow. It has started spitting already , and I watched the temperature drop on the dashboard of my bus from 24C to 16C as the day went on.
Here is the garden before mowing , the grass is so long because it has constantly rained at least once a day for the last month , so we have not been able to cut it.

On the WW front I am struggling to use all my 42PPs a day, and I keep reading how i need to use my 49 bonus ones too !

Friday, 3 June 2011

Mc Donalds

Fook Me ! Yesterday I had 8 PPs left when I retired , so made a conscious decison to try better today. So - for my dinner , I tried the Mc Ds weekly special, the new york burger.
It was slightly bigger than a big mac, and oval in shape , but otherwise tasted the same.
After much trying , I now know it was 19 points, far too many !

also, I'm having a few vodka's tonight, instead of my usual cider, one shot of vodka drowned in a pint of diet lemonade is only 2 points, rather than 7 for a pint of cider!

I'm really settling back in on the 5+ board on WW, and its good to be back !

The weather is glorious at the moment , paddling pool bought and filled, kids still in it at the mo, but i'm getting cold now !

Thursday, 2 June 2011

First Bike Ride In A While ! You can see it here !

We were sweating like pigs, But that is good !
Angies seat is wet, she looks Incontinent !!

Muffins back !

And I can't type in this box on my Iphone for some reason !
Well I rejoined last night , on 42PPs a day at the moment, and pleasantly suprised about the 49 points you have to play with each week, thats 7 pints of cider to me ! Not at the moment though , I have just done day one of a 9 day continous stint, and i don't drink when im working the next day.
diet going fine at the moment, I had a boots shaper sweet chicken wrap for 7 points for my lunch.
Im just munching WW orange and lemon drops , so the weather forecast for here is windy later !
We are going out for a walk shortly , to get some exercise.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A New Month !

And bugger me the mrs is thinking what I have been thinking ! A new month and chance for a restart of our now nearly 5 years old diets ! She has found a coupon in an old paper that gives free registration and first meeting for WW, valid until the 4th of June. I am trying to find another one locally so we can both go.
I quite fancy giving the pro points system a go.
Im off today , then got 9 days in work on the trot , then my long weekend off. During that is my works summer disco, which involves beer and a free BBQ ! If I have all the relevant paperwork by then , at least I will be able to know the damage !

The weather here has been dire ,a mixture of rain and sunshine , but allegedly from tomorow on it should be nice and warm, but I suppose thats a bit like the 2 week drought we should of had , that never happened !

Update - My Sis in law has found us another voucher, so it's all systems go for rejoining later, Im well excited now !
Already catching up on the WW board, havent been on them for around 18 months , yet they are a constant source of inspiration.