Thursday, 30 December 2010

It's Moi Birthday !

Same shit though - work ! I got loads of cards, a lovley ring , nice cup and some cds,and a million birthday wishes on facebook!
We bought microsoft office the other day , and there is a program on there called one note. I had a mess with it yesterday, its rather good , i just put a quick book together with our pets , but im thinking of doing my life story with it , boring for most but someone might be interested after i have moved on to worm food !

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Bloody Fook !!

Well it was WI last night , 15-10 thats 4.5 lbs on gasp!
I did go straight from work,so didn't have my light clothes on like i usually do, my phone was in my pocket, the knot on my tie must weigh a ton,and i was bursting for a P !
Still, i have to dust myself down and move on , xmas has gone now , and new year is a non starter for us, we are both working. the one resolution we are making with our inlaws to live next door is --- giving up alcohol until valentines day ! dead easy to type !!

Monday, 27 December 2010

Back to the grind stone!

Back at work,i have had a subway breakfast bun so far , a bit doggo im afraid!

Now waiting for my chicken tikka on nan being delivered! Diet restarts tomorow , with a WI at SW ! Christmas has come and gone, and both me and angie are working all this week.

Heres a brand new fiesta that lost a battle with Ice and a lamp post !

Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas !

Its manic here , so little time and so much to do , just like every other house!
Bumped into my brother in law in town today (it's not hard really , he lives next door!) he was shocked at my appearance , he says he can see it coming off me :-)
We went out for an indian last night, and as lovley as it was , it knocked me for six , i couldn't drink! One trip to the dunny last night and this morning has rebalanced me!
I have dug my R6 out today and let it run for a while , but as my fellow biker bro in law said , we have no chance of getting out on them untill the end of january ;-(

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

3rd Week WI :-)

Well I weighed in @ 15.5.5, a loss of 2.5 lbs , and my half stone certificate to boot, I'm well chuffed! the Online predictor says i will achieve my 10% on the 24th of January , which is 14-7 , i find that a bit optimistic,as I only got to 14-12 on WW and that was at home , very hungover, so realisticly i have never been under 15 stone since I was 30.
I really do believe in this diet now , its amazing what I can eat and still lose weight!
We are both worried re the weather, its predicted to snow here tonight and tomoz,so that will cause a problem in angie getting home in the morning to get me to work , so i have had to set my alarm much earlier , in case i have to walk! Still, the exercise will do me good!

Mind Games!

Well I got up at 4:30 this morning for work, did my oblutions,and had an SP, 15-6.75 thats only a pound and a quarter less than last weeks WI, and I have all day to live before my WI. I was GUTTED! Angie weighed herself before sleeping (she works nights) and was heavier than last week, yet has been an angel all week!
She got up , I went for a snooze before returning to work for my second half of work,after eating noodles with chicken and onions. I have just got up,had another SP 15-5, if I WI at 15-7.5 I will be happy. Angie showered and had another peek, she is chuffed too! I think our WW scales were frozen this morning, all will be revealed soon!

Monday, 20 December 2010

WI Looms Again!

Well been good for the last few days , but im quite concerned about making WI Tomoz.
I dont finish until 7, but the traffic was insane today , and i finished an hour late! I will be mortified if i miss it,and im also worried about the weight of my jumper, shirt and vest , and trousers compared to what i was wearing for WI last week.
A humble 1/2 lb is all i need for my half stone in 3 weeks!
Fingers crossed! To be continued ...................

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I Am But A Man!

And I am entitled to sulk! I have decided to post this, 'cos Angie assured me that I wouldn't!
A few of my latest sulks - today Angie and the 2 yougest girls have been to the complete hell hole commonly known as Primark. The plan was to get on my 231 which passes the end of our street.
angie being exactly that, she missed it! I was gutted, I was so looking forward to having them on my bus.
2nd (and more desevered in my own stupid opinion) was a few days ago. Last week I bought mrs muffin an xmas card, and was still waiting for one in return. Imagine my indignation when mrs talking to eldest daughter remarks she must buy her boyfriend a card for his birthday!! Ok for him but tough shit for me! Well I remarked on this,and shortly after,she despatched herself to the asda,and I got my card!
So there you go , im a moody bleeder !! Show me a man who isn't !

Being good!

