Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I'm in the 14s !!

Wow, how long have I waited for this ! I lost 2.5 lbs today, so now 14.12.5 , well chuffed !
It never rains but it pours, I have been thinking about making this public,and hey why not , if my bosses read it,so be it!
So - I have had an interview at Stagecoach, passed that,and the idiot test and maths test, then finally a driving test. I had my medical last thurs, and passed that with flying colours too. I am just waiting for my licence to come back from the DVLA, then I should get a start date. The job will pay me 2.75 more than i earn at the moment, and it's not nights. I also had an interview at an agency today , for a very high flying job. They think I am ideal material, and are forwarding my CV to the company , but i don't hold high hopes! I have also now got an interview for another QC job quite a distance from me , watch this space !

Monday, 28 June 2010

Just Rode 21 Miles !

chriskaraokeman's Activities RunKeeper

Phew, shattered! We have been looking to this ride for so long, it was hard going though, loads of locks, and all uphill on the way out!
I have been mega good this week, and have 54bps at the moment. I hope I get a 2lb loss tomorow at WI, anymore and i reckon my leader will shout at me.
So many people are noticing my loss now, its really spurring me on. I just got a little certificate from my leader Jo too, congrajulating me on my first stone of this campaign :-)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

chriskaraokeman's Activities | RunKeeper

chriskaraokeman's Activities RunKeeper

Nice walk after getting stuffed by the Gerrrrrmans !!

Comparison Pics

Here I am with my beautiful Wife @ 15 Stone !

Had a SP this morning 14.10.5 , if only !!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cough Please !

You had a full medical BP 60/106 , pulse 65 , weight 95kgs. Last time I had a full medical ,I was 110kg. I have an excellent BP, due to me weightlifting and becoming little Arnie in the early 90's , when i first lost all my weight !

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

RunKeeper Shared Fitness | Cycling Activity

RunKeeper Shared Fitness Cycling Activity

Phew, in the scorching sun , nearly 5 miles , get in there !!

Wow !!

Well, 8th WI last night , and I was staggered to get a 4.5 lbs loss. That is after an sts last week, so i'm well chuffed! I am now 15-0.5 the lightest I have been since I can't remember when.
I am praying to smash into the 14s next week!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Another day, another dollar !

Well its WI time again later , I don't need another dollar, just a loss of a pound or two would be nice! I have been better, but not blameless this weekend! It was fathers day and all!

I have hit a rocky patch now , with my sts last week, I pray I get a loss tonight. My 2lb a week loss plan is in tatters, according to that , I should be 15 stones today, there is no chance of that !

Some pics from fathers day , at the Airport hotel in Manchester , you can almost touch the planes !

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Trying to be good !

Well i am not doing so bad at writing off all my hard work through the week by boozing all weekend, i didn't eat that much friday , and had a skinful,but it was a very special party , for my in laws next door , that are our best friends. Yesterday I was gigging, but only had lime & soda with vodka, and angie is amazed because i have hardly had any vodka. Today Angie is not drinking,as she is on days this week,so wants to be firing on all cylinders tomoz! I think i will abstain too. I had an SP this morning 15-1 , i would be over the moon with 15-3 at class on tuesday!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

RunKeeper Shared Fitness | Cycling Activity

RunKeeper Shared Fitness Cycling Activity

Well Angie let me go out on my own, on my bike, because I have been climbing the walls what with my finger injury and our youngest being ill,we haven't got out anywhere far for a fortnight now. So,off I go,along a track we do a lot, but normally in reverse. I gets to this junction " i don't remember this". So I stayed on it , down a steep very bumpy hill,and realised i had gone the wrong way. anyway , long story short, I found my way home , and 5 BPs in the bag!
I am hell bent on smashing my all time record of 80 miles in one month, which happened last July. I could cheat and add all the miles i log everyday on my pedometer, but i am not counting them, as i have been doing that for the last six months.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

You Can't Kid a Kidder !

