Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Never Laughed So Much Sober!

I read a young Irish ladys blog last night, and its so funny,her observations on everything had me howling at the screen, and struggling to read out the best bits to my wife! Well done Breda, thats not her real name, she dosen't give that , but I have always thought of that as the funniest Irish name I have heard of , my irish friends cousin was called that when i met them about aged 6!

Anyway she is a little Breda!

We have been to see another of my grandchildren today in Whalley Bridge, we called into what we thought was a carvery, but it wasnt. We were told we could have a roast, either beef or turkey. We thought that was best for SW, we were then informed there were no roast potatoes, not all bad because they would be sins, was mash ok? Yes I replied, well chuffed that temptation had been removed! Imagine my horror when we were then informed no mash too! So our turkey dinner was turkey,carrots,peas and cabbage, and a golf ball size of stuffing. Only a few sins in the gravy and stuffing, I should of asked for a ham salad!!

Here is a pic of my empty plate, the little bits you can see on it are the tops of the baby carrots,which were lovley, Angie ate the whole carrots , but i lopped the tops of!
The Empty pint pot had lime and soda in it by the way!

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