Work again today , had a bombay bad boy for my dinner (free) !
Stella has just won The Apprentice , so chuffed!
Hoping to nail the half pound loss on Tuesday , that will be 2 certificates in two weeks!
Its so cold at the moment,minus 7 ,snow is still on the ground , and apparently a lot more coming on weds and thurs , we will see!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Tad Naughty

Well i finished late last night,and there was a bit of special fried rice and curry left, so i ate it! Some prawn crackers were devoured too, all washed down with 4 tinnies! Still , one swallow dosen't make a summer!
Back on track with a bacon omlette for breakfast, the snow is back again , only an inch and half at the moment, i had a bit of exercise clearing our garden path!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Sneeky Peeks ....

We all do them! It's a daily ritual for me , well the sooper duper WW scales did cost a fortune!
As I pulled them out from under the bed this morning,Angie assured me I am becoming obsessed!
I was well chuffed with the 15-4 that was presented to me! I then slid them back under the bed,she slid them out again and weighed herself!
Its a leisurly morning today, im on a middle , i have just had breakfast , 4 trimmed rashers of bacon, 2 poached eggs , and half a tin of beans , all free , wooppee !!
I have today decided to stop keeping my food diary online,they say you should do it for a few weeks , but as i hardly have sins (except for cider which i don't count!) it dosent really matter , as long as i avoid fried foods, bread and sasuages i can't go far wrong !

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Snow Is Back

It lashed it down with rain to start , then snow in the afternoon , it hasd mostly melted. then the wind dried everywhere,now the temp has plumeted to -3 and every bit of water is now lethal ice!
If it snows now, we will be fooked royally!
I have just come home from work to the smell of a delicious curry , but im not having any , i am having noodles , i want my half stone certificate so bad next week !!
Work have just asked me to work xmas eve, but i have said no, jesus im already working all the bank holidays for them!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Never Laughed So Much Sober!

I read a young Irish ladys blog last night, and its so funny,her observations on everything had me howling at the screen, and struggling to read out the best bits to my wife! Well done Breda, thats not her real name, she dosen't give that , but I have always thought of that as the funniest Irish name I have heard of , my irish friends cousin was called that when i met them about aged 6!

Anyway she is a little Breda!

We have been to see another of my grandchildren today in Whalley Bridge, we called into what we thought was a carvery, but it wasnt. We were told we could have a roast, either beef or turkey. We thought that was best for SW, we were then informed there were no roast potatoes, not all bad because they would be sins, was mash ok? Yes I replied, well chuffed that temptation had been removed! Imagine my horror when we were then informed no mash too! So our turkey dinner was turkey,carrots,peas and cabbage, and a golf ball size of stuffing. Only a few sins in the gravy and stuffing, I should of asked for a ham salad!!

Here is a pic of my empty plate, the little bits you can see on it are the tops of the baby carrots,which were lovley, Angie ate the whole carrots , but i lopped the tops of!
The Empty pint pot had lime and soda in it by the way!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

And The Slimmer Of The Week Is :-)

Im well pleased 5.5lbs off , thats 6.5 in a fortnight, I just missed out on my half a stone certificate too! hopefully will get that next week. It was the xmas meeting tonight, everyone brought a syn free dish in , i had bombay potatoes and curry, both delicious!
I won the basket too, which is funny cos we got back the noodles we had put in , plus another packet , 2 packets of instant oats,sugar free jelly and a load of fruit !

WI Looming !!

Well I have just showered and changed, got dressed and had an SP on our WW scales , 15-7.75 (three quarters!) If I get that at SW later , that will be a 5.5 lb loss, I wonder how the scales will compare! I have been really good this week with food , the only thing i tried to eat that i shouldn't was a sasuage roll whilst i was drunk , and it was disgusting so i binned it. I will post back later my result, its the xmas doo apparently tonight , we have to take some sin free foods , so i reckon there will be a sea of noodles :-)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Still being good!

Well yesterday, all i had to eat was that omlette! We went to the party , it was brilliant! Many ciders were consumed though! I was in bed for 8pm. I weighed myself this morning, i was 15-6, im praying tomorow i get a 2 or 3 lb loss from my 15-13.5 last week , that will really set me up for christmas ! Heres a few pics from the party.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Weekend Again!

Well its here! behaved last night , except for the cider! I was able to get out on my bike for the first time in weeks, i had a ride over to hadfield , to see my daughter and one of my sons. Then back home , x-factor and strongbow! I have just learned something - how to make an omlette, a programme was on the other night,a bloke and a woman picking wild mushrooms. He then got a portable stove out , and made an omlette. he cooked the omlette until it was nearly set , then threw the mushrooms in, then rolled it , like a chop suey roll. I have just done that , with bacon and onions, and it was to die for! Omlettes will never be the same again!
Its my works kids christmas party shortly, the girls are well excited! More beer will be consumed , but i wont be eating any sins!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Still behaving

Another day on the wagon ! no cider and no syns, i even have eaten fruits today .
I am really back in the zone at the moment ,long may it continue !