Well WI has just been done , and bit me on the arse ! I sts !
I had forgotten about last week, and it should not come as a suprise. After i cut my finger just over a week ago, I was on the beer Sat,Sun,Mon,Tues,Weds,and in that time had 2 kebabs too.
But , its just made me more resolved, to get to grip with myself vs cider this coming weekend!
I have something in the pipeline, which would mean a drastic change to my drinking anyway , watch this space !!

Monday, 14 June 2010

WI woes again

Well all week i was perfect , but then came the weekend :-( Finished last night with a chicken tikka kebab, but hey, its the healthiest kebab to have ! WI tomorow night , time will tell!
I am hopefull, because I never use all my points in the week, i have far too many left, so maybe this will help me. My friend has just rang me, apparently where he lives, gangs are wandering the streets shooting people (Moss Side, Manchester) everyone has been warned to lock up and keep low , yet there is nothing on the news yet.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Normal service resumed !

Well, i went back to work last night, i'm amazed how much my hand feels better, i can now grip with my other fingers of my right hand,without sharp stabbing pains around the site of my stitches. It's rather funny too, brand new stocked first aid boxes have sprang up everywhere, yet last fri when i was bleeding badly , there wasn't a plaster or bandage in the place!
First day back on track proper yesterday too, been a bit of a free for all since last saturday , with lots of cider. I am at work tonight, and up early Saturday, I am photographing a friends re confirmation of wedding vows at 2.30. We are then going to attend the do for an hour or two, and then get back for England vs USA!
I have just had my breakfast,and have always counted my 2 slices of trimmed bacon as 3 points,but today, i weighed it with our new WW scales , and the weight that equates too is only 1 point !! Bonus ! Its curry night at work tonight, that I organise , but i'm going to be a good lad, and take one of my beloved mayflower beef currys for my dinner , with loads of extra onions !
Have a great weekend folks !

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Another lb off

We WI on Monday, at the group we started at back in March 2009. It was a nice feeling,knowing I was 2 stones lighter than then. I forgot to have a pee before WI, but still got a 1 lb loss, making me 15-5, the lightest i have been at an official WI !

We went to see our mil yesterday,in Blackpool, it was a dreary day, most things closed. The drive down was horrendous, really heavy rain , i was proud of Angie, she did a great job!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Friday, 4 June 2010


Me and Angie decided to get a few new fish today, so we have just walked 4 miles there and back to the shop. As we did, I decided to calibrate my WW Pedometer. I used runkeeper on my iphone,and as we had walked a true mile, i checked my ww ped, it had me down as .85 of a mile.
I reset it,and changed my stride to 23" then walked on. I was elated,as we reached mile 2 on the sat nav, the ww ped recorded one mile,exactly at the right time. I now know, as long as i remember tp pause it when in the car , I will have a true record of my exercise for the day!
Many thanks to Shell, for making me think of this xx

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The dreaded Friday !

Well its nearly here again. Me & Angie get so upset every friday , as she stays at home , and I have to go to work.
I have cycled 5.2 miles today , and walked nearly two,and thats before i go to work! I am determined to smash the record for activity this month,which is held by last July at the moment.
We have had a BBQ today , but easily pointable , 2 turkey burgers and 2 burger buns , 10 points!
I had a hicup with my pedometer yesterday , i measured my stride , and it was 22 inches , and i was using "average" on the pedometer , which is 27" apparently!
So i entered my stride manually,at the time i had 9600 footsteps, and had walked nearly 6 miles,but it reset itself! Also, now i have to walk 5100 steps a day to be "healthy" but now its 5100 !!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Latest WI

Well only lost half a pound last night, I am happy with that, considering the amount of cider i have supped this long weekend! Angie lost the pound she had put on last week, and she hasn't really been tracking at all this last week! I hope that will spur her on to knuckling down again!
Had an indian tonight, 1 poppodum, 1 small onion bhaji, garlic chicken tikka and a bit of balti sauce. Don't think i have gone over points, i only had 5 before that !