Friday, 11 June 2010

Normal service resumed !

Well, i went back to work last night, i'm amazed how much my hand feels better, i can now grip with my other fingers of my right hand,without sharp stabbing pains around the site of my stitches. It's rather funny too, brand new stocked first aid boxes have sprang up everywhere, yet last fri when i was bleeding badly , there wasn't a plaster or bandage in the place!
First day back on track proper yesterday too, been a bit of a free for all since last saturday , with lots of cider. I am at work tonight, and up early Saturday, I am photographing a friends re confirmation of wedding vows at 2.30. We are then going to attend the do for an hour or two, and then get back for England vs USA!
I have just had my breakfast,and have always counted my 2 slices of trimmed bacon as 3 points,but today, i weighed it with our new WW scales , and the weight that equates too is only 1 point !! Bonus ! Its curry night at work tonight, that I organise , but i'm going to be a good lad, and take one of my beloved mayflower beef currys for my dinner , with loads of extra onions !
Have a great weekend folks !

1 comment:

  1. oh my god - stitches???? Wow, it didn't look THAT bad!

    Glad that they've restocked on the first aid boxes now.