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Well its a loss !!

Hey this slimming word really works , after downing at leat 25 pints of strongbow over the weekend, and a lovley chinese meal, and a mega big mixed kebab , i still lost a pound , im 15.15.5 now , so back in the 15s! This weekend will be a lot different , im on earlys friday and saturday, and we have my works kids xmas party on sunday, so we are going to just drink there and stop when we get home , heres hoping !

Monday, 6 December 2010

Weekend Massacre !

Oh dear, i slipped into party mode as my long weekend started, and take away mode too!
The whole weekend has been pretty grim , although i ate quite well yesterday according to SW rules , but still had loads of cider!
We stripped our big fish tank down on Saturday, and gave it a good clean. On Sunday we fitted a bubble curtain too, it's lovley !

Today im back in control , I have had bacon egg and beans for lunch , and mushrooms, onions and onions, with some noodles for tea. Im drinking diet lemonade with lime juice , its my first WI at class tomorow, i will be amazed if i have a loss !

Thursday, 2 December 2010


well today hasnt gone too well. got up at 3:45 for work , all I could think of was toast , so i had 2 with one dairylea light spread on them. I was gutted to find out that 1 bread is 5 sins :-(
I had another to mop up my bacon egg and beans dinner , so theres 15 sins , my total allowance for the day! I have had boiled rice with curry for tea, and have just sucummed to a spare meat and potato pie !
I am going to log it all, and move on, truth will out next tues !
Angie has put the decs up today , it looks really nice. the snow is still playing havoc at work , and tonight they reckon its going to drop to -10 c. Our rabbit got out earlier , but luckily we managed to find it, a white rabbit in deep snow !

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tis Done !

Well I joined SW last night , calculated my intake as I was up at 3.45 so quick 2 toast for breakfast , then a sasuage muffin for dinner. my Tea was all free (potatoes and fish) so for my first day i had 10 syns, which is ok. My first impression is the awards arnt as good as WW,but when i get one i reckon i will be as chuffed as when i got my 10% at WW!
I was gutted to WI at 16.0.5, but I did have my wrangler jeans on , and a T shirt and jumper, im praying for 15.xx next week, the pshycological difference between 16 and 15 is massive for me !
Its a rest day today , the kids are off,the snow is that bad, so glad im not driving today , although i have been driven mad, trying to link my xbox 360 to my PC. Its far too slow , so i am just going to add an external hard drive full of my favourite choons to the 360!
Paco is doing well , growing day by day , not big enough to eat any of its buddies yet !

Monday, 29 November 2010

Restart Imminent !

Well i'm still snotty , and i have a stiff neck. I have been eating a little SW ish, but drinking plenty too!
I am joining SW tomorow, and im going to knuckle down. Im really into the kinect , i have done 10 mins more on your shape today , my legs are killing me , but i love it!
I will post my findings tomorow, though to be honest , i would be just as confused rejoining WW with the new PP system !

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Manflu Again !

Had a terrible night, kept waking up because its cold, the beds too big without angie , and my throat was killing me. Its grim when you are trying to get back off to sleep, then you swallow, and the pain wakes you up again ! Im on a middle today , so not to bad , but an early tomorow, hope i feel a bit better by then! We had a big clean on our two fishtanks yesterday, they are looking splendid today , and Peter the Pacu is feeding well !

Sunday, 21 November 2010

xmas market

Well I wes still 15-11 this morning , so i have lost 2.5 lbs this week being sensible. We have just had a trip to Manchester to see the christmas market , but gave up after 2 rows because you couldnt move it was that rammed. Also whilst there , i had a whopper from burger king , we don't have one in ashton now , and they are so much juicer than a big mac!
My first day off for a while today , and im waiting for my friend to txt me , to drop our wii off , the money going towards an xbox 360 with kinnect , im dying to try it !

Saturday, 20 November 2010

SP lol

Well I had an sp today , 15-11 and 3/4 a bit better than 15-13.5 last week.!
Im on my first very late since being back at Stagecoach , im working until 00:11 tonight, gulp !
At least the roads will be quiet. Im chomping at the bit for an xbox 360 with kinect now, i want to make a fool of myself! Im still dieting in a fashion , not snacking inbetween meals , swerving really bad food ect.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Another Day, Another Dillema !

