Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sore Arse Incoming

Well got my phone call yesterday, My bike arrives Thursday, can't wait, and will soon rack some miles on it !
not been eating bread or potatoes for a week now, with no adverse effects so far !

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Well my bike is ordered, this bike scheme is excellent , i have ordered a bike, jacket, good lock and lights, comes to just over £1100, but i only pay back £638, the rest is tax relief and government covered, and no VAT too. I can't wait to go for my first ride, it can't come quick enough !
The days are drifting  into one now, I am on shift eight of twelve, and had to check my watch before, to look what day it is !

Thursday, 10 July 2014

A New Beginning ?

Well, the cycle to work scheme is coming to work next week, and I am grabbing it with both hands, a dream £900 hybrid bike, with 48% offand only £40 a month for 18 months, all tax free.
I have dreamed about having a bike like this, and it is really going to get some hammer.
My weight is very stable at the moment, been on full time lates for 10 weeks now, somy eating pattern is very disturbed, and drinking is much reduced.
I am doing a lot of overtime too, today will be my fourth night of Twelve in !
I have my own car too now, a little Peugeot 106, which means I get home from work much quicker than waiting for the taxi bus.

Family is all good, Hannah is due in a few weeks, going for a 4D scan on Saturday morning, can't wait !