Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tis Done !

Well I joined SW last night , calculated my intake as I was up at 3.45 so quick 2 toast for breakfast , then a sasuage muffin for dinner. my Tea was all free (potatoes and fish) so for my first day i had 10 syns, which is ok. My first impression is the awards arnt as good as WW,but when i get one i reckon i will be as chuffed as when i got my 10% at WW!
I was gutted to WI at 16.0.5, but I did have my wrangler jeans on , and a T shirt and jumper, im praying for 15.xx next week, the pshycological difference between 16 and 15 is massive for me !
Its a rest day today , the kids are off,the snow is that bad, so glad im not driving today , although i have been driven mad, trying to link my xbox 360 to my PC. Its far too slow , so i am just going to add an external hard drive full of my favourite choons to the 360!
Paco is doing well , growing day by day , not big enough to eat any of its buddies yet !

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