Well, off to work shortly, and what do i have for my dinner? It was very undignified eating half a roast chicken with your bare hands like i had to do yesterday !
I have just realised i have abstained from alcohol for 11 days so far ( including today) of this month , well chuffed !
I have just booked my ticket for iron maiden, im so excited !

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Today part 2

Well i posted my bit about WW vs SW on the WW 5+ board , 4 replies and i can't open it !! Hmm...
I have just logged into Angies SW online , and im very impressed with the way its set out, i think i will join. I have had half a chicken (no skin) for my dinner , and braised beef and vegetables for tea.

Trouble at T' Mill !

Well yesterday wasnt too bad , i had a ham salad muffin for my dinner, and steak and pasta for tea. A big shock was had, as Angie had WI at SW, and has lost 3lbs , with an all you can eat chinese buffet and copious amounts of alcohol! Also, she heard that SW are thinking of taking WW to court , as there new system is the same as theirs. She also heard that Heinz is refusing to change the packaging on the WW branded foods , and is going to drop them !
today so far ( work shortly) i have had cereal , and bacon with beans , all good via the SW regime !

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Back to the real world !

Well , im back at work today, Angie worked last night, has just gone to bed. Was strange sleeping alone for the first time in over 2 weeks, and was very cold. The plan was for me to get up as she got in at 7am, get ready and take the kids to school, but i was that sluggish, i didnt get out of bed until 7.50, so she ended up taking them. I'm stuck with the dilemma what to eat for breakfast and dinner ! I don't start till 13.18, and then my break is 14.50, so very short first half,probably won't eat on my break,then a long second half , until 20.50 !

Monday, 15 November 2010

Thought I Would Say Hi !

Well not much of a diet going on at the mo, but i love reading back, so i should keep posting just for myself !

Angie has joined SW last week , i have had a quick peek at her file , and its mighty confusing!

But - then again , i think WW have lost the plot too! All this PP stuff, yet all the WW branded foods in the supermarket are still on points !

I am trying a bit again now,last week i didnt drink for 6 nights, but my long weekend has just passed,and boy oh boy have we enjoyed ourselves! On Friday we were having a quiet night in with a drink, but my inlaws who live next door were out in one of our locals, so we got dressed and met them for a few!

On saturday i decided we would treat the girls to a trip to Manchester, to see the christmas lights that were switched on the night before. Imagine our suprise as we passed a bar in Manchester , and the same inlaws walked out of it whilst we were passing ! So a few more beers, and a lovley Chinese buffet !

My job is going brilliant by the way , i love it, im back in tomorrow , i am on lates this week, so starting around 12 or 1 until around 9 ish at night.

Heres a picture of Manchester Town Hall

I have also bought a new tropical fish , a Pacu, which will grow to be a giant ! here is it !

Here is one caught for food , in the wild !
Angie has just celebrated her 40th birthday, we went to Cumbria for a few days , but to be honest i got the most of it, because the guesthouse owner is a guy i emailed on friends reunited 8 years ago, who i used to work for when i was 16 !
He got back to me a few months ago, so it was amazing for me to meet him and his wife 30 years on, and much catching up was done ! Sorry Angie lol xxxxxx
Well, no drinks last night , or the rest of this week , im not off now until sunday, i said when i started the job will do me good!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Im Still Here !

Been at Stagecoach since July 19th, so diet gone for a burton! not all doom and gloom though , as i hardly drink now , and dont have much time to eat , I weighed myself last week , and was 15-2 , which isnt bad!

Had a great week last week , a day out in manchester , then a gig local to us for help the heroes , heres some pics !

Friday, 30 July 2010

Way Down!

Well been off the wagon for a few weeks again now, but just got the ideal tonic to put me right, i have dreamt of owning one of these for the last 10 years , and now , the dream is mine :-)

Monday, 19 July 2010

Remember Me !

Doh been off the wagon again since the holiday, i really need to find my mojo!
started my new job today , boring induction time ! I was really chuffed when I learnt i would be at my home depot tomoz, but just as i was leaving, i was told i would be back at head office for 4 days next week, 1 day ticket machine training , and a 3 day new drivers course :-(

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

6lbs on

Jesus , must of been a good holiday !!

one down one to go!

Well I got offered sweet fa,so I'm on the buses from next week!
So next crunch is tonight at fatclub,but we are both knuckling down from tomorrows WI .

Monday, 12 July 2010

Crunch Time x 2 !

