Tuesday, 21 December 2010

3rd Week WI :-)

Well I weighed in @ 15.5.5, a loss of 2.5 lbs , and my half stone certificate to boot, I'm well chuffed! the Online predictor says i will achieve my 10% on the 24th of January , which is 14-7 , i find that a bit optimistic,as I only got to 14-12 on WW and that was at home , very hungover, so realisticly i have never been under 15 stone since I was 30.
I really do believe in this diet now , its amazing what I can eat and still lose weight!
We are both worried re the weather, its predicted to snow here tonight and tomoz,so that will cause a problem in angie getting home in the morning to get me to work , so i have had to set my alarm much earlier , in case i have to walk! Still, the exercise will do me good!

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