Friday, 17 December 2010

Sneeky Peeks ....

We all do them! It's a daily ritual for me , well the sooper duper WW scales did cost a fortune!
As I pulled them out from under the bed this morning,Angie assured me I am becoming obsessed!
I was well chuffed with the 15-4 that was presented to me! I then slid them back under the bed,she slid them out again and weighed herself!
Its a leisurly morning today, im on a middle , i have just had breakfast , 4 trimmed rashers of bacon, 2 poached eggs , and half a tin of beans , all free , wooppee !!
I have today decided to stop keeping my food diary online,they say you should do it for a few weeks , but as i hardly have sins (except for cider which i don't count!) it dosent really matter , as long as i avoid fried foods, bread and sasuages i can't go far wrong !

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