Well, its pow wow time when I go into work tonight. I communicated with them a few weeks ago,that I am struggling on my current wage rate. I have applied at Stagecoach Ashton,and now have a start date. Bus driving will pay me £2 an hour more than my current job, and it isn't full time nights!
I emailed my resignation in last week, but my boss has been very nice,and wants to negotiate with me. In a nutshell though,anything less than £1.50 an hour more than my current rate will be a no. On the buses,as well as better hours,me and angie get free bus travel on any bus, anywhere, which is worth at least £4000 a year,£20,000 free life cover,and a superb credit union. The other crunch is back to class,after a weeks holiday away from home and the diet !!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Back To Normality !

Well our 5 days flashed by in a blur ! WW was put on hold,can't wait to find out the damage when we sp in the morning!

Here I am, burnt to a cinder on our first day, at Oddicome beach. I am now having great pleasure picking my forhead and ears, my skin is coming off in sheets. Torquay is so beautiful,heres a few pics of the lady's all having a good time.

Now I have to wear a hat, cos my head is fried !
It never rains but it pours! I have got my start date on the buses,so i emailed my resignation letter in at work,and explaining that i cant survive on my current salary. my gaffa, who is a nice guy,says it's time for my 6 month review,and we can negotiate money matters, so if they will pay me what the job merits, i may not leave, the meeting on Monday night will reveal all !

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Hi from Torquay !

Got here yesterday, after nearly getting side swiped by a dickhead lorry driver pulling out on us.
I hadto swerve violently, and the car threw a wobbler, but managed to pull it back.
Our first full day today , I have got burnt silly on my head and face. I got my call from Stagecoach today,this week hols,next week hand my notice in , 19th July start backon the buses , well chuffed.
Diet is a bit hit and miss, but balls to it , im on holiday , surley cant put a stone on in a week!
Walked about seven miles today too,so not all bad !

Hi from Torquay!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I'm in the 14s !!

Wow, how long have I waited for this ! I lost 2.5 lbs today, so now 14.12.5 , well chuffed !
It never rains but it pours, I have been thinking about making this public,and hey why not , if my bosses read it,so be it!
So - I have had an interview at Stagecoach, passed that,and the idiot test and maths test, then finally a driving test. I had my medical last thurs, and passed that with flying colours too. I am just waiting for my licence to come back from the DVLA, then I should get a start date. The job will pay me 2.75 more than i earn at the moment, and it's not nights. I also had an interview at an agency today , for a very high flying job. They think I am ideal material, and are forwarding my CV to the company , but i don't hold high hopes! I have also now got an interview for another QC job quite a distance from me , watch this space !

Monday, 28 June 2010

Just Rode 21 Miles !

chriskaraokeman's Activities RunKeeper

Phew, shattered! We have been looking to this ride for so long, it was hard going though, loads of locks, and all uphill on the way out!
I have been mega good this week, and have 54bps at the moment. I hope I get a 2lb loss tomorow at WI, anymore and i reckon my leader will shout at me.
So many people are noticing my loss now, its really spurring me on. I just got a little certificate from my leader Jo too, congrajulating me on my first stone of this campaign :-)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

chriskaraokeman's Activities | RunKeeper

chriskaraokeman's Activities RunKeeper

Nice walk after getting stuffed by the Gerrrrrmans !!

Comparison Pics

Here I am with my beautiful Wife @ 15 Stone !

Had a SP this morning 14.10.5 , if only !!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cough Please !

You had a full medical BP 60/106 , pulse 65 , weight 95kgs. Last time I had a full medical ,I was 110kg. I have an excellent BP, due to me weightlifting and becoming little Arnie in the early 90's , when i first lost all my weight !

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

RunKeeper Shared Fitness | Cycling Activity

RunKeeper Shared Fitness Cycling Activity

Phew, in the scorching sun , nearly 5 miles , get in there !!

Wow !!

Well, 8th WI last night , and I was staggered to get a 4.5 lbs loss. That is after an sts last week, so i'm well chuffed! I am now 15-0.5 the lightest I have been since I can't remember when.
I am praying to smash into the 14s next week!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Another day, another dollar !

Well its WI time again later , I don't need another dollar, just a loss of a pound or two would be nice! I have been better, but not blameless this weekend! It was fathers day and all!

I have hit a rocky patch now , with my sts last week, I pray I get a loss tonight. My 2lb a week loss plan is in tatters, according to that , I should be 15 stones today, there is no chance of that !

Some pics from fathers day , at the Airport hotel in Manchester , you can almost touch the planes !

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Trying to be good !

