Wednesday, 16 June 2010

RunKeeper Shared Fitness | Cycling Activity

RunKeeper Shared Fitness Cycling Activity

Well Angie let me go out on my own, on my bike, because I have been climbing the walls what with my finger injury and our youngest being ill,we haven't got out anywhere far for a fortnight now. So,off I go,along a track we do a lot, but normally in reverse. I gets to this junction " i don't remember this". So I stayed on it , down a steep very bumpy hill,and realised i had gone the wrong way. anyway , long story short, I found my way home , and 5 BPs in the bag!
I am hell bent on smashing my all time record of 80 miles in one month, which happened last July. I could cheat and add all the miles i log everyday on my pedometer, but i am not counting them, as i have been doing that for the last six months.

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