Well i am not doing so bad at writing off all my hard work through the week by boozing all weekend, i didn't eat that much friday , and had a skinful,but it was a very special party , for my in laws next door , that are our best friends. Yesterday I was gigging, but only had lime & soda with vodka, and angie is amazed because i have hardly had any vodka. Today Angie is not drinking,as she is on days this week,so wants to be firing on all cylinders tomoz! I think i will abstain too. I had an SP this morning 15-1 , i would be over the moon with 15-3 at class on tuesday!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

RunKeeper Shared Fitness | Cycling Activity

RunKeeper Shared Fitness Cycling Activity

Well Angie let me go out on my own, on my bike, because I have been climbing the walls what with my finger injury and our youngest being ill,we haven't got out anywhere far for a fortnight now. So,off I go,along a track we do a lot, but normally in reverse. I gets to this junction " i don't remember this". So I stayed on it , down a steep very bumpy hill,and realised i had gone the wrong way. anyway , long story short, I found my way home , and 5 BPs in the bag!
I am hell bent on smashing my all time record of 80 miles in one month, which happened last July. I could cheat and add all the miles i log everyday on my pedometer, but i am not counting them, as i have been doing that for the last six months.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

You Can't Kid a Kidder !

Well WI has just been done , and bit me on the arse ! I sts !
I had forgotten about last week, and it should not come as a suprise. After i cut my finger just over a week ago, I was on the beer Sat,Sun,Mon,Tues,Weds,and in that time had 2 kebabs too.
But , its just made me more resolved, to get to grip with myself vs cider this coming weekend!
I have something in the pipeline, which would mean a drastic change to my drinking anyway , watch this space !!

Monday, 14 June 2010

WI woes again

Well all week i was perfect , but then came the weekend :-( Finished last night with a chicken tikka kebab, but hey, its the healthiest kebab to have ! WI tomorow night , time will tell!
I am hopefull, because I never use all my points in the week, i have far too many left, so maybe this will help me. My friend has just rang me, apparently where he lives, gangs are wandering the streets shooting people (Moss Side, Manchester) everyone has been warned to lock up and keep low , yet there is nothing on the news yet.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Normal service resumed !

Well, i went back to work last night, i'm amazed how much my hand feels better, i can now grip with my other fingers of my right hand,without sharp stabbing pains around the site of my stitches. It's rather funny too, brand new stocked first aid boxes have sprang up everywhere, yet last fri when i was bleeding badly , there wasn't a plaster or bandage in the place!
First day back on track proper yesterday too, been a bit of a free for all since last saturday , with lots of cider. I am at work tonight, and up early Saturday, I am photographing a friends re confirmation of wedding vows at 2.30. We are then going to attend the do for an hour or two, and then get back for England vs USA!
I have just had my breakfast,and have always counted my 2 slices of trimmed bacon as 3 points,but today, i weighed it with our new WW scales , and the weight that equates too is only 1 point !! Bonus ! Its curry night at work tonight, that I organise , but i'm going to be a good lad, and take one of my beloved mayflower beef currys for my dinner , with loads of extra onions !
Have a great weekend folks !

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Another lb off

We WI on Monday, at the group we started at back in March 2009. It was a nice feeling,knowing I was 2 stones lighter than then. I forgot to have a pee before WI, but still got a 1 lb loss, making me 15-5, the lightest i have been at an official WI !

We went to see our mil yesterday,in Blackpool, it was a dreary day, most things closed. The drive down was horrendous, really heavy rain , i was proud of Angie, she did a great job!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Friday, 4 June 2010


Me and Angie decided to get a few new fish today, so we have just walked 4 miles there and back to the shop. As we did, I decided to calibrate my WW Pedometer. I used runkeeper on my iphone,and as we had walked a true mile, i checked my ww ped, it had me down as .85 of a mile.
I reset it,and changed my stride to 23" then walked on. I was elated,as we reached mile 2 on the sat nav, the ww ped recorded one mile,exactly at the right time. I now know, as long as i remember tp pause it when in the car , I will have a true record of my exercise for the day!
Many thanks to Shell, for making me think of this xx

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The dreaded Friday !

Well its nearly here again. Me & Angie get so upset every friday , as she stays at home , and I have to go to work.
I have cycled 5.2 miles today , and walked nearly two,and thats before i go to work! I am determined to smash the record for activity this month,which is held by last July at the moment.
We have had a BBQ today , but easily pointable , 2 turkey burgers and 2 burger buns , 10 points!
I had a hicup with my pedometer yesterday , i measured my stride , and it was 22 inches , and i was using "average" on the pedometer , which is 27" apparently!
So i entered my stride manually,at the time i had 9600 footsteps, and had walked nearly 6 miles,but it reset itself! Also, now i have to walk 5100 steps a day to be "healthy" but now its 5100 !!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Latest WI

Well only lost half a pound last night, I am happy with that, considering the amount of cider i have supped this long weekend! Angie lost the pound she had put on last week, and she hasn't really been tracking at all this last week! I hope that will spur her on to knuckling down again!
Had an indian tonight, 1 poppodum, 1 small onion bhaji, garlic chicken tikka and a bit of balti sauce. Don't think i have gone over points, i only had 5 before that !

Sunday, 30 May 2010

I am a good lad (Yet Again!!)

Well been gigging tonight,and been sexually abused! A load of youngsters came in the pub , and one young lady decided to stand next to me on the seat,and push my head into her breasts,and rubbing her you know what on the side of my arm. (Maybe its as well I have been on lime and soda all night!)
And thats what I am saying,after the excess of yesterday, I have only had 13.5 points today, I am going to have another SP tomorow, as I will be properly hydrated in the morning!
I saw a crash on the way to the kebab shop too (chicken tikka with salad,no nan , 4.5 points!)
a Mini Cooper had managed to implate itself on some railings,on the extreme outside of the road,pretty hard to do me thinks !

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Another Sp!

Well it was the band contest last night,and what a good night! I used some of my saved bonus points, but was on blackthorn all night,and that is less points than my native Strongbow!
Dehydrated this morning , I WI @ 15-3.5 !!
I have just recieved a well done note from Jo, our class leader, for getting my first silver seven!
Thats nice , but I still feel a fraud, when I have four in a row on the wall, to match the four i already have,I will feel more genuine,and weigh 14 stones!
I will pop a bit of video on here from last night tomorow, i haven't got the energy to do it right now !

Thursday, 27 May 2010

WW Pedometer

Well, the jury is still out on this! It seemed to be very generous the first night, and I earned 2.5 BPs at work , then that went upto 3 by the time I had drove home. It should have a standby button!
But,last night,it was a lot meaner,and I thought it was being very accurate,time will tell.
I have had about 5 coffee's, 2 toast, but i showered then had an SP, 15-5.25, most impressed!
Still dreading this bank holiday though, saving loads of points!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It feels like I have been here before!

Well I have been , and so chuffed I lost 2.5 lbs , so my first silver seven of this campaign, to go with the four from last year! Half a pound,and I will be 2 stones lighter than when I started WW in March 2009. I have just got the WW pedometer, I hope it works. It resets at midnight though,which is a bit of a bummer,as I work nights!

Well it's nearly Time!

WI in less than 2 hours, who is anygood at sums lol. I saved over 50 points last week , earned 30 for exercise, but went 10 over on Saturday and 15 over on Sunday. I cycled 20 miles yesterday,earning 28BPs, and only had 15 points yesterday. What will all this equate to?
Watch this space, Gulp :-)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Bbq and too much cider!

well it started so well! I didn't each a lot of the bbq , just one small sasuage on a small bread roll,and a chicken breast cremated to an inch of its life! Its the 12 cans of Blackthorn that was my downfall! I have redeemed myself today though,been for a 20 mile bike ride , the furthest we have done! heres a few pics from our BBQ.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Its Oh So Quiet !

In Blog Land, whats up with you all, you all fell of the wagon ? I cant believe how much the 5+ board has changed in the 6 months I was awol , a lot of old friends are missing at the moment. Did I join at a particular halycon time I wonder , it was superb then !
Anyway , diet is going brilliantly, not had one blip so far,very really use all my points,and am getting loads of exercise. I rode to work and back last night , it nearly killed me !
Im eating loads of egg white omlettes , delicious with loads of onions in with pepper on!
Mayflower currys are my new favourite too , and only 3 points a tub.
The devil is in me , im going to have an sp when I go to bed this morning, but with only 9 points used so far , i will be having a few tins of Blackthorn when i get in first!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Todays WI

Lost 1.5 lbs , would of preffered double that , but still happy with all the exercise we have been doing. We are having a treat now , a full indian , but it will feed me all night long , so i'm not worried !

Monday, 17 May 2010

What a Difference A Drink Makes

Well I was on the Vodka Saturday night , and I don't know why , because I love lime and soda anyway , Im not having vodka in it again ! I didn't get up till 3pm yesterday , and was dog rough , I didn't go over points though , thats the main thing!

So , I got up , had a pee, then stepped on the scales, I haven't seen this weight since last September!

We have just done 10.1 miles on our bikes today , 689 calories , 16 bonus points lol.

I won't be using them though , Its WI tomoz !
We have just walked nearly 3 miles with the kids
another 500 calories !!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

I'm a good lad , I am !

Well at work tonight , i ordered my pointed chicken tikka kebab on nan , with salad.
I poured the medium sauce over it , then just ate the contents of the kebab , and threw the nan away. I can have a can or two of blackthorn at 7am today now , when i get home from work , before i disturb the mrs !

Friday, 14 May 2010

Minging Feet !

Angie has been bollocking me royaly about posting the pic of my blister. true it does look like I have gammy feet , but thats because you can see my other foot behind the blister , and it looks like i have bunions !!
We finally put Wii Just dance on today , its so funny to see your loved ones flaying about , but to be honest, I can't wait to have a go,when no-one is watching!
Somebody on the board last night was saying they are gutted, been on xenical for 2 weeks ,and only lost half a pound. It winds me up, these tablets stop your body absorbing fat. FFS we are on a diet , and shouldn't be eating any fat , so how the fook can these tablets help !!
Sat here quite smug with myself , 3 weeks now, and not one slip up yet,and even better , i looked at my fridge graph account , and at the end of May last year , I was overjoyed to hit 16-0, im 15-10 at the moment , so 7 months in freefall wasn't all bad :-)
Oh and another thing , Me & Angie went for a 3 and a 1/2 mile bike ride, and it went really well,thought we would struggle after not doing it for a while,but it was fine! She was well pleased with her bonus points !

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

No Pain No Gain !

Well at class next week , the subject is "Get Active" So when I finished work this morning, I walked home , four miles in one hour five minutes !

My Reward !

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Well Chuffed !

Four off for me today , so a good start ! I was really scared , stood in the queue, Im going to remember that when im tempted ! I was mythering Angie to but the "Shop" book , but we got both that and "eating out" free in our starter pack, so chuffed again.
We have chose an evening class this time , so its a true weight, not a dehydrated morning one !
So I'm now a true 15-10 , the best i saw last time was a very dehydrated 15-4 , when i see that again this time round, it will mean so much more to me !

Monday, 10 May 2010

First Official WI Tomoz !

And we are both scared , we have both behaved and had sp's , but won't believe it unless it shows at class ! Had some bad news about an old friend who I used to talk to a lot on the internet in a karaoke chat room. RIP Brian xxx
I have been on Vodka on Sat and Sun, don't really like it , just having 1 shot in a pint of lime and soda, its much better than 4 points per can of Strongbow!
We have been hoping to go for a ride on our bikes, but the weather has been awful !

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Voting Day

Well I have been and voted , tatically , hoping to retain our mp but water down our council from its massive one party stranglehold it has had since 1979 !
For Tea, i had boiled rice and a bit of curry sauce from the chippy, I have pointed it around 7 points , which I think is fair ! Its going to be exciting tonight , listening to the results as they come in from around the country.
I worked out last night , If I lose 2lbs a week , I will get to goal on Jan 4th 2011 , if only ! Heres Hoping !

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Washing Machine !

Well we went to our first meeting last night and i WI @ 16-0.5 a bit heavier than our WW scales at home on Saturday morning ! Its weird starting again , they are not sure wether to give us a starter pack , and I reckon i will be getting another 10% keyring soon hopefully!
We have already resolved to go to an evening meeting , to show our true normal weight,gone are the days of up,shower,pee,pee again and out,to be the lightest possible !
I ate a box of WW lemon sherberts this morning, and my guts are jumping hoops at the morning,im glad i'm not sat in a library somewhere, its embarrasing !
Angie has learned how to make the most gorgeous zero point soup,and its well spicy , I love it!
I worked days yesterday,my last "training" session , I learnt a bit , and the rest was bollocks!
I have been up all day, so off for a snooze soon.
Im a bit suprised at the ww forum nowadays, its just not the same as it was 12 months ago,but saying that , I don't have much time to take part in it.
Regarding work , technically all the bosses won't see me till christmas now, wouldn't it be ace to be at or very near goal by then, i hope this will spur me on !
We bought the WW magazine last night,the first time ever, just for a look at Jo! Well done Mrs , and stop battering Karl !!

Friday, 30 April 2010

Updated Pics


Casey aged 4

Ryley aged 4 months

My new Grandaughter Imogen , born 7th March

Diets going well, its curry night at work tonight (last one before the bank holiday , thank god!)
All is not lost though , chicken tikka on pitta is only 4.